Published on November 27th,2006 at 8:38 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

2nd Xmas Akihabara News contest!

As we announced earlier, we will offer several gifts each week until the 15th of December! After the Vaio U71P, we have 2 products, therefore 2 possible winners!

This week, you can win 2 Sony NW-S703F 1GB MP3 players offered by Sony Japan to Akihabara News.

Same as last time. You have a week to post a comment in this news, describing the worst gadget (PC, DAP, DVD, GAME…) that you ever had in your hands. Basically, what’s the worst geek product you had the misfortune to own and why.

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And the winner of the Vaio U71P is…


Pimp my iPod Nano!


  • Bepone

    The best one is Sony Mylo! Thanks’

  • Jose Manuel Martin Cerece

    Worst gadget i had??
    Gee.. I like them al at least a little, even my green light pointer or my wireless keychain detector.
    Mhhh perhaps the worst of my toys is the usb can cooler: it dont cool very much, only cool metallic cans and not pet bottles or glasses and worst of all it has a tendency of droping water whenever I switch it off and proceed to take it to the drawer.
    But it was amusing to see my friends touch the cooling surface assuring “its really cold”

  • kunal

    ok…so the worst gadget award goes to Nokia N93 cell phone. Not only it looks fugly but weighs too much for a phone. And by the way, I am from India.

  • PaulM

    Worst gadget – one of those radio-controlled microscopic submarines… firstly, it was very fragile and I broke one of the fins getting it out of the box. Then I found that the submarine only held less than a minutes charge after putting on the charge base. Then one of the steerable water yet things bust… within ten minutes I decided to put it back in the box to send back. My young son was really upset that it didn’t work, and I wish I’d never bought it!

    The best gadget I ever bought was my Sharp Zaurus C3100. I keep discovering new things to do with it.

    – Paul, Cambridge, England.

  • Mikael Gabrielsson

    The worst gadget ever for me is the Kensington FlyFan. I bought it to cool down my Zalman Reserator on hot summer days. But the noise it made. My god! I looks good, feels good but It’s my worst geek product ever!

  • Stefan

    The worst gadget I ever bought was a Philips portable DCC recorder. I was just 15 years old and worked a whole year to be able to buy one.
    Minidisc was also introduced and I had to choose between the two, and stupid as I was, i chose for the DCC.
    After finding out that the player was way too bulky to comfortably use and the tapes (empty or with the “latest” albums from “popular” artist) where to expensive, it died a quiet death.
    I realised I made the wrong choice and I should have gotten the Minidisc instead, wich I did after working and saving money for another whole year.

  • Cryptic

    Worst gadget ever? Dell Optiplex GX260…..if the CPU fan wasn’t dying, then the mobo capacitors were exploding. If the mobo caps weren’t exploding, then the HD had irrecoverable sectors on it and wouldn’t boot. If the HD wouldn’t boot, then the oh-so-timely power outage while I was updating the BIOS (yes, these events do occur in reality) renders it a brick and has to be sent to Dell.Yeah, worst PC ever!

  • SevenG

    Philips SCUBA…. Not only was it heavy and huge, but the blurry video caused some serious bouts of motion sickness while playing the PS1′s Ghost in the Shell. Still, best tank game ever.

  • Tuyen

    I bought one of those police car detectors to put in my car. Not to get away with speeding but so I know when to be extra careful when driving because here in Japan police have a monthly quota of fines they must give out. So come end of the month the police are out on alert to fill their quotas. Instead the thing goes off every ten seconds as it gets set off by everything, most notably convenient stores which are everywhere!! Damn thing cost over 40,000 yen.

  • gregr

    I bought an mp3 player when they just came on the market. It sounded terrible, had only 64mb of memory, cost $330 dollars, and you had to transfer music to it over the paralell port. Paralell Port! It’s max transfer speed was like 20kbs.

