Published on November 22nd,2006 at 5:34 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Only 4 days remaining to win a Vaio U71P!

Dear readers, and especially you, our cute female readers, remember that we’re giving out a Sony Vaio U71P (a brand new one of course) since Monday and that you have until Saturday evening to get it!

So how could you win this computer? It’s very easy, you just have to post a comment at the end of the following news:

ONLY the comments on this news will be considered so there’s no need to send us an email about it. Unless you have a problem posting, you can contact us. Otherwise, post a comment on this news!

Right now, you’re playing against:

Akiba FR = 195 maniacs
Akiba US/UK = 85 maniacs
Akiba ES = 95 maniacs
Akiba CH = 5 maniacs (Hey guys, I thought you were more than a billion, you’re sleeping or what?)

As you can see, your future Vaio U71P is nicely waiting for you next to me!

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  • VooDooRoo

    Hi There again
    Nick in Toyama…What about use foreigners in Japan?
    Akiba FR = 195 maniacs
    Akiba US/UK = 85 maniacs
    Akiba ES = 95 maniacs
    Akiba CH = 5 maniacs (Hey guys, I thought you were more than a billion, you’re sleeping or what?)

    Where do we fit into the grand scheme of it all 8(

    Good comp BTW can we have thme regulary please..

    Thanks for all your hard work you guys do.
    AND if I win,I would like to come over to Tokyo and preview something,Aussie style
    Toyama isn`t that far away…

    Thanks again V D R

    I gave it a four star rating because it is a sony and if it was perfect they wouldn`t need to bring us anymore gadgets…

  • Philippe

    Maybe I can win ???

  • steve

    Sweet!!! would use it in addition to my SZ230P!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Nicolas

    Sooooo cooooool! ! ! I want it!

  • John Lee

    Hello AKIHABARA News team,

    You guys are great! You continue to suprise your readers days in days out, that is, on weekdays. This site is among my dayly visit sites. Thank you for being at the forefront of news on technology.

    That aside, would love to have this Sony U71P to lighten up my bookbagpack. I can vividly visualizing myself packing this great device with my eBooks, notes, and PIM and take it anywhere I go. On top of it all, winning the unit can really can lighten up my student financial debt. Thank you for your consideration.


  • RJ

    Awesome, I would rather be walking around with this instead of my fire hazard Dell laptop.

  • eDRoaCH

    this isnt the place to post to ask for one. read the news post!

    wait, why am I helping out the competition again?

  • czayna

    oooo man ! It’s very good news technics site…(my favorite) I’m from Poland and I’m dreaming about these gadgets…. I suppoused i have a chanse to win this UMPC. Good luck Akihabara News!

  • Hyltom

    My wife would be so happy to get it as a Christmas present…and so would i!

  • 570RM

    Please I NEED something like this to stop the kids from driving me insane…..2 and 4 going tasmanian on a daily basis.

  • K.W.

    Wow! a new Hot 3C information Site…Thank you for the hottest news.

  • Eric

    I have never saw any other gadget site like AKIHABARA. And now it’s even in Chinese! Thanks for that!

  • Uta

    Hey, I am from Hong Kong. I like this blog so much. I cannot load the original post’s reader comment. When I clicked the reader comments(232), I got directed to Adbrite Akihabara News. Let me try later. By the way, maybe you can wear a blue and black color shoes to match with the viao box! It would be quite interesting. Nice picture! And it’s tempting to win a free viao. Just curious, how come the color of the keyboard on the left did not match the black monitor….^_^ Thanks for your hardwork and bring us a lot of latest tech stuff news ! It so cool! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Vladimir Mikhailichenko

    You fogot about me
    I am first post comment. And now UA: 1

  • Michael

    Hey people,I am from Canada — this is wonderful blog and I visit here everyday.
    Winner is going to have a nice Cristmas present.Good Luck EveryBuddy !!!


    Michael aka Filka

  • Valentin

    Hey there, just wanted to enter the draw.
    Good luck

  • nitin

    Hey, I posted on Monday. Do I have to post every day? Anyways I am from India currently in UK for work. I should get the viao because its cools for me and I can use it to its maximum

  • minhaz uddin ahmed

    waoo, its great!!…i wanna the same like this ……thanks

  • Jake

    This is the first time I have ever been to this site! I was looking through PC magazine and thought, hmmm this site looks cool. Looks like I was correct, I love testing new electronics, I hope I’m not too late.

  • lauri

    it seems obvious that the sony device needs some serious winter testing over the icy shores of helsinki

  • Patrick Chin

    I wish i can win this Vaio for my christmas present….
    Thanks Akihabara

  • Patel

    I’m from the UK, and simply…the Vaio is and always will be the ultimate sexy multimedia device around…need I say more?

  • Nathan

    Thiss would be the best present for my daughter! Thanks!

  • starstreak

    I already posted on the proper area. I just want to say, I still want my Precious! please please please! My neighbor doesnt need it, he doesnt. Trust me! Nobody else needs it. It’s mine, please give me my precious! Augh, the pain of not having it. I’m getting sad.. Soo cold…(and I’m from Hawaii) so darkkk… Not everybody in Hawaii is rich. I’m one who’s poor. Give me hope. PLease….

  • xavier

    great!!!! so cool!!!! nice!!!!!!!!
    i love it and U

  • Michael

    Hey friends,that’s me MIchael aka Filka again from Canada.I wanna just one more time to acknowlege and highlite the hard work that Akihabara does.I also think that winner should wright a nice ,detailed review of U71P.Good luck to All of us !!! We need it !!!
    Domo Arigato Akihabara !!!


    Michael aka Filka

  • Ale

    Hi! I´m from Spain!! I am addicted to Akihabara!!! 😀

    Good luck for all readers!!

  • TC

    Wow!! Vaio U71P, have been looking high and low for you. Guys at Akihabaranew, thanks for this chance at winning this. We at Sunny Island Singapore are thrown with extreme prices Sony with lowest specifications. Last unit I saw being sold here is a Celeron 900Mhz? Can you beat that? Heehee Celeron in year 2006. Never won anything in my life but thought I try!!! Keep the latest gadget news coming. Cheers and Merry X’mas everyone

  • jose

    this is the best offer siny vaio has ever give……………………….. what an offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ibrahim Mohamed

    im dreamin to win this device

  • dileep

    i’m almost dead in one way.give me life with vaio



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