Published on November 20th,2006 at 5:43 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Akihabara News is giving out a Vaio Type U71!

December is almost there and that means Christmas and gifts! Thanks to its partners, Akihabara News is able to offer several gifts until December 15.

Aside of the PC we’re giving today, you will also be able to win 2 GSM phones (one is the only English model available on the market), a webcam, figurines, and many other cool items.

How can you participate? It’s very easy. You have a week to post a comment indicating the country you’re writing from, and a short message explaining why this Vaio U71 should be yours and not your neighbor’s.

Be careful your antispam filter doesn’t reject the validation email, but don’t worry, we’ll display your comment if the email gets blocked. Send us an email at @ if you think something went wrong.

So let’s start with this Vaio U71:

CPU: Pentium M Dothan 1.1 GHz
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home (SP2)
RAM: 512MB
Hard Disk: 30GB (ultra ATA)
Video: Integrated 855GM chipset, 64MB shared memory
Display: 5″ TFT (800×600) / External Resolution: 1600×1200
Sound: PCM 16bit audio, integrated speaker
Networking: 802.11b/g WiFi, LAN (100BT)
Integrated Ports: Internal USB 2.0 x 1 / External (through docking station) USB 2.0 x 4
AC Adapter: 100~240V / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 6.58×4.25×1.04in (167x108x26.4mm)
Weight: 1.22lbs (550 grams)

Good luck!

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  • Vladimir Mikhailichenko

    I am first put comment.
    I realy want this cool device. I can’t buy it in Ukraine and I will be very happy have it and use it
    I am from Ukraine.

  • Denis

    Hello. I really want this VAIO. I like Sony and I like VAIO. I’m from Latvia. Thanks

  • VooDooRoo

    My name is Nick and I live here over in Toyama,Japan.
    I`m an Aussie living here in Japan teaching english…
    I used an old laptop for dictionaries and showing short films to classes of kids…
    But it isn`t working anymore 8(
    This would be the perfect pc to show them information about Australia and the rest of the world,Which sadly seems to be lacking in Japan.

    *grovel time*
    I come to your site everyday-can check my ISP ?
    and also on weekends to see it isn`t updated then 8(

    About the PC what can I say?

    “It`s a Sony”


    Nick in wet and windy Toyama

  • Daniel

    My names Daniel from Tokyo, though really I’m a Kiwi. I’d love one of these fine U71 beasts to allow me to not only hack away in the office, and the comfort of the city, but to also take on adventures in the bush, and ranges of Aotearoa. And if that doesnt work for ya – the next best thing about this sweetie, is that I can actually fit it in my Tokyo appartment, without running out of places to sleep!

  • Jenn

    What a fantastic contest! I love contests!

    I’ve been obsessed with my Vaio UX180P since July (I’ve written more than 15 reviews of it so far: and would love to reunite it with its discontinued predecessor, the U71. Think of all the comparison reviews and pictures! I’m also intrigued by that leaf-looking stylus and am addicted to handtops, which are not available at brick-and-mortar shops here in Hawaii, USA.

  • Nirvashiko

    Hi, I’m writing from tiny Malta, Europe. I would really like to have this Vaio because, Sony is stylish and cool, and this U71 is something that differentiates Sony from the competition. Alas, my mediocre income as University student doesn’t permit me to buy it and much of Sony’s expensive products…… I will attach images of the space pig all over my room if I win this cool thing!!!!

  • Karl

    Hi there. My name is Karl. I come from the southern land of Kangaroos (Australia), and the Sony U71 would suit me well, for I do alot of my assignments on the move, which a pocket pc wont be able to manage, easy for me to surf the internet using my phone or WLAN to research, listen to various music and video formats on the move, and because I just migrated here I could use it as a GPS, and I could multitask, opening internet explorer reading news, and the other window, doing my assignment, while on the go.

  • Dooblou

    I visited Akihabra this summer with dreams of discovering some new piece of gadgetry that would amaze me and to raise my profile in my circle of gadget hungry friends. Imagine their disappointment that all I returned with was a DS game which was unplayable due to no-one being able to read Japanese. The only thing that left me wishing I earned enough money to fleece was the VGN-UX90 that I saw in the Sony Headquarters, and being a complete Sony fanatic has left me dreaming of owning one ever since. This U71 looks even sexier and unless you deliver me one of these, I will have to waste more hours dreaming of owning one and carry on being disappointed at my only purchase from Akihabra. Please deliver me this fantastic new Sony behemoth, and I can just pretend that I bought it in Akihabra and therefore not break the heart of the little boy that is still inside me, that has become slightly disappointed with his new vision of Japan as just a cornucopia of MP3 players and digital cameras.

  • Joel

    Great contest! I’m from Guam and would like to try this out… if I win of course. I believe I haven’t seen the U71 anywhere here.

  • worufu

    I apply straight to one of the GSM phones. The reason is that I absolutely do not like Sony anymore. They pre-install too much spyware on their hardware and charge way too high prices. Please do not send me the ultra small, shiny, sexy, amazing…. erh…………….stupid Sony device. Please.
    Oh… almost forgot that: Austria, Europe.

  • Tuyen

    Hi, I’m living in the woods in Japan but I’m from Australia. SONY still owes me after buying one of their mp3 players and having to use Sonicstage. Here’s Akihabaranews’ chance to rekindle my love for SONY.

  • Judit

    Long live the Green Pig! Just because it is cool.

  • Benedict Yeap

    I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I had been a regular visitor to for quite some time

  • Serge

    We brew the best beer in the world, have the sweetest chocolate and we were/are the home of Rubens, Eddy Merckx, Jean-Marie Pfaff, Toots Thielemans and Adolphe Sax (to name a few)… That’s right… I’m writing from Belgium. So why should I win the U71? Well… I’m a real geek and proud of it too! And to show it to everyone I want to pull the U71 out of my pocket wherever I go.

  • SevenG

    Being from the US, I can promise this little honey will go to work right away inventorying my data center, cataloging carburetor jets for Vespas (racing at various altitudes), teaching my wife Japanese, and instituting regime change.

  • kunal

    Hi!!! I am Kunal from India. So why would I want this instead of my neighbour?? Because I want to show (read: jealous) him that technology has advanced and you could work on the go with this little masterpeice than what he does all day on his Pentium II machine.

  • Dooblou

    …oops, forgot to say I was from the UK

  • Etelos

    Etelos, from the USA. Living in the midwest, we not only get the coolest products from the USA last, but we can only dream of cool products from overseas ever arriving! Consider the pure joy you would have sending this wonderful product to an electronically deprived individual from the midwest! Could there be a more compassionate act of kindness on your part?! How proud I would be to help teach my neighbors the joy of modern technology, if only I had this product to use as a demonstration. Think of the growth that could occur – why many of my neighbors might even be convinced to switch from dial-up to broadband! Thanks in advance for sending this wonderful product to our lonely part of the world……

  • Arif Ullah Khan

    Hi I am Khan living in Tokyo. Reason is quit simple My neighbour already have one so having this one will be “égalité”.

  • Jorge

    Hi, i’m from Chile, and a regular visitor of Akihabara News.
    If i get the U71 i can use it for work and study.
    I really need something like this, but i can’t buy anything similar in sudamerica and is too expensive for me and very risky import one. For me is not discontinued, is a big piece of technology like all the stuff i see every day here.
    I assure you that I will give him a good use.

  • Sabastien

    I live in canada,

    although tech is advanced here, its not easily affordable for everyone, canada is a great country, clean and multicultural. I’ve always wanted the Sony U71 ever since I first saw it. due to student loans, and supporting my mother and family I can’t yet afford it. if anything I would probubly end up letting my little brother use it for is travels to and from toronto as well. akihabara has always been my first stop for the latest in gedgetry news. keep up the good work guys.

  • starstreak

    I’m from Hawaii, USA. I’m a techno Geek. But my pockets are small so I can’t always buy the latest and greats gadgets. I need it. I want it. But could never afford it. I want something that nobody has. And nobody has this. Its shiny, its a computer, it’s a Vaio. Oh please, please let me have my “precious “. I will guard it next to me, it’ll stay warm in my scott-e-vest jacket where nobody will take my “precious” away from me.

  • Fernando

    Hi, I live in the USA. If I had the U71, I would mount it on one of my Segways! Since none of my neighbors have a Segway, I clearly need the U71 more than they do… =)

  • enterman

    Hello, im from the U.S., ive been obsessing over this device and the q1 and all ux’s for several months now, there really great devices. There a little hard to get the money for though since they are rather expensive other wise I would already have one. Good luck to everyone that enters.

  • Paul

    I am also from Canada. I can’t really think of a great reason why I should have the Sony, except that I am a geek and enjoy technology.

  • Alessandro

    Hi, I am from Italy, and I should receive the Vaio, simply because I am going to install Linux on it!

  • Byun

    I’m from South Korea. I’m very Interresting the Potable Digital Device.
    I really like U71…. UMPC is too big to me..
    U71′s design is very simple and comfortable. I’m impressed when i use U71 at meeting of Digital Device Site.
    if I have U71, I will see movies, programming at starbucks, web surfing whenever.
    Because I can carry U71 every day every time.

  • Ben

    I live in the UK and read Akihabara News every day and I’m especially glad today as otherwise I’d have missed this competition. We work for a charity so don’t have the luxury equipment so it would be very useful when attending events and need to enter the details of new volunteers.

  • Pocky


    From the USA here, located close to Pocky (Glico) HQ for North America! The U71 would make a perfect replacement for my now battered Clie TH55 (Of which I love very much!). Ja matte nee!

  • Carlos

    Hi, I’m from Brazil and would be great for my to win this perfect UX71 wich matches perfectly with may car pc project!!! Good luck to every one and Congratulations to all the Akihabara Team!!!