  • Sven

    I’ve had allot of bad gadgets, i buy gadgets quite often, and i’ve had allot of completely useless and bad gadgets.
    I think the worest gadget i’ve had was the USB coffee warmer, the idea was verry nice, but my coffee didnt stay warm at all, it barely worked, and after 3 days it broke and it broke my USB pci card aswell, i was glad it didnt destroy my complete pc, but that definitely was the worest and most useless gadget i’ve owned.
    But the zalman 5.1 headphones were pretty useless aswell, used a couple of times, now its eating dust and i’m using my trusty old Stanton
    greets from the Netherlands!

  • B.Hunter

    Can’t remember model numbers but the first two computers I owned were Packard Bells (one used, one demo model). They did well enough to start with, but upgrading them was a pain in the ***! Runner up: The Cyberman 3D Controler (aka: the gaming “puck”), though that was mostly my inability to “relearn” to use the device and still found the mouse and keyboard more intuitive.

  • nitin

    The worst gadget that I had was a Sony Mini Disk Walkman. The reason

    I ditched my cassete walkman and CD walkman for the Mini Disk.. But what do I get a fancy player on which I had to work hard to get songs into. I needed a computer and patience to convert mp3 to attrac.
    I would easily record my cassetes from my CDs or i could use my CDs without the hassle of login into my computer. My music system as enough.

  • Thomo

    Hmm worst gadget I ever owned was a popup calculator….. you clicked a button on the front and it popped up to reveal the numeric keypad… but it was one of those things where it looked cool but served absolutely no funtctional purchase… and yes I did buy it whilst waiting in line at the post office…. I can never leave that store without picking up some useless contraption

  • Andrew Kim

    The worst gadget I had ever had was a fake iPod. I had purchased it from an electronics market and this guy told me that it was 4GB. The box looked exactly like the real one. But obviously it wasn’t He offered it for $50 which made me think it was a good deal. I got home opened it and I knew it was not an iPod, inside the box was a USB fan. I cursed myself and connected it to my computer. I connected it and it worked fine (It was summer so a fan seemed good enough for now). While I was cooling off myslef from anger with the fan, my computer shut off. Why? The Black and red cables were touching eachother where the soldering joints were. As you know, positive and negative cables touching eachother will kill the power source. I don’t know if this was a story of bad luck or bad gadgets or a mixture of both.

  • Patrick

    umm…one of the worst gadgets i ever had is the iaudio mp3 player. The materials used was so flimsy that batter cover broke only using it for a few weeks! also it drinks battery like water….so much money wasted on AAA batteries >_<

  • Long T.

    Worst gadget I ever bought was a personal cooling unit from Sharper Image. It’s a device you fill with cold water and wrap around your neck. Fans inside are supposed to blow cold mist against your neck cooling you down in the heat. Unfortunately, it would leave a wet ring around my neck and the device sounded like I was getting ready for take off.

  • DK

    Hi, I am DK from India. I had a digital timepiece with talking alarm – I don’t remember the brand – probably a not-so-famous one. I purchased it fascinated by its cool blue backlight and stong big digits. I needed big digits so I can put it at a distance – you know when it sounds the alarm it should not be within hands reach or else I would stop it and fall asleep again . Don’t know what happened and after about a couple of months, the geek started getting mad, sounding alarms & saying “Hey, time to wake up” in the middle of the night far from morning. I would get up shocked, stop it, verify the alarm set time and try to sleep again and in few minutes it would start buzzing again. Tried replacing the batteries, cleaning the battery contacts but it was just a no go – I started getting mad and one day I put it into the deep freezer and finally it was asleep for ever but hey I got back my peacefull sleep and I was happy :D .

  • Dan

    The worst gadget I ever owned was and still has to be the philips P44417P 3in1 keychain Mini Digital Camera. Why? because of a few simple flaws. It does everything it says it can do, which is good (webcam, digital camera, records video), but the problem with it was that i couldn’t see how the pictures or the videos turned out until I hooked it up to the computer and even from there I had to use the software that came with the camera, which was not exactly user friendly. I also didn’t know how many pictures I had left until I would turn the camera around to see the number displayed. one issue with the webcam was that it was way too light so it wouldn’t stand straight when hooked up with the USB wire and there was no stand even for additional purchase available. I had to use the manual to understand what the numbers meant because there were several displays and without out I would be utterly lost.


