Published on June 26th,2011 at 11:28 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Osaki

Let’s Visit Tokyo - Osaki

There is in any city in the world an area that really does not fit in, a place where whatever people try to do it will never work, and Osaki seems to me like one of this place.
Osaki feel like a place that nobody really cares, people pass right through it but never seem to stop for a rest. And why would they? There is nothing interesting there to see, no big mall or department store, just barely the minimum with some king of business center that seems desperately empty.
Walk away from Osaki in Direction to some of Sony’s R&D buildings and you will only find bankrupt business or closed warehouse that have been abandoned just recently (a few years back).
Still if you have time and ever wanted to see another face of Japanese Business life, go and have a walk around Osaki and after a few minutes walk you will start to wonder if you are still in Tokyo or in these ghost town that are now coming more and more common in some regions of Japan.

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  • Igor Kolar

    You see a ghost town, I see a quiet little neighbourhood that, although has failed business, seems to have an abundance of unused living space and can’t help but wonder what’s the rent like :)  

  • Kevin Dunn

    I work in Osaki and never knew not far from the station it was such a ghost-town. Near the station looks quite modern yet outside it looks old and run down – much like Japan these days I guess.

  • Stan Cox

    Wow. This is what I like about this series. It shows places you dont know about. Didnt know there was such a run down area in Tokyo. I will admit I have gone & looked at rental prices since seeing the vid. Just out of interest, Im in the UK :)

  • Coy Swint

    Its very common to see Urban commercial decay everywhere in the world today!
    Especially here in America before and after the To Big To Fail Fiasco!

    Some Generation will come and renew and rebuild, why not let it be us!
    I witnessed this In Savannah, Georgia USA when my Art College started several renovation projects.
    Suprizingly when you renew and rebuild, the people come to see and the money comes with them:)

  • Ivan

    I’ve loved all your vids, and i love this too, but what’s that background noise? Construction site? It’s really loud and takes me out of the video, gotta mute it.

    • Anonymous

      The idea here is to give you a video as close to the reality as possible, despite of what’s going on around…

  • Leo

    Thanks for putting up these greeat videos. Will this ever be available for downloading?



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