  • starstreak

    I’m from Hawaii,USA. I want my “precious”! Its so shiny, small, has flashing lights and just looks so… I want it! I’m a gollumous-geekous. I mussst have it. Aughhh I’m hurting! My neighbor doesn’t NEED it. I want it. Please! I’m your best friend! I could never afford it. But yet I must have it!

  • Jeremy S.

    Hey, I live in FL (USA).
    Why shoud I have this Sony? I have been saving for a long time for a portable pc for my personal use. During the last storm 2 yrs ago the power went out for 3 wks and I had no means to communicate with others by email as I normally would.

  • alex

    although i’m european, i’m stuck in California, USA. My ipod has died, and this u71 would make a zune quiver in it’s boots!

  • MazingerZ

    Bravo~ AkibaNews
    Hello~ I’m from in South Korea!
    I need laptop, Give me! ^,.^

  • MazingerZ

    Bravo~ AkibaNews!
    Hello~ I’m from South Korea
    I Need laptop u71 ?? ?????!
    Give me! ??? ??? ^^

  • Takiro

    I have dreamed about Vaio U71 all my life …
    With best greetings from Poland.

  • Thorin78

    I live in San Diego Ca, USA. I fight with my girlfriend over my own laptop all the time because she’s on it chatting away with friends all the time. So this PC would be great just for me.

  • Emanuel Burgos

    Greetings! I’m a pastor from the USA. My church is located in bad part of town and was broken into 7 months ago. My main computer (bought from my funds) that I used for church office work and my PowerPoint sermons was stolen. I now have an inferior used PC since the church nor myself can afford to buy a new one. Church insurance didn’t cover it since it was my personal PC. I know that this U71 would make my life so much easier and enjoyable. Thanks for your time!

  • Thorin78

    I live in San Diego, CA, USA. I fight with my girlfriend over my own laptop because she’s on it all the time chatting with friends. This would be a great pc for me to use and carry with me while I do work or otherwise. Cheers.

  • Helena

    Hi, I am from Valencia, Spain. Here, products like this are hard to seen, and more expensive than in other countries. I would use it in class, I have an old, second hand Jornada PDA for viewing pdfs in class, but the screen is liquid crystal, not TFT, pdfs are shown blurry, and also my university’s wifi connection is incompatible with my poor PDA with its range-b wifi card. I wish I could have something like the U71 someday… Regards.

  • B.Hunter

    OK, I don’t think I can really beat Kuala Lumpur, or spots in Australia, or spots in our midwest as far as being remote. All I can say is that I’m a gadgetphile in…Wyoming…Laramie WY. And it’s not even the smallest town in the state, but as they say, “It’s not the middle of Nowhere, but you can see it from here.” I also pretty much just want it for bragging rights though being able to surf wirelessly would be nice (yeah, we have a “hot spot” or two), so that kinda makes me petty compared to the pastor.

  • Brando

    Hi, i’m Brando from Italy. I like this product a lot, in particular because my laptop has the lcd broken (I’m using it with an external crt monitor) and 2 weeks ago my old iPaq 3870 started to have problems too The Vaio would be a perfect help for my daily trip in train to go to work. See you…

  • Mohammed KAMAL

    Hi. I’m from Morocco. I’ve been working on UMPCs in an effort to helping the linux community integrate these little gadgets for a better business and fun experiences. Being a discontinued series, I felt a pitty that Sony dropped this little perl and still looking to collaborate to boost its performance to the limit to make it cope with it’s great design (not to compare with the UX series, it’s a different spirit). “One more thing”, by giving me out the U71 it’s a gift to the whole linux community.

  • Rob

    Hello from Canada !
    I actually grew up in the Netherlands, but have been living in Canada for the last 10 years.
    Why do I need the Vaio ? Hmm, to be honest, I don’t really know, except of course that it’s the coolest gadget in town, and it would come in very handy when I’m in the plane so I don’t have to struggle with my big laptop. So there! That’s a good reason: it will increase my productivity while travelling ! Because, you know, I would only use it for work of course…. nudge-nudge-wink-wink


  • DK

    Hi, I am DK from India. I visit akihabaranews almost regularly, it keeps me up to date with the fast moving technology world. I would be happy to get a gift from you, don’t have any specific choice. Gift is a gift and I don’t want to tie it up with any of my needs. How’s that Daimaou?

  • Anders

    Hi there… Anders from Denmark. We probably have the coldest weather here in Denmark at Xmas, so I really need something to warm me up… This nifty little thing could do the trick. As to my neighbour, he’s just a plain psycho, so I would rather see this device in the hands of everyone else than him

  • Jon

    I am from the US. The reason I feel I need the Vaio U71 is because I live in a very cold part of the country that tends to have very cold winters. I have a 65 mile drive each way to work and this could be incredibly handy on the snowy days into work when the snow gets too deep. I can then just stop at a coffee shop along the way, email into work that I won’t be coming in(or will be late) and/or do work from the coffee shop. Oh how great it would be to own the U71.

  • Ramin Hideo

    i’m writing this message from the country were people are walking around in wooden shoes (klopen , and ware they are eating cheese, and smoking pot (legally) all day long, and ware people are going to the (legal) red light district when they get board.
    Yes welcome to the Netherlands (Holland)!

    The reason why I really really deserve a VAIO U71 is because I’m really sony minded, so much that sony fired me (don’t ask why but I’m really telling the truth) your not just only helping a sony fan, but your also helping my parent, so they wont end up in a mental hospital because I’m begging them every day to borrow me some money to get my self a vaio, since I’m a student with no job anymore I cant afford it myself.
    my old 3th hand Vaio PCG-C1 picture book died 4 months witched I used to do my homework on, and also since I’m using my parents computer I cant watch bangbros or MILF episodes anymore witch sucks allot .

    So please Akihabara news help me

  • AlienSoldier

    Hello from Quebec/Canada,
    If i get that putter i will do my bed each morning and i will try to port haiku to it with my friend at

  • Tokugawa

    Hello from Meguro, Tokyo. Let me describe by apartment: inside the door a 0.5 sq. m area to put my shoes. One cooking plate and a tiny toilet. The main area has a bed and…wait a minute, nothing more… I’d put a table somewhere if I could fit it in. That’s Tokyo on 9 sq. meters total. The U71 would fit right in here, where even a normal laptop looks grossly out of place…

  • Noborito_J

    Hi Daimaou, I’m from Kanagawa, Japan.
    You cannot give the U71 to my neighbour, because he won’t know what to do with it.
    There’s so many uses I can think of to for the U71, however being a hikikomori it is difficult for me to go out and get one myself.

    PS: My neighbour kicked my dog!

  • Hamen Reddy

    Hello from the tropical paradise, Fiji Islands. The VIAO Type U71 is a real mobile computer which can be converted into a PMP in an instant and back to a PC when needed with few simple plugging. Oh yeah my neighbour does not appreciate a PC because he goes fishing everyday!! and yeah I may be the only geek in the block!

  • badman @ tokyo

    a reason why this should be mine (part 1)
    by badman. In tokyo
    Imagine if you will that this mighty little machine was rewarded to my neighbor.
    All things being fair, I’d have to thumb-wrestle him for it.
    Being the master blackbelt thumb-wrestler I am, I would defeat my neighbor and claim my prize.
    My neighbor (fine lad, poor poor excuse for a thumb-wrestler) would be no doubt distraught.
    He might just so distraught and distracted that he failed to notice that he was walking into one of the many recent “must spend the rest of this year’s budget” but oh so noble street construction areas.
    One diligent hardhat man might notice him and call out a warning to his mates.
    That sudden move might cause the nearby crane worker to accidentally drop his load on some nearby train tracks.
    If that caused the train to derail near the US military installation, it might possibly cause the US to accuse the North Koreans of terrorism and move to dethrone Kim Dae Jong.

  • badman @ tokyo

    Kim, realizing that his nation against the might of the US had no chance might take a Custer-like approach and just start shooting his shiny new nuclear missiles.
    Unfortunately, the guidance systems’ development, having been outsourced to China (specifically a small group of drunken monks in Tibet), might be all set to return home (i.e. to Tibet).
    Since that’s a little far, the missiles might fall within China and cause the Chinese government to launch their missiles would fly forth and in the ensuing loo, the world would end and all that would be left is a single astronaut who might return to find that the world was ruled not by man but by ape (Ah, d@mn you, d@mn you all to h3ll!!)
    Don’t do this for me – do it for the species. And Charlton Heston.

  • Aldric

    Bonjour, Ni Hao, Konichiwa, Ley Ho, Anon Hasai Yoh, hrmm probably thats all the Hellos I know. Anyhow this is a hello from BC Canada from a person who spent more than half his life in Hong Kong (well I was born there and went to Canada at a young age then went back after getting my citizenship). So now the reason why I should own this U71 more than my neighbours who I actually live with is that… I failed to get a long relationship for 18 years of my life, 19 coming too. I need a subsitute :D Oh and it would be nice to fit into my messenger bag to go to Uni with =p

  • Skyninjya

    Hi from Australia, i reckon this U71 would be an awesome replacement for my old Vaio c1 picturebook which i just sold on ebay (see item no. 150059672855) for an amazing price! i also bet that no-one could match the price i could get for this U71 on ebay…. thats if you could convince me to part with it! keep up the good work Daimaou!

  • Chimuel

    Hi, I’m Chimuel from the United States of America and I think I should win this Sony Vaio U-71 because I am a student who has had to deal with an old Toshiba Satellite laptop and because I am a person who just loves technology. I study hard, but I rarely get anything for the fruits of my labor, winning this would be amazing because of the fact that I deserve something once in a while. I need a new device that would help with my note-taking and projects. Thanks!

  • Chimuel

    Also, neither of my neighbors deserve it because they would not know how to use this anyway… Thanks again!