    The worst may be a swiss cd player named Swiss or something like that………the manufactured manual says that have antishock system ,but the fact is that when i was in the street listen some music this thing always jump in every song……….It was a gift ,but definitively is the worst this I never have

  • Brando

    The worst gadget is a Philips DCC tape player. Slow, noisy and fragile (it broken after 4 months). Infact DCC disappear very fast…

  • Aldric

    The worst gadget I’ve had was a first generation 32mb Samsung YEPP Player, the YEPP32. Why? because when I had it with me to a trip to korea, it did’nt work because it was too cold! Something made in Korea not working in Korea, oh dears…
    Oh and I lost my transfer cable that uses Printer Port lol
    After a year or so I went back to CD Players

  • mauri

    the worst gadget was a plastic webcam that came along with with some in plastic wrapped trash magazine my mother bought. it needed batteries to take pics into its memory(?) tho it didnt work without the usb cable connected to computer. the silvery stick lived for about a week in its strange holder and then died for good. buy a trashbin and get free litter…

  • Jason Y

    The worst product I’ve ever had the misfortune to own were a set of rechargeable batteries from China. The name was in chinese and the plastic bag packaging looked suspicious but at $5 USD for a pack of 12 it was a steal. After a week of using them, the old saying “You get what you pay for” kicked in and two of the batteries that were in my then precious mp3 player started oozing battery acid and totally destroyed the player. That’s the last time I’ll ever buy cheap chinese knockoffs.

  • starstreak

    I’m from usa. Worst gadget I had? This flashlight I bought for the car. Every time I plugged it into the car’s aux power outlet, it would kill the car. Some how it kept blowing a fuse. That was the worst $10 I spent. Yeah, you get what you pay for.

  • Jiri

    I am from The Czech Republic. The worst product I’ve ever had was LED flashlight for one AA alkaline cell called LED Light Probe from ELFI Electronic. It was made completely from aluminium, it has fantastic optics, but it has one fatal flaw: inner diameter was so tight, that only one from ten various brands of alkaline cells fits in.

  • Jacinto

    Please don’t laugh; I was young and inexperienced. A few years back I bought a Franklin eBookMan. It had a large screen, handwriting recognition and, from my limited research, a thriving development community online. So I bought this thing and…, it was just bad. First thing you had to do out-of-the-box was download the OS to the eBookMan. The OS turned out to be utter trash. Exact details now escape me but I remember it being slow and badly designed. The file browser, for example, didn’t support folders so you had to scroll through hundreds of files if you wanted to delete something. The sync software for Windows was kind of buggy too. Battery life amounted to a little over two hours. And it only used alkaline batteries. I shrugged all that off and decided to try out the SDK. At least it compiled (after a lot of work on my part). Nothing else worked though. After that experience, I vowed never to buy anything electronic from Franklin again.

    – Jacinto, from USA

  • SirJeannot

    Back when the mp3 players had only 64MB, I bought a mini cd mp3 player. That thing was a nightmare and I hated it so much that I managed to forget about the brand/model. I had it changed 2 times because of failures, it was nearly impossible to find those 8cm 180MB cdr, it was skipping all the time and the shuffle feature managed to play the same track 3 times in a row (!). Since then, I avoided non solid state players.

  • exst

    My super awesome Dell Latitude should fit this category quite will, aspecialy when it decided to overheat and explode. Yey! Goodbye my table……

  • Felix

    i still remember when i was a kid, my dad bought me a Sega Genesis game console when vacation. that time it was a good system and i still remember playing street fighter in the hotel back then. when i got back from the vacation, the genesis is pratically dead. dunno what happen to it but when plug in to the tv, nothing came out, just a black screen. there’s warranty but the next time i go is 2 or 3 years later. warranty no use lorrr. then none of the shop in my hometown can fix it!! that’s the ONLY console i had in my lifetime and i only get to play street fighter in the hotel!!–Malaysia

  • Swami

    I worst in my life is, KOSS KS5192 DVD Home theater system. When the Tech support asked me to do the Firmware upgrade for a 2 second delay in Audio problem, the whole system gone dead. The worst part is, after this insident, there is no more web site nor the customer support. This is my first and last home theater system. I cant afford to buy one more. By the way I live in India.

