Published on June 20th,2011 at 11:12 AM
By >Ike

World hacking: And you thought it was only Sony’s PSN network?

With the successful hacking attempt aimed at Sony’s gaming servers, the world only had a preview of what was possible with self-proclaimed stealth security systems.  Unlike Sony who hit the big news in no time, there were plenty of hacks floating around that just didn’t make the news.

Didn’t make the news?  In our sensation centered world?

Most of the enterprises attacked lately have been or trying to pull the cover over their wounds in the delirious hope that they internally could fix the breach without anybody getting word of it.  What goes around comes around, and these breaches always get leaked to the daily news.

Hackers have been around since the first networks were created. History has shown that no computer system could be considered waterproof, only safe in a higher degree. This same history has learned us that whenever a new system or protocol came out, a new underworld prodigy was there to claim it’s exodus.

Modern day networks are so-called safer, new security technology gets released frequently and encryption algorithms push up the bar for hackers.  But… does all of this stop a genius breach a high voltage fence and trespassing on government , military or enterprise grounds? No it doesn’t.

Only in recent weeks we had claims of Sony receiving its fair share of attacks, PBS who got hacked, CIA and FBI who reported security breaches, numerous gaming servers and porn websites, Brink databases, US Senate, …  And have we learned from this havoc and chaos caused?

Lizards and hackers?

Lizards, defined as a reptile species known for their shy behavior and smooth yet very fast movement. So well camouflaged they can be amongst you without noticing them, and when they do get noticed they can bolt faster than anything out there. Aztec mythology even worships a lizard as their god of excess.

Recently, virtually all hacking claims come from one single security group who goes under the name of “Lulz” (or Lulz Security / Lulz Lizards).  An elite group of hackers specializing in about any modern security protocol you can throw at them.

These guys are nothing to be messed with, Sony PSN was their “newspaper debut” but this does not stop them from successfully attacking FBI, CIA and US Senate’s high security networks. Even offering hotlines for anonymous hacking requests, they are doing this for genuine fun are not into it for the money. From what other sources claim, the group divulges every bit of data they hack (unlike most who sell this for big money).  They consider themselves comedians rather than destructive hackers, using the shared content for the enjoyment of others.

So should modern society actively hunt these digital prodigies, or should we learn from the Aztecs: live amongst these lizards and occasionally offering them our best flies?

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  • Turniphead

    The Aztecs had it right. Live among them!

    Allowing a group like Lulz to roam freely is not entirely a good idea, but hunting them for exposing flaws in a system we rely on is. The gaming network was news. But a system used by the government to secure a country’s private information should always be safe, and reveiling it’s flaws is a noble deed indeed.

    Keep the hacks coming!

  • Asshole2

    ^ agreed



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