  • Shah

    Its me writing from Tokyo,Japan
    Well, my neighbour is a tv, dog and anything else freak but not a real appreciator of technology.its me who cares a lot about all the good things in UMPCs. I have had sharp zero 3 and now its time for the Vaio U71 to give me company and not my neighbour.This Vaio U71 will be “Neighbour’s envy , Owner’s pride”
    P.S. My Neighbour might have money but not i really need it

  • Think

    I want to know what date the Chinese traditional edition.

  • grant

    Hi, i’m grant from australia. my neighbour doesn’t use computers and is in mid retirement, so he would never use such a device. therefore, it is logical that the device should be given to me instead. also, i’m a teacher and it would be awesome to use in a classroom for showing video and powerpoints. u71, i want one.

  • Kaspar

    I am a visual artist from Denmark. I struggling artist I might add. Vaio computers seem so cool. Unfortunatly Sony has skipped Denmark in selling their computers. That’s a real shame, since some of their other products only work with Vaio computers; My artwork is often made with a sony video camera that I borrow from a friend. For that camera there is a Sony microphone, that can record in 5.1 surround. The microphone was not so expensive, so I bought it for a project. But the sales person in the store forgot to say that it is only possible to get the surround sound transferred if you have a Vaio computer. That really sucked and the sales person wouldn’t give the money back, because I had already opened the package… The U71, would also be perfect for my presentation on my art. It’s portable, light and I wouldn’t have to make tapes all the time of my work and then hope that my potential art buyer has a television and videoplayer.Best holiday wishes…

  • Shintaro

    From SF Bay Area in US. I think this Sony device will be happy to be ended up with my hands because 1) I won’t sell it in eBay . 2) I will use it in place of a somewhat disappointing Pocket PC. 3) I was once disappointed by one of Sony’s discontinued devices “eMarker” (which allows you to mark a song from a registered radio/TV station on the go and later access the marked song when the device is hooked up with PC through USB) before actually started using it. This VAIO will be a pleasant gift. 4) I am a native Japanese and can make a full use of Japanese OS without re-imaging it. 5) I am an avid subscriber to AkihabaraNews .

  • AJ (Ann) Santoro

    The Vaio is beautiful and I could never afford it. Although I love my Apple, there are
    some programs that will run only on a PC, such as the puzzle-construction programs I use. Although I never touched a computer until I was 65, these past 5 years it has been great fun learning to use both the PC and the Mac. There are obviously so many things still to learn, and this little Sony will offer the opportunity to enjoy the advanced technology that it embodies. I envy the young who will have so much more time with lovely pieces of technology such as this Vaio.

  • nitin

    I am from India, currently working in UK. I would like to own Sony Vaio U71 because
    I own a Wizard with windows mobile 5, but it is not adequate for my computing
    I dont have a fixed desk in office and have to attend lots of meetings. The U71 will be
    easy to carry and work with as it has WiFi
    With 30GB of disk space, I will donate my laptop to schools in need, just like my
    last 2 desktops. Who needs bulky laptops.
    I would look cool when carrying this device around, listening to music, watching
    videos, and working on it.

  • MadHattr

    Hi. Am from Israel. We’ve had many terrorist attacks over the years, and Vaio U71 could become a life-saver for me when not used in it’s original gadgety way. I could just tuck it under my shirt, and walk around with the safety of a flak jacket!

  • lckuo

    I am very glad to see the website with rich Japan 3C information and it is in traditional Chinese. It saves lots of my time. However, inaddition to say ” Thank you”, I can find nothing else to say. It is really inspiring for me. Wish all of you to keep on excellent working and excellent health! Thansk again!

  • Ramzi

    I’m from Dubai (UAE), I have to spend 3 hours daily in the bus to go work so I don’t have anymore time to read my ebooks, neither to skype my family and friends (arriving home too tired to switch on my PC). Besides, I’m sure this U71 will be best friends with my PSP so he’ll never be alone again

  • Pablo

    Hi, I´am from Glorious Nation of Chile. Located in South America, eventhough enchiladas and burritos are not our typical plates.

    Read that this machine is wonderful and can show photographs in web pages. Our computers only work with Lynx.

    Actually trip to work must carry big CPU attached to mule for 5 miles. For this matter, small size is better !

    If I get computer, will make blog and show our glorious nation to the world, and make enough popularity to get girlfriend.

  • Simon

    The U71 should be long to me because I am so busy and need to keep track of my ever changing / crazy-Shibuya-busy schedule here in Tokyo, ever since my Clie UX50 died last month it has been hell!!! So you can clearly see that someone in my position really needs one of these little beauty’s to while away those sardine packed times on the Yamanote-sen, especially when there’s a jumper – and I’m stuck for like half an hour between Tamachi and Shinagawa – as they do a quick clean up operation (we’ve all been there ne!!).

  • Sergio

    Hi everyone, greetings from Chile. I’m a daily visitor of your site, my first source of tech news. But, how to deserve the honor to receive this great gift, mm, it’s very simple, I own a “one-men” company with “one-contract” with a huge company (Johnson

  • Sergio

    Hi everyone, greetings from Chile. I’m a daily visitor of your site, my first source of tech news. But, how to deserve the honor to receive this great gift, mm, it’s very simple, I own a “one-men” company with “one-contract” with a huge company (J

  • Sergio

    Hi everyone, greetings from Chile. I’m a daily visitor of your site, my first source of tech news. But, how to deserve the honor to receive this great gift, mm, it’s very simple, I own a “one-men” company with “one-contract” with a huge company (Johnson and Johnson Company) developing BI reports for Franchise Directors or VPs. Every time I have a meeting, I have to go with my precious treasure, my Compaq 700LA, yes, I know it’s some kind of antique (AMD Duron 900 Mhz), but very useful, If your breakfast is cold, you turn down the compaq and you can use it as a stove, well, until laptop is freeze (CPU auto-shutdown). And my problems start when some of these directors or VPs open their briefcases and pull out microscopicals Vaios or Dells… and one of them ask me.. why I’m carrying my desktop….… I know…this is a great reason to deserve this new Sony U71.. Please give me a chance to ask the same question.. Hey VP.. Why your laptop is so big!!!

  • elSegunzo

    Hello Akihabara friends, greetings from Belgium. I want to give this beauty to my girlfriend this Christmas. She’s not so into gadgets, so eventually I’ll get it back. <img src=”/img/wink.gif” alt=”" border=”0″ height=”15″ width=”15″>. Keep up the good work, I have Akihabara News in my Live Feedbar of FireFox.

  • Suat Ural

    I am from Istanbul of Turkey.
    This product is a slim factor form. It will not take much space on my desk. I won’t have too much cluttered cords, cables.
    Being able to use an attached keyboard will make it easy to write e-mails, documents.
    Integrated Wi-Fi will connect me to the network and to the Internet where available.
    Thanks to its screen, 30 gigs HDD and video capabilities I will not need to buy a PVP. It will save me money.
    It is a pocket-size form factor. No need to carry hand bags.

  • Jean-Philippe Turcotte

    ********** Hello everybody im from Canada, im a poor student running a old compaq presario M2000 (celeron). i definetly need this awesome new product. im a big fan of Anews. Keep up the good work. please send it to me asap merry christmas !

  • Mathieu

    Whaouh: this could be great gift for christmas.
    It must be expensive. Not that I could not afford it, but if I buy it, my wife will kill me.
    She wants a baby. I want something more silent … like this PC, perfect.
    I do not see who could offer it to me because I do not have too many friends and my family, well it is a long story.
    I forgot to mention that I am french living in France. I do not imagine how many billions of people hate French but I cannot change it. My wife would not accept.


  • Peter Eidegren

    I’m from Sweden I would love to get my hands on this little baby *smile*


  • Rodrigo

    From Brazil!!!! It should be mine because a read Akihabara News to give me update on newest technology and my neighbours don’t. They wait until others sites copy the posts from Akihabara news

  • walkie bit

    I’m writing from Switzerland.
    The Vaio should be mine because it’s Sony’s only chance of convincing me that they’re good – my prejudice is very bad despite akihabaranews.
    So I guess I’d be happier with a phone :p

  • Joey

    Writing from Vancouver, Canada.
    Below is the Vaio Type U71 poem!!

    Type U71 has got style
    Portable, light and versatile
    Running Windows XP with copious RAM
    Multitasking with a wham
    Thirty gig harddrive for memories last
    Helping me work, while travelling fast
    Wireless networking for life on the go
    Light and sleek for a tech aficionado
    With such a beautiful bright display,
    For reading akihabara everyday
    My neighbors don’t deserve such a one
    Because I love the Vaio U71!!!!

    GO Canada and Akihabara!!!

  • Joey

    Sorry, I can’t put a new line between each sentence
    Writing From Vancouver, Canada

    Type U71 has got style // Portable, light and versatile // Running Windows XP with copious RAM // Multitasking with a wham // Thirty gig harddrive for memories last // Helping me work, while travelling fast // Wireless networking for life on the go // Light and sleek for a tech aficionado // With such a beautiful bright display // For reading akihabara everyday // My neighbors don’t deserve such a one // Because I love the Vaio U71!!!!

    GO Canada and Akihabara!!!

  • Thomas

    When you send the Vaio to Sweden, make sure you don’t drop it off next door, my landlord already have most of my money.

  • Edwin

    Hey everyone, writing from Holland.
    I think the Vaio should be mine because, I just love this thing and christmas is about giving and GETTING . So I really would like to win this device.
    Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!

  • Marco (Griffith) Jardim

    Hi, my name is Marco Jardim and I’m from Portugal. The reason why I should have this laptop, and not my neighbor is because, I’m a Sony Vaio fan. I have always enjoyed Sony’s machines. I have a Sony Cellphone (k750i, a Vaio Laptop (FZ series), various Sony Walkman, Sony Alarm Clock, Sony PSP, PS2, Memory Vault, Sony T3 (Digital Camera, etc, etc. If I had the Vaio U71, I’m certain that I would treasure it a lot more than my neighbor.