  • MadHattr

    Worst gadget, eh? Hope I’m not breaching any military NDAs here (Otherwise, umm, I might wound up in jail), but seeing as it’s all over the internet in respectable sources, I guess I’m ok. One of my most traumatic gadget experiences was with mountain rose – Israeli military encrypted cellphone. They introduced the thing in mid 2004, so why the heck would they use a mid-90s motorola phone which weights like a brick, cumbersome like a brick and is useful like… well, it actually is useful. but as gadgets go, it’s one of the worst things ever.

  • Michael

    The worst gadget I’ve probably ever had was a Siemens M55 cell phone. I thought I was in for a treat when I read the spec sheet at the time — color display, polyphonic ringtones, dynamic “event lights” — it sounded like it had it all. Too bad it was absolute garbage. The screen was ridiculously low resolution, the menus lagged like there was tomorrow, the voice quality was deplorable. I guess you get what you pay for (it cost me $25).

  • Edward B.

    Worst Gadget? My home tv shopping acquired sauna belt. Why? Its not what I expected to happen. When I’m using it, the perspiration around my belly is not that much as I expected, but if given a compatible gadget as one of your prizes then maybe I will enjoy it more. – Philippines

  • rcpax

    The worst gadget I have and I still own it is the Palm m125. I has a b/w screen, 8MB of memory. No, it’s not those specs that made it the worst geek product I have owned but it’s the battery!!!! everytime I changed the battery everything resets to zero!!! So yes I still own it, but don’t get the idea it’s still working. Of course it’s dead, after I dissected it and made all sorts of hack for a rechargeable circuit, it eventually gave up on me. Good thing because I will never miss it. Although I can’t complain because my GF (now my fiancee) gave it to me as a gift.

  • grant

    hi, grant from australia here. the worst geek gadget i owned was a headset mic/speaker combo. the microphone barely worked and the ear pieces poked into your ear at right angles to your head. horrible ergonomics, completely uncomfortable and near useless. some dodgy brand i don’t even remember.

  • Issamu

    I have one gigabeat P5 that I call it, gigaworst. I’m trying to do it syncronize with my pc for 8 months, but, at the moment, I don’t obtain success. Sorry my english.

  • Paul from Tokyo

    The worst gadget I have ever owned was a commodore Vic 20. If anyone remembers that, they will completely understand!

  • garphil

    My worst idea: a gift bought for myself: An electrical peeler for vegetebales… It was clearly indicated on the box => very useful! And I was sure it was… I proudly show it to my wife, and run a demo! Very impressive:my first vegetable (a carrot) was peeled very quickly, and my kitchen painted in orange at the same time. Damned! This was a gadget from the family where you need to be clever for using it. So I discovered a forgetten transparent part in the box needed to prevent painting the room. Next demo (The kitchen was still in orange, just in case) was better, the north wall was not reached, but the windows not transparent anymore. Ok! you need to read the doc before using it… No problem, I’m able to do this. Clearly indicated on the 3rd page: ‘Use a salad bowl filled with water and peel the vegetables over it.’.Easy: Next demo leading to my conclusion: Very useful doc to help people to clean the kitchen with lot of water… Now I’m waiting the USB version to have another try.

  • Guillermo

    Hello From Bolivia! The worst gadget I ever own (long time ago) was a Saitek PC Racing Wheel. It was a gift from my brother. The quality and response was lousy, and when I upgraded to Windows XP it stopped working. Saitek never relased any XP drivers for that model.

  • Rafael Slonik

    did you ever sidetalked?

  • Arnau

    Worst? A very “chick” keyboard from apple… so white, pretty and expensive… that when one day I dropped my orange juice over it, I had to throw the kb to trash as it would not work again ¬¬

  • fender16

    Dlink DI-624 wireless router. It was good for a few weeks when I purchased it. After that, the router keeps rebooting itself like crazy (5-10 mins/time), no matter how you refresh the firmware or change the setting. It must be the worst defective product that Dlink has ever had. !

  • Tristan

    My brain.
    Worst. Gadget. Ev4r.
    Useless. The only thing it can do is thinking geekly.

  • Soma

    Worst ever? A generic laptop cooler when after placing my IBM T43 on it, it seemed to apply to much pressure on one of the fans that it didn’t spin, and thus well was pretty useless as a cooler.

  • Jon

    Hmm, this is a tough one. I generally do a lot of research before I buy a product. But I will have to say the worst gadget I have used was the original Rio MP3 player. When it first came out it seemed pretty good but it was rather flakey, came with even worse software and no matter what I could never get the thing to sync up with my computer, I returned it a few days later.

  • Joey

    THe worst gadget in my opinion is the Motorola Razr. Not much funtionality, camera with low mega pixels, average software, so so connection. The design is definitely excellent, but it is way too over hyped. Almost everyone has one in America. They should seriously look at what phones the Japanese have, ranging from Foma to Panasonic, and they will realize what an ancient bar of metal the “Razr” is.
    Writing from Vancouver, Canada.

  • Donald

    Hello, I’m from Macau. I think the Motorola’s mobile phone Talkabout 189 is the worst gadget i ever owned. The UI of this phone is really hard to use, some functions like album is really unfriendly, also difficult to type SMS. Even though the basic uses, the phone only can choose ring or vibrate, it make me miss many calls. But I know Moto has already given attention on software in linux phone.

  • Ricahrd

    The worst gadget in my opinion is the Creative muvo n200. Because his firm ware is unstabile..

  • Arif Ullah Khan

    Hi I am Khan from Tokyo. The worst gadget i ever have was a parallel web cam (company name don’t know). I bought it through eBay in Germany. The price of web cam was 1 Euro while i paid 8 Euros for postal charges. The worst aspect of it was when i connected it to my PC , no other application work on my PC except that web cam :’(

  • benoa

    Promise you won’t tell anywone ? Ok, so it’s an Atari Lynx, the “Other Game Boy” I actually hesitated between the two 10 years ago. Clearly, I must have been drugged or something. If you’re too young you may not even know what I’m talking about ! Do some googsearch and have a laugh :D

  • jienn

    My worst gadget was a xmas gift i got: an Excel alarmclock-radio that had a 2 mm wide snooze button that was very slow and unresponsive, I had to press it in with my thumbnail really hard. And every time I tried to change volume the volume would randomize between 0 and maximum! Come to think of it, I never got a clean reception of the radio either. It added to my already bad morning temper

  • Yann

    Back the second one just in time :D my worst gadget was for sure a wifi usb key I bought some years ago. The thing would only produce blue screens on the old laptop I was using, it didn’t support half of the available channels either. where I got trapped is that it was a 802.11b card, and the g standard has been implemented in consummer products just weeks after I bought that wifi usb dongle. the only good point: it was cheap (no wonder!)

  • Arif Ullah Khan

    I am khan from Tokyo.The worst gadget i ever have was a web cam I bought in Germany through eBay (I forgot the company name). Web cam price was 1 Euro while for postage I have to pay 8 Euros. The worst thing was “when I plugged it in to my PC every thing stopped working except the web cam” :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

  • Abu Dhabi

    The worst in my life I think was a Samsung lcd monitor, it was one of the first lcd models when lcds were just beginning. I had to cut the cords before throwing it away because it was so bad that I didn’t want anybody take from the garbage to use it.

  • max chu

    Ok, my worst “toy” is the “Roomba”. Before owning it, my wife only asked me to vacuum my house’s 1st floor, stairs, and 2nd floor; after buying it, now I need to vacuum the stairs (that roomba cannot do), do the dishes, and laundry. My wife? Before, she did the dishes and laundry, now she watches me doing those!!!

  • Bugabo

    The worst gadget? Let me see… It was a LG cellphone MG320c (BRAZIL) or KG320 (EUA) this phone has a beautiful style, slim, few height, great LCD… but it has serious hardware problems like loud speaker sound, poor battery time, PC connection fails, java apps uncompatible, etc. If i was list all problems of this phone i’ll spend the whole day to finish. So that’s it. I hope LG correct this problems because this phone is very style..



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