    I am an editor for ForeverGeek, which is a technology blog, and whenever I can, or whenever I see a great new gadget announced on AkihabaraNews I help to spread the news of it, and always put a link to the original AkihabaraNews article so that people also visit it.

    If I had the Vaio U71, not only would it help me in my blogging career and my college classes, but it would also help me stay up to date with the most recent news, specially the ones from Akihabara, right here on this site!

  • Curtis

    I am Curtis form Taiwan.
    First of all, Congratulations that traditional Chinese site was opened.

    Why this U71 belong to me?
    Because I have not get any Christmas present from my teenage.
    So~~ Please~~

  • Edward B.

    I am Edward from the Philippine Island. I’m a person who love to work with my PC. It was given by my father since the Pentium 100 era. I had a physical dissabilities – a polio victim since I was 3. I’d like to buy a new PC but my resources can’t afford one. I always go to your site Akihabara to know more information on the advance technology we have in this world. I’m joining this contest so that I can replace my P100 with this high tech machine Vaio Type U71 to help me live as others can.

  • Ghostru


    My name is Alex, I’am from crazy cold Russia.

    I will use UMPC, this piece of art and engineering work, for delivering people
    useful hi-tech news and articles. I will watch films, read books, listen to
    MP3 and even making my science work in University.

    Certainly, I will test my future UMPC in various conditions including
    extreme cold. The best thing to prove that UMPC are useful for mankind
    - send this prize to me and I’ll show you how to use it right.
    Moreover, I want to play various games and check my e-mail. There are
    a lot free Wi-Fi spots even in Russia, so there is no problem.

    I can give UMPC to my wife, so she can calmfully and silently watch soap film about
    hot mexicans and indians. While I will play on a full-size fullscreen
    monitor in something like SpellForce 2 or World of Warcraft.

    Always yours,

  • Emiralp Yazicioglu

    Hi; I’m Emir, I’m from Turkey.I’m 18 and a editor on a local techhardware site called “donanimhaber” means hardwarenews. The U71 should be mine because I love ultraportable stuff

  • ScooterJP

    Hi, amulet.
    It is nice to see so many people writing in from around the world. The Green Pig must be pleased that it is so well-loved.
    There are some great stories here and many people would seem to deserve this fantastic prize. I hope you choose a good friend of Akihabara News who will be grateful and encourage their friends to join this community. In fact, that could be me!
    I am from Australia AND New Zealand, have a European wife, and live in Yokohama. I commute every day to Tokyo and the Sony U71 would be an ideal companion on those crowded commutes, when I need to keep working (!) or just want to shut out the world for a while (I think you know what I mean…).
    Whatever you decide, whoever you choose, please have a happy Christmas. You’ve earned it!

  • Stephen

    I am from Taiwan.
    But now I am studying university in Japan.
    I love Vaio but as you know, Vaio’s products are very expensive.
    Actually I already wrote my comment in Chinese website.
    But I wanna try to write it in English…cause English vision is more popular.
    Maybe the chinese website is new one, not a lot of people know about it.
    I love this website and I will share it to my friends~~
    Thanks all the people who work for Akihabara News~

  • xylome

    Well, ok I want one… only if you give cash back for the ‘OS’ removal. No ? Ok, have a nice day and forget me. Xyl, from France…

  • Issamu

    Hello, I’m from Brazil and I want this Vaio to read news when I travel to Amazonia. We don’t have this Vaio selling in Brazil. I would like to travel to Amazonia to help to preserve us forest.

    Sorry my English, but I really want, want, want this Vaio.

  • Nicolas

    I have a disease … It’s called being a “Geek”. I think Akihabaranews staff and most of the readers of this website have this disease. No solution for it has been found, but I still have hope. The only solution I have found is to expose my “Geekness” to the world on my blog This helps a lot.
    So why should I own a Vaio U71? There’s no particular reason, but I know what a U71 is and I know that I loved this device. Why do I say “loved”? I was the owner of a U71 (bought last year from but it was stolen. This was a very bad experience. Of course ever since I played with other devices but I could never forget my U71 (and my budget would not allow me to buy another one!). So owning again a U71 would just make a geek happy again!
    Nicolas from France.

  • Mr Jan Brandt

    I am from Australia. It would be no use giving my neighbor this product because they are computer illiterate, but I could explain all the features and functions of my new Vaio U71 to them and maybe let them hold it, this I am sure would please them very much. So you will actually make 2 people happy if I get this product. Thank you.

  • Basil

    Hi. I am from Kuwait. I visit your site daily (i’m hooked). Anyway, I would really love to get the Sony Vaio U71. I don’t know about my neighbor, but I could really use it at work and home. I take alot of my work home and it would make life easier not having to use my old P3 which crashes every hour (it seems). Plus, bragging rights should also be factored into the equation. I would love to blow my friends away with the U71.

  • PaulM

    I would love one of these, and I would install linux on it and thus be able to help other linux users and further the cause of humanity, feed the world and end poverty. OK, not all those things but helping linux users would be a start!

  • Janet

    Salut! I’m Janet from Taiwan, I’m leaving for UK to celebrate the Christmas with my boyfriend. You ask me why I must have it. I say it will be the best Christmas gift to us. If I get it, I will send it to my boyfriend to be Christmas gift. Such a cool stuff ! both of us love Vaio U71 so much.btw, he also leaves a message! we are expecting it!!!!!!

  • Matthew

    ********awww, wow please gis’us a go!!!!!
    ********originally from durham (near newcastle) uk, now living in fujisawa jp..
    ********would love a bit more sony to add to the collection

  • raphael

    Brazil (living in japan). why should i get one? because my neighbor’s already got one.. keep the good work..


    My best friend who is working in Tokyo now is going to marry on the first day of next year, I’d like to send a VAIO as a wedding gift, even though he already has a laptop, but I think his wife would need one~

  • Elton Saheki

    I’m from Brazil, and here, I would never get one of these!

  • Chris

    Hi, I am from Minden, Germany. As a little boy the first stereo I got was as Sony walkman (WM-2) one of the very first ones. I was proud and happy to have it. Sony has been the brand I live with. Now it would be great to have this new kind of a compagnon which I would value as geek stuff only but as a a must have for business an leasure time. ANd once again being up front with technical stuff.

  • Johnny Wong

    I want to give this to my friend before she leaves for vietnam…

  • sandrog

    Eu quero ganhar porque eu vivo e moro no Brasil. Adoro tecnologia especialmente quando e da Sony me atrai ainda mais a atençao todos sabem que a qualidade e otima.

  • Mihai

    I’m writing from Netherlands.
    I’ll use this Vaio as a starter to pick up cute girls. I’ll put a background image of a green pig on it and explain to the girls what the green pig stands for. After picking the girl I’ll think about you and mentally thank you for the Vaio.
    My neighbour would probably use the Vaio also to impress the girls, but no explanations about green pigs and no mental thank you. Do U think he deserves it ?

  • Johan Linde

    Since these cool vaio gadgets never gets all the way to Sweden (exept for the laptops) and after years of reading about them it would be a dream to touch, feel and play with one. It would be even nicer to own one

  • Krisna

    Hi, I’m from Indonesia. Last month my friend, who super geek maniac, brought a new brand Sony stuff, he’s so stingy that i cannot let me to take a peek on it. He said that i’m so stupid enough to make his new stuff broken. If i get this Vaio U71, which not available in my country yet, it will make him so frustated that i won’t let him to touch it, only see it. I’ll bet he’s begging me so hard to touch it. *grin*

  • PC

    Hi, Im from Florida, USA. I really would like this vaio because i know i will have a good use for it. I would love to have this one to carry around. and check all sorts of information (eail, news, the akihabaranews site )

    Thats is

  • Rafael Slonik

    I just want the prize. =)

  • Kamion

    Hi, I’m from the UK. I don’t want this VAIO. Can I have the Sony VAIO Type G instead? :D

  • Seb

    Wow, I’d love to receive that great machine ! I like Sony very much, and it would be convenient for many things, such as displaying pictures while on my work desk, in the train to work, in the planes to watch movies, play games when on business trips, check my email whenever and wherever I want…No limits !
    I’m french by the way, and I got a link to your site on mine (eventhough your site is in english and my readers are french)…

  • aqsmith

    I’m from the USA and with this lil Vaio U71 in my possession I will do my best to thwart terrorist and destroy the evil doers around the world. Yeah right I’ll be to busy with my head phones in surfing the net while my house blows up around me. Could you laser etch your logo on the back as a constant reminder to everyone of whose tech-bitch i am.

  • Behel

    Hi, I’m from UK. This great Vaio has to be mine simply because I live in such a small flat in London that it would just fit perfectly… My current laptop is a Vaio but is 6 years old!!! I know it’s time to update (hint hint…). If I get the jewel, I promise to become your most faithful supporter, like Hachiko except that I will not pee at each street corner. Long live the Green Pig.

  • G. Curt Fiedler

    Bonjou Daimaou,
    I’m Curt from the US, but living in Kanagawa, Japan. I REALLY need the Vaio U71, because I’m wearing out my back carrying around my 2.2 kg PowerBook to run my lectures at my classes. I need this more than my neighbor much more. In fact, one of my neighbors, Nick, posted above. He’s a nice guy, and we even worked together as English Speaking models for a private school in Odawara. However, Nick isn’t commuting 4 hours a day to work like I am. And Nick teaches English, but I teach college biology. And my students are either pretty college girls, or tough soldiers. I have a lot harder job impressing my students, so the U71 would establish me as the ichiban otaku sensei. Chodai!

  • Alessandro Rampazzo

    I have one under a leg of my table, I have three legs longer than one so I use it. Is really useful here in italy when i sit at the table to eat spaghetti. No more tremors under my table! I love this product but why so many cables comes out from the body? Even if I have to say that my cat love playing with these cables… is so cute…
    See you soon

  • ism

    Thank you for providing so much news and 3C information to us, and writtern in many language, include chinese. It’s very friendly for us, and hope this site is stornger and stronger. ps. I want vaio U too, thank you.

  • Garvin

    I’m writing from the USA. As a gadget guy that has zero gadgets to play with (can’t get any electronics or gadgets that aren’t absolutely necessary b/c of “marriage compromises”), I think this would be something exciting and useful to have!

  • Fox

    Poland here. I never really had any high tech stuff in my hands, I would even love to just touch it. I would finally have something to code in Visual Studio on the go. Come on! I will be the only Pole to have it.

  • Kilree

    Writing from Canada! You have to admit Sony has a top notch ability to pull out great and asthetic designs. And the specifiction on this unit seem pretty good also, I’d wonder if the UMPC trend will ever pick up. For now, I’m under the impression hardcore tech fans will be the only takers. And clearly since I’m a hardcore tech fan with an insatiable need for gadgetery… I want one badly Plus if I did get one it’d mean more money left to spend on others instead of buying myself things

  • Sven (again)

    Shiny. Tiny. Me like!

  • Dixon

    Writing from San Francisco, CA. My neighbors are too rich. They can afford to buy one each for the whole block one, but since they haven’t, and I am poor, this should go to me. Oh, is this thing upgradable in RAM and HDD?

  • Guillermo

    Hello Everyone! I’m writng from La Paz, Bolivia. Sadly, I’m a gadget fan with a deep frustration: living in a 3rd world country! Thing like this beatiful VAIO are not available by any means here in La Paz. I always read Akihabara news, and keep wishing… Maybe this time a wish could come true? Thank You!

  • Sven (again)

    From Germany
    Shiny. Tiny. Me like!
    I need it because my neighbour wouldn’t know what to do with it.. unlike me!

  • Ricardo Bonis

    I´m writing from Spain. Why should I get the U71? Because I´ll have to wait until March (at least) to get a PS3.
    Promise I´ll feed it with my spare Aibo-Chow cans

  • Pezo

    16:27 22.11.2006 Budapest, Hungary. I have to stop Jack Bauer. This is the only chance to block the detonator in his hand. I need this high-tech gizmo to protect the president.Now!

  • Priva

    Hi, I am from USA, Taiwanese. I like VAIO Type U very much. I have had U1, U101 and U50, but I want to have a chance to change to U71. I think its performance will be better than U50, and the Type U will be competent for a mobile PC. It will be the best Christmas gift to me.

  • Leonard

    Hi. I’m writing from Canada. This prize should be mine cause my neighbours and rich and they really don’t need it. Great job on the website. Always enjoy reading about things that we can’t get here in North America. It just makes me feel how crappy our technology is here compared to other countries.

  • Matika

    Hello, this is Matika from Taiwan. Larry told me about this great news today. Although I’m a frequent visitor of your site. I never had chance to have a Vaio of my own. Maybe this time it would come true. Anyway, thanx for posting those great news here. I really appreciate it!

  • Salem

    I want it, I want it,I want it,I want it,I want it,I want it,I want it,I want it……
    So cute and so…helpful for my business, and my first Sony device !
    Maybe Santa Claus will be nice with me this year ? I hate “le pere fouetard’ as french call him )
    Hope that my wish will be exhausted

  • Beppone

    Hi.. how is possible that this cool device is so easy to win? 8O
    I hope so..

  • viktor

    I am from Sweden and have a bad stomach. My newspaper subscription just expired so I need something new to do while spending my days on the stool. Both my neighbours are girls and we all know that girls dont crap, so therefore I should win.

  • Dan

    This would be a great gift for my girlfriend…

  • Dune Tails

    Living in the UK we barely have the wheel or ‘electrical current’ never mind what the other villagers will surely worship as the ‘Magical Picture Box’.

    Not to mention Sony broke my heart when they quit making the Clie line. It’s time we kissed and made up!

  • Jimmy

    From Malaysia, but currently studying in USA. I am looking forward to max out the potential of this powerful device.

  • Ives

    Why should get it? My birthday is december 30th. usually I only get presents once, so I could do with something extra.

    BTW: I live in Belgium.

  • Rhonda

    Rhonda, from Silicon Valley, CA. First, you mentioned you would like to give it to a girl and I won’t be giving it to any boy! So there’s one step in my favor! Also, it’s damn cute and powerful, just like all of us girls want to be. And, I read Akihabara News everyday. Lastly, it would be a great tool to help me with my japanese studies. I’m days away from taking the JLPT! What a great congratulations gift it would make!

  • FabUK71

    Hello!! I am a Frenchy living in the UK and I would love to own this beauty in order to read Akiba on the Move!! And as we say in my country “J’adore vraiment ce que vous faites!!” Cheers!!!

  • Jav

    Hey men. This calculator looks great. . Spain.

  • Niels

    I could start with all kids of compliments about Akiba news.
    Tell everyone what a great guy you are etc, etc.
    However, that would be sucking up. I hate to suck up.
    So I will just put it plain: I would like the U71

    Thank you


  • Sil2100

    Sil2100 from Poland. Why would I want this Vaio U71? Since I’m poor, don’t have the money to buy myself a notebook of any kind and since I’m driving to my university everyday about 1.5 hours by bus one way, I would really appreciate winning such a nice machine. It would certainly help me in my everyday work, and I wouldn’t waste so much time during breaks. Besides, I always wanted to have a UPPC from Sony. Best regards.

  • Michael Lin

    Hello, I’m from Taiwan, but actually resided in US right now (Dallas, TX). I travel, and do a lot of photography as well, if I had a U71, I won’t have to lug my jumbo 15 inch laptop all around to save my pictures. Due to the sluggishness of almost all the handheld devices, the U71 is bound to be the most powerful machine in such a small package. I also have a lot media files around, I’ve always been wanting a personal media player while I don’t want to do all the conversion thing which always been taking forever to do that. With U71, since it’s already Windows XP built-in, I can lug around my media files with ease. From FLAC to AVI, from AAC to RMVB, I won’t have to worry about the conversion stuff anymore. All in all, I want it so badly! I hope the U71 will be mine…..

  • Terrence

    writing from the good ol’ US of A and this should be mine because if I don’t win there is a good chance that we might invade you.

  • Felix

    i’m from Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. If i can own the machine, i’m gonna own the most advanced machine in this area. now only have the big bulky machine which even load microsoft window xp with painstaking time!!!! never really had the budget to upgrade them….how bad i want it??? as bad as i wanna go to toilet now!!!!! hehe.

  • Jose Manuel Martin Cerece

    Greetings from sunny Spain!! Well, right now not at all sunny, at this time of the day, but, hey! is great food all the year long and no mistake!!
    Just the moment i put my eyes on that little baby i know it must be mine! I have been searching for his older brother (the vaio UX50 and the ux series) for the longest time but to no avail: here is impossible to find this laptops, so this one will do the trick!
    I want it!! Want it so bad!!!!!!!

  • Hieu Nguyen

    greatings from Finland , no hope in getting that one myself so I thin it would be nice winning it :D

  • Paul

    Hello guys, I’m from Taiwan. Thanks Akihabaranews, it gives me those 3C information, I love it !

  • Franck Rostain

    Greetings from Monte-Carlo, where everyone is NOT a millionaire. My name is Franck and I wish to win the U71 to help me start a new life. 2 months ago I lost my job.
    Now my project is to start my own business as an on site computer technician and to offer my services to small businesses and residential customers.
    In my situation I don’t exactly have the means to buy the laptop I need for my work. That’s were winning this Vaio would help me tremendously to start my new life and business. Thank You.

  • otaku

    From Indonesia, writing in USA. Poor geek with lousy 8 years old PC to watch my anime collections. Wouldn’t it be good to be able to watch them with this faster machine? It would also be perfect to give some aesthetic appeal for me to the ladies, cause bottom line it’s all about the ladies, right? :p

    Thx for all the gadgets news. Good thing I have waterproof keyboard so it’s all good even when I drool all over it ….

  • altares

    Je le veux!
    I want it!
    Listen to me, mother chance!!!!

  • xyron

    choose now

    The Viao or your…your collection of animes!!!
    I’ll choose animes anytime

  • Dan

    I am writing from California, USA and I feel that I should be the one to have the Vaio Type U71 because as a student being organized and having fun are things that I usually don’t get to during a normal day. As I continue to attend my university I see people all around me getting new forms of portable technology to be used for taking notes, doing hw, or just simply for fun. Like all students I have no means of being able to afford such things. I frequent Akihabara News and get to learn about whats the latest and the best. It has become an invaluable source of information that I use almost everyday to learn about the things I wish I had and the things I should watch out for. When I saw the posting for the contest I decided it was a great opportunity that I could not miss out on. So why should I get the Vaio Type U71 and not my neighbor? Thats simple because my neighbor already has one and if he wanted this one he probably already would have it.

  • eDRoaCH

    I dont have cancer, those are just freckles.
    Im not dying of any disease, but does asthma count?
    I really have been wanting one of these for a long time. the sony U series of palms have always been so appealing to me, but always too expensive. I work full time and go to school full time and have never owned a laptop, and my palm t3 is aging…

    I would really love to have this for work and school. I think it would make me so much more productive and efficient. And at home i can listen to music and movies and remote control my main pc.

    I am very much hoping to go back to Japan for a month this summer to study Japanese, and this device would really help me!

    for the obligitory suckup, I love Akihabara news, have turned several people on to it, and prefer it over other ‘english-gadet’ sites becuase the others are too spammy.

    with sugar on top?

    David in gloomy southern california

    oh ya, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, i turn 30. does that help? ^^;(nov 22nd)

  • Dave Jansen

    Hi there, this is Dave from a small place on this planet called Holland. I’ve owned the VAIO U50 before, loved it, but sold it as it was starting to gather dust next to the MacBook I then got. Chances are slim that you’ll pick me for the U71, but I figured I’d let my shout be heard here too. I am actually a lot more curious as to what phone it is you’re offering. my trusty Razr is starting to act weird after about 2 years of service, so who knows what this might turn out to be. Anyway, thanks for your neat website, It’s on the top of my list of RSS feeds that I check almost daily. Oh, and I just love watching your video reviews, they rock!

    Greetings from Holland, -Dave

  • Donald

    Hello, I am writing from Macau, China. I think U71 is good enough to replace notebook or PDA, but if it has Bluetooth would be better (and support A2DP); also, a MS/SD slot would be nice to synchronize files from other deivces. I’ll consider to buy one after my TH55 & zaurus died.

  • Thomas

    Hi I’m Thomas! a university student from the Netherlands. Love gadgets as much as you guys, but I’m doomed living in a gadget-less country as the Netherlands (gave mercy!) I can speak French and Japanese so an OS in either language would suit me just fine

  • massimiliano talamazzi

    hi. my name is max. i’m from italy. i’m very fond of sony (and vaio) equipment. my machine is a x505 so i can really appreciate the UMPC vaio launched in advance to other brands. plus i’ can’t wait to read a loooong review on the forthcoming type G you have (very cool but definitely not the lightest). so go on and bye to you all.

  • Vladimir Acosta

    Ohayo Akihabaranews! As you can see I’m the only “Salvadorian” guy who wants this toy….because (its nice, me like it..LOL). Why? because Who da men? Ohh yeah Its the best guys of Akihabaranews!! Keep giving us nice news. Warm regards from the icy Sweden.-Vladi

  • nattyd

    If I win this contest, I will use the Vaio U71 to propagate a message of global peace and love…

  • Jamal Verity

    I would love to be able to show this off to my technophobe boss and tell him that its a new BLACKBERRY. Meh.

  • Jason

    Wow what an amazing piece of hardware! I’m from the US and we don’t see as much of these new high tech electronics around as you could around Akihabara (my dream vacation). I would love to win this because it would be a great relief on my budget for when I enter college in a few months. With this, I wouldn’t have to buy a new laptop! And I could be the envy of all of my friends *smirk*.

    On a side note, I love your HD video reviews!

  • Chad

    A lowly unemployed Geek in the US. I promise to Gentoo it if you pick me. :D

  • mauri

    heibadei technuttah. this would be a good upgrade for my portable sony cd player. better entertainment for travels in fi. it even beats my desktop puter. moi!

  • Jason Y

    Wow what an amazing piece of hardware! I’m from the US and we don’t see as much of these new high tech electronics around as you could around Akihabara (my dream vacation). I would love to win this because it would be a great relief on my budget for when I enter college in a few months. With this, I wouldn’t have to buy a new laptop! And I could be the envy of all of my friends *smirk*.

    On a side note, I love your HD video reviews!

  • Andrew

    sweet!!! great job on the reviews! I’m writing from the US. I think that the Vaio is a great machine, it is nearly essential for those who need the ultimate in portability. The Vaio should go to someone that has the most need for it, and I believe that I would be the one to appreciate such a gift to it’s fullest extent.

  • Moto

    the size of it and capabilities… it may help me during gynaecological examinations – if you`ll pick me, I`ll give this little wonder an adventure of a lifetime

  • lukaz

    Hi all, great work!!! I really like your reviews. Especially those with VAIO stuff like this one

  • Andrea

    Hi all. I am an Akihabaranews reader from Italy. I know i will never win this vaio, but anyway good luck everybody!

  • Marianne

    Hi, this is Marianne and I’m posting from Belgium.
    Why should I get this device ? Because I think that there aren’t enough geek girls out there. So help improving the rate of female geekdom in the world by giving it to a girl

    We geek girls know what is best ! …. a Sony Vaio Type U71 of course !

  • Giacomo

    HI, I’m writing from France. I’d love to get the metro with the Vaio U71 in my hands.

  • Eric D.

    Hello, I’m from the United States. I think this Vaio should be mine because I’ve never even seen or touched a UMPC before in my life.

  • Tigere

    Hi Daimaou. I think I should win this Vaio because I have a cool name. It means “sitting pretty” or “were cool” in my language. My language is Shona and has no “l’s”…like Japanese (some trivia). I am from Zimbabwe but I live in Melbourne, Australia.

    Youre cool too. I like your reviews!

  • moe

    Hum… See if I have the chance to get the Vaio. If I have the luck I will go buy lottery right away, and share what I get from that ticket with Akihabara..
    My name is moe and currently stays in the United States.
    BTW, This is a great site!

  • Sven

    Hi from the Netherlands here! My name is Sven and i’d love to win this vaio for allot of reasons, but the most important reasons are because it’s faster than the pc i own at the moment, i’ve never seen it here in Holland, its an awsome pice of kit and i’m a big fan of sony’s vaio products in the first place.

  • czayna

    Hello Akihabara News! I’m from Poland and dreaming about these gadgets all time. It’s best news technical news site for me. I supossed have a chance to win VAIO UMPC. Good luck Akihabara! greatings from Poland’s high technology maniac!

  • ScottK

    Hello from Seattle! I’m a massively-huge fan of living within about 30 to 45 minutes away from Microsoft. This Sony Vaio U71 would be perfect for me and not my neighbor due to the fact that I’m currently suffering with Degenerative Disc Disease and Fibromyalgia and there are quite a few days where I don’t even have the strength to get out of bed – having the Vaio U71 would allow me to be productive on days when I’m bed-ridden. My old, beat-up Toshiba Satellite 225CDS barely has enough battery-power for 2 hours, so a Sony Vaio U71 would be a huge blessing!

  • Rudy

    Akihabara News always have the best reviews. Specially in the US where we’re a couple of years behind on electronic devices and technology in general. Thank you so much for the content that you guys provide. Oh yeah and I would love to have this gadget for myself. A Sony Vaio UX90 would have gotten a 5 though .

  • Paul

    Hi I am Paul I am in the U.S. and I would love the opportunity to receive a Vaio U71 from akihabara news because I have been captivated with akihabara news ever since I first heard of the electronic capitol and I have every psp version to date on my psp. I also would love to one day visit akihabara and possibly work for akihabara news one day 2. Also I would love to add the amazing specs of this peripheal and how much it could help me in my life to know what is the what in tech and in the world.

  • James

    Apart from the cool factor, I really want to have this so I can install my 48K ZX Spectrum emulator on it along with the 1,000s and 1,000s of software titles available for it. It was the very first computer I had, being bought for me at christmas when I was 8 years old. It would be so cool to carry my early childhood around with me and show people what I spent hours a day playing with. If I won it would be like that childhood christmas again, I could even play HORACE GOES SKIING all christmas day! (packaged game).

  • James

    Hi I’m from UK but in Japan with Japanese wife. Apart from the cool factor, I really want to have this so I can install my 48K ZX Spectrum emulator on it along with the 1,000s and 1,000s of software titles available for it. It was the very first computer I had, being bought for me at christmas when I was 8 years old. It would be so cool to carry my early childhood around with me and show people what I spent hours a day playing with. If I won it would be like that childhood christmas again, I could even play HORACE GOES SKIING all christmas day! (packaged game). MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  • Cory

    Hello world!!! My name is Cory, and I will be the first to admit I have a lot of toys that I really enjoy, from smart phones to next gen consoles, and even a slingbox pro!! Sadly though I have no super small PC to call my own and to have one of those would be EXTREMELY COOL!!! I can watch TV via my slingobx @ work, I can use it as a archos/ipod video but with a bigger screen, and more features, and as a digital notepad when I’m writing that next big master piece! Thanks Akihabara for the look out!!!

  • Anthony

    Hi! My name is Anthony and I’m from Australia.

    I would like to win the Vaio U71 because its an awesome device, but my neighbour probably deserves it more since he’s been through a lot lately so he should win it, give it to him. I don’t really need it.

    Anyway, keep up the good work here guys!

  • Juls

    It’s perfect for my 7y old daughter so she can start to be a big fan of gadgets and thus she won’t recriminate me never more about computers and gadgets when at home or shopping. Why not to my wife? Is a lost battle man!!
    BTW, Spain is different, so is Akihabara News. Good job!!!

  • RyoHazuki

    I am half Argentinean half Israeli living in Tokyo.
    I visit your site on daily basis, I love it!

    I read the replies and after reading them I dont think I am entitled for the prize if to be very honest. The guy from Malta should get it! It would be hard for a student to get such device!

    Peace to all!

  • M. J. Wunderlich

    That’s an awesome UMPC, plus the fact that it’s a VAIO makes it even better. I’m from Guatemala, and own a 17″ BX series VAIO notebook…it’s the best notebook I’ve had so far, but it’s terrible for travel (less than 1hr battery life). This powerful little gizmo would make an amazing travel companion, not to mention a great eye-opener at business meetings…anyways thanks for the opportunity! Peace.

  • Thuyen

    I’d love to give you a fantastic speech about why this Vaio would be perfect for me, but I can’t really think of anything except for the thrill of winning a competition and scoring something which none of my friends have. Judging by the other contestants, I’d have more hope of buying a PS3 at the moment – Thuyen, Melbourne Australia

  • Ma. Luisa

    I’m Luisa from the Philippines, I’m gonna win this Vaio U71 because I’m going to give this machine to my husband as a Christmas gift. He’s desperate to own a new PC but our resources are not enough to own one. The Pc we had is an old Pentium 100 back from 1998 and had a problem already. He had some physical dissabilities so his capabilities is just limited to an office work and at home. Kindly give this Vaio to me so that we can increase our part time job at home and live as happily ever before.

  • Maria Luisa Borja

    I’m Luisa from the Philippines. I’m gonna win this Vaio U71 becauuse I’m going to give this to my husband as a Christmas gift. We’re using an old Pentium 100 which he got from his father way back since 1998. He had some physical dissabilities that’s why he is limited to an office work and some part time job at home. Our pc had a problem already and needs a replacement but our resources cannot afford one. I’m praying we can get this stuff so that we can increase our cash inputs by accepting more jobs at home and live a fulfilled life.

  • Cam

    I live in Los Angeles and don’t have a dramatic story: I’m using an inherited Pismo to attempt to finish a novella by the end of November. As much as I love the old machine, I can only use it for writing in the bedroom due to a lack of battery life and an inability to use any other apps at the same time as the word processing one.

    The Vaio would be an awesome upgrade.

  • Henrison Fan

    I’m from Taiwan. This site is really great! Provide a lot of information about the “toys.” Most thankful thing is coming with the traditional chinese version. I had done several translation jobs before. It’s really a hard work to translate into other language. I really want to have the U71, then, I can surfing on this site anywhere. And of course, my neighbors have never been to this site yet. I can show them with the U71. :D

  • James Peever

    Great contest. I have been thinking about what to write and I feel that I could write a story how I am in need of a new computer which is true. Rather, I feel that there are many other people out there that are much more deserving then I and perhaps may individuals submitting responses. I have the internet and a computer, family and friends which are a big part of life and happiness. If I had a choice I would love to see these devices go to families to provide them with the opportunity to grow and become successful. Best of luck to everyone that is participating. Thank you for all the great work on this website.

  • Heather Shute

    Canada If I was were to win this computer. I would love to donate this to Abagail’s place which supports strugging families get on their feet with financial and community support. This is a great opportunity to do something for the betterment of society.

    Thank you.

  • Michael

    I am from Canada and I want to get this for my gf, who is running a Pentium III 500MHz with 256mb of RAM. She is thinking of getting a laptop but this might be better for her becasue it is much more mobile. Thanks for giving everybody a chance to win this =D

  • Swami

    I’m from India. I love to have this with me.
    Let me try my luck. I would be grateful to Akihabara, if they choose me for this

    I read you in daily morning. Good work guys.

  • someonemean

    i’m from nyc. i guess i had to toss my hat into the whirlwind of entries while dropping by and resting before going back to a worthless retail job on black friday.

  • Nithya


    I’m from in India. I love to do some web surfing / learning new things.
    We can’t afford to have a PC at home as its expensive by itself & it takes a lot of floor space, which we don’t have. If I could have one like this, this will do a lot of good for me, my family and I could do some community help too, by teaching the school kids about using the computers etc., Let me see what time has it for me in stores.


  • Govarthanan M

    I live in Hyderabad, India.
    I can have mobile office in Hand.

  • Shu Chen Liu

    Hi guys, my name is Shu and i am a native from Taiwan but living in the US where i met my spanish husband. I think i deserve this Vaio laptop, first because i am going throught college and i really need some with those specs for my classes. Second because i love high tech so much and always read your page at Akihabaranews. I had the opportunity about a year ago to visit Tokyo where i visited the amazing Akihabara district and also the Sony building at Ginza. It was the greatest for me to see so much technology and advancement overthere, i love you all guys, keep the good job.

  • Adam Keresztes

    Hi guys. Im at BicCamera in Ikebukuro in Tokyo. Because my computer comitted suicide last month I have had to go to major shops to check mail and Akihabaranews. They usually stare at me after 15 minutes but I dont care. I need infoinput! Anyways this vaio could truly help me while studying japanese. >_< Take care all! //Adam

  • Valerio Varela

    Hello Akiba,
    I live in the US, actually in the devastated city of New Orleans. I am an engineer that worker for a local telecom carrier. I probably read Akiba news everyother nite. I am a fanatic of your website and also all the technology you guys present to the world. I wish i would get to live one day in Japan, it would have to be near the Akiba district there if i get to hit the lottery overhere. I think i should be a winner on this sony vaio because i have lost most of my personal property (sony personal notebook) during last year hurricane katrina devastated the city where i live and the computer equipment that i use belongs to my company on working hours.But if i do not get to win i am always still one of your greatest fan. Ciao


  • Frenkie J

    My name is Frenkie J, I live in Holland. This Vaio would be great for me to make a super cool casemod from it.

  • Rob

    Give it to me. I don’t deserve it, but I am definitely the most handsome person applying for it, and I don’t get in to the ancient practice of arslikhan, like most of the others asking for it. Just like the Sony Vaio – I’m

  • Gstyle

    Good!.MORE TOYKYO news

  • Vincent Boireau

    Hello, I’m french. This gift is mine, the reason is I work six day a week selling Sony’s (Bravia, Vaio, Cams) and the only gifts Sony gave me is a white shirt ans some pencils.
    Good luck everybody !

  • Abin

    Hi, I’m from Taiwan. I love VAIO, give the gift to me !!!

  • Brian Larsen

    Hi, I am from denmark. Ever since i first saw sonys Vaio product line at a CEBIT expo several year ago, it has been top of mind when i think of high end mobile computing. But well, maybe that is because i am a Sony fetischist .

  • Anastasia

    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I’m from Russia. I often visit this site to get top news in high-tech and decided to try my chance to win a portable something – to use it while travel abroad Thanks for info anyway! Good luck to competitors.

  • Mats Ljungberg

    Hello Akihabara!
    Cold greetings from Sweden!
    I love and a Sony Vaio handheld computer would be a dream come true for me. You can not by this in Sweden so therefore I would be “king of the world” with it!

    Keep up the good work!

  • pnq

    I’m from Lithuania. I guess this baby could silence evil voices in my head for some time

  • Alberto

    Hi, I write this message from the beautiful Italy. I want put in the device a lot of images of my little childs. Thanks for the possibility to win one.
    Kind Regards

  • please

    Sony VAIO U71 is really a sweet baby, and you guys are doing really good job too! Thanks you~

  • chef

    I’m writing from Taiwan – I’d use the device to its full potential instead of just using it to check email and display pictures, and I can help prevent it from being sacrificed to Crash Baby galleries.

  • Lai

    Hi I am writing from AUSTRIA ! Spend some time before in Japan thats why I am interested in the gadgets and I have to read this blog nearly every day.
    At home we always quarrel with my boyfriend for the only laptop we have. If I want to get online, I can’t because it is already in use. It seems he is a g33k, so I seldom have the chance to get online. Except when he is eating or busy with something I can use his computer. I think that might be a good reason why I should get the fancy U71, because then my device is also much much better than his old laptop

  • eren emre kanal

    Hello from Turkey. This is really good campaign .)

    I want this device because my girlfriend is an technology addict and her birthday is on february.

  • Matias

    Hi, I’m from Israel, and Sony VAIO U71 will follow me to every place. It will be my carputer, my feedreader, best computer technician friend and a lot of another things. Thanks

  • Stephane

    Bonjour! Keep on this excellent work!

  • Apostolos Karakoussis

    i need the keyboard. the vaio would work too . i am to go to the military in 6 months so i need it BADLY

  • leo

    Hi akiba, I’m leo live in osaka from china, I think u71 is much more cool than my hx4700.I need it since it’s faseter a
    . cool is the reason,that’s all!

  • Khertan

    Hum … this seems to be a great device … And thanks for the contest …

  • Roc

    hi,i’m from Shanghai,China.i am a fan of Sony as well as i come here to learn so many interesting things.Howerver most of them i could see from the website only,because the beautiful things i could not find in the shop in China, feel a little disappointed.And now i waste my time when i go to work everyday.About 2 or 3 hours i have to spend my time in cars , buses, and subway. i hope to have U71,not only satisfied my dream that get a Sony product but also let my time not baldness when i’m on my way to office.God bless!

  • Mikael Gabrielsson

    Nice looking device! I want it! =)

  • rcpax

    Greetings to all Akihabara staff and readers. I am from Philippines but I recently migrated to the USA to pursue my study of Medicine. Having came from a third world country, I can’t believe my co-interns have their own laptops. Too bad I couldn’t afford one yet. So if I win this cool Sony Vaio U71 it would be the perfect gift, not only because it’s Christmas soon, but a great tool for my studies. And wow, the Sony Vaio U71 being a portable device would be perfect during bedside rounds and lectures. I am keeping my hopes high. Thank you Akihabara.

  • bluesteve

    Hi, I’m Steven living in Austria [Europe]. It’s no wonder that here are comments from all over the world, because your site is really great and has the best new tech stuff.
    So I’m one of your daily visitors on your site and it would be really nice winning this U71 because there’s no opportunity to buy it next time in Austria.
    Thanks for your good job! Greetings Steve

  • bluesteve

    Hi, I’m Steven living in Austria [Europe]. It’s no wonder that here are comments from all over the world, because your site is really great and has the best new tech stuff.
    So I’m one of your daily visitors on your site and it would be really nice winning this U71 because there’s no opportunity to buy it next time in Austria.
    Thanks for your good job! Greetings Steve

  • K.W.

    Wow! a new Hot 3C information Site…Thank you for the hottest news.

  • natsumi-chan

    Hi, I’m from Canada. Sony products here are often expensive and unaffordable for a student like me. That U71 looks so cool and I was searching for a small portable device because it would be easy to transport. Plus, it looks cute too ^^

  • nicolas

    Hello, I’m from belgium.
    I love sony and vaio.
    Unfortunately, we can’t buy this product here. And I will be very happy if I can have it .
    It will be a good laptop for my studies
    Thank you Akihabara !!! :D

  • Tamy

    Hi, Macau is the city i am living now .I love Vaio U71 when I see the photos on the web. In my country, it is difficult to find out this item as it disappears in the market nowadays. It is easy to carry out. Moreover, I don’t accept the price of Vaio U71, I will buy notebook for the same price. Thanks.

  • BillMX

    Greetings! Bill from the U S of A here.
    This lovely palmtop should be rightfully mine, because as a New Yorker, everything I own must be carried along with me. Schlepped on my back. We lead a nomadic life, here in the big city. Travelling single-file to hide our numbers. But my 80s vintage Kaypro that I’ve been carrying around is starting to give me a case of the aching-bax. The Vaio is the only known cure! Send it along soon, as the life you save would surely be mine!

  • Frank Chendra

    All your Sony Vaio U71 are belong to us!

  • Xavier

    Greetings from Belgium,
    The VAIO U71 is precisely what I need!
    With 2 sons if you want to avoid braggings and fighting in the rear seats of your car (on long travel) you need this tiny peace of hi-tech.
    Great image quality, amazing sound, thet won’t even blink for hours.
    Best Regards

  • Paul

    Hello from Japan. This is one hot little device. I can imagien it would look great on my desk, at the coffee shop and in my classroom, not to mention when I need to travel.
    I’ts great to see so much interest in this device and that so many OS people have their finger on ‘this’ pulse.

  • Fran

    Soy de España, lo necesito porque me vendría muy bien para mis clases de informática en la educación secundaria, así mi propósito es más noble que el de muchos de los aquí presentes que solo lo quieren para fardar delante de amigos.

    Salu2 y tomas estas palabras como humor no son más que eso. (aunque realmente soy profesor de informática y me vendría muy bien)

  • Paul Shay

    Hello from sunny California. The VAIO U71 is precisely what I am looking for. Handy and extermey portable, still allows hand-typing…Just not quite sure about whether the buttons placement is the most optimal…

  • kaban

    I hope I could get this cool device luckly.

  • Johan

    Hi, from a rainy and dark Sweden. I would like to win it because it would be the perfect gift for a good friend, trying to make her accept a non-mac thing for once. And if she wouldn’t accept it – even being the droolworthy thing it is – well, I won’t be too disappointed.

  • Edvinas Verbilis

    Hi From A Country That Half Of You People Could Not Locate On A World Map :D – Lithuania , back here in my country i can’t find cool stuff like this thing … :/ Would be sooo cool to win one of these it would be the first in the whole country … i think ;DDD

  • Justin

    Hello, I had been looking for a laptop for a while, and this would be perfect. I am from US, and currently in Taiwan. Hope I am lucky enough to get this while I am here before I leave for Japan.

  • Allan

    Greetings from Estonia. That’s both – the location and the reason “why”. Thanks =)

  • Danny

    I really love all the new gadgets out there, but I can’t ever afford them. I just cought on with the new PC’s, and my old one was 8 years old! This would be a great replacement for my PDA, which my friend dropped and broke, but it was old anyway. I don’t think these are even on the market in the US (that’s where I’m from).

  • Lan

    US here. My computers got blasted by a freak lightning storm, so I could really use it. Love the video reviews here, by the way.

  • AdrianKoehler

    Hey there,

    I am a medical student in Germany but only have a big desktop computer. It would be great to have this device always with me to look up medical terms, drug information and information on treating patients. I also am a paramedic and it would be a great benefit to have this device on the road since patients often take medication that no one has ever heard of. Doing a quick online research or looking up unknown drugs in a dictionary-program would quickly give us the information we need. If I win this device it’s not only me that will be happy but also all the patients that receive better and quicker treatment because of this Sony Vaio!

  • BadDog

    Hi, I am Gabor from Hungary. Sony is not retailing VAIOs in my country so it is really difficult to get hold of stuff like this. My neighbour would not be able to use it anyway since he only speaks our native language. I love this site – Akihabara News Rulez!!!

  • Larken

    Hi, I’m from the United States. I think I deserve the Vaio Type U71 because I’m going back to school in January and it’ll be a great asset to help with my studies. The touchscreen will be great for notetaking and controlling the device on the go. Since I’ll be commuting I think the device’s media feature will be very attractive to me because I love to catch up on my TV and movies.

  • DavidTsai

    Hi, I’m David from Taiwan. VAIO is always my best choice, No any other reason…Because I love SONY!!

  • Jacopo

    Vaio will be mine!!! for sure
    now Im in Tokyo!!!!!!
    so I NEED a small pc like this vaio
    how I can stay here, in tokyo, without a sony gadget?
    I will come to your office, or in odaiba for a street challenge (hehe) so
    you will give to me the vaio, ok?

  • Fushimi

    Greetings from – well – Japan at the moment! I am travelling so much around in Asia and Europe, I could really use this device. I have been checking Akiba-News always to find out what I will want to buy when I am in Japan, and this time it looks like I have a chance to save some money… I need this device in any case!

  • Samer

    first I’m from Egypt…so I’ll be the only person in my whole country who have one or maybe in the whole region!…….second my neighbor doesn’t know about your website!!!

  • lee

    I have read the news on your website in chinese.I brought the sony vaio computer for 2 yaers.
    This U71 might be the next computer that I would like to have.


  • zhouwran

    Hi, I’m your chinese site reader from mainland of china. U71 has the ultra slim body appeals many. The machine will be a great replacement to my outdated pdas. And thank your team for bringing the latest gadget news.

  • Jason

    This Unit is Great It Will Replace Many of the other machines I now Carry and in a sweet package!!!!!

  • Stahlhelm

    Hi, I’m an old-time Swiss reader of your news and I very recently moved to Tokyo. The Vaio laptop my wife and I were using died just before our move after just over a year of use and I’m sure the U71 would be an excellent replacement to it.
    Keep making me drool.

  • Jean-Baptiste Peyre

    Hi, I am living in Fuchu, Japan, and commuting by bicycle to work every day.
    I would definitely enjoy the lightness of the U71, a welcome change from having to drag my 8 pounds laptop on 16 km to the university and back. It looks so good, If I get this one I pledge to make a big flag and raise the colors of akihabaranews,com as I ride my bicycle in the streets of Tokyo!
    All praise the mighty Daimaou, cochon vert de l’espaAAace!

  • Arnau

    Hi there!, I’m from spain and I read AN every day, I really like your hd video reviews (and even more Nihon Car ones xD)

    Why it should be mine? I really don’t know, surelly there will be someone who needs it more than me, but hey, last day my old laptop was stolen T_T and now here I am, without him :_( and without enough money to buy a new one T_T

  • Robert

    Not only is this particular model ‘Type U71′ very prone to air sickness, but it should be allowed to continue to live the lifestyle that it’s become so accustomed to here in Japan! Izakaya, kyabakura, and of course the occasional brandishing on the Chuo-sen in route to Kichijoji for a lay in the park. I therefore would like to formally request that refugee status be granted to ‘Type U71′.

  • Fred

    Hi ! I’m from Tokyo!
    I have always dreamt of having a computer such as this VAIO. If I could have it from, I would be then be able to travel this year, instead spending all my money in a computer.
    THanks for your site. Even if I can go to Akiba by myself everyday, I have more fun visiting your site because you always find THE interesting thing.

  • Andres

    An Akihabara reader from Estonia
    I should have this Vaio to get into the news of Akihabara with a new gadget designed by me in the future because with such a nice and innovative little thing more good ideas have to come into my head.
    Let’s see if we will see an article in the future about my gadget here

  • Anshul

    Hi there, I am a student from Germany! Winning the Vaio is my topmost aim! I am a highly motivated commentator right now, so zat I can win zis Vaio. Pleaz, oh mighty god, give zis wonderful piece of art to me and I will appreciate it. Ze country I come from, we just know beers and ze not so funny jokes! A Vaio of zis kind will finally bring some innovation to my home country. And besides zat I can also finally go out on ze street, because at ze moment my computer equipment is not as mobile, so zat I just stay in my room 24×7 dreaming about ze nice gadgets! Winning zis Vaio will mean, I can finally get some fresh air. Pleaseeeee help me!!!!!!!!! SOS!!!!

  • Howard

    Hey, I’m a college student in the United States. I think I deserve to win this vaio because I’m a poor college student, and I have a lot of college loans to pay off so I doubt I’ll be able to buy a new computer for quite a few years because of having to pay off loans. That, and the fact that I’m currently running a 4 year old dell laptop that barely runs as it is means that I need a new comp. Also, I really love Sony as a company, and really love their products, but usually can’t afford to buy any because of their premium price. I also really love Akihabara; I visited it all the time when I lived in Japan for a year, all the cool electronics and items made me drool, but I never could really afford any…sad…

  • Jacek Mirowski

    Really nice product – would be nice to have such…

  • fr4nz

    1337 time !!!!!

  • SirJeannot


    I’m a french student currently doing his internship in Japan. I’m quite a lot on the move and since my trip and stay here costs a lot, I don’t have that much budget to really afford anything, even though I really can’t complain about my current condition.
    I’ve tried the ux50 & 90 in the shops in Akihabara, and I have to admit that I’m quite fond of those two. And now I read here that I can win a U71, it would really be too bad to miss such an occasion.
    I have to admit I don’t really like sony and especially their strategy, but ever since the vaio c1 got released, no other manufacturer got close to them, except maybe samsung.
    So now, let’s wish for the best.

  • Davide

    Dear Santa Claus,

    I’m Davide from Italy (so excuse me for my bad english).

    I was very good this year: I worked and studied hard, I gave a lot of love to the other …. so could You give me this AMAZING GADGET for this Christmas ???

    Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase I LOVE IT !!!

    Waiting the Sony, I send you Best Regards.

    Miticu !!!

  • Steve

    As a fan of all things small, shiny and electronic, and with a particularly Otaku-ish enthusiasm for Japanese miniaturisation I’d love to own a U71. My obsession with Japanese technology has proved so strong that I’ve been studying Japanese for the last year and a bit part-time at the University of London – what greater commitment to Japanese technology can I make?! Having a real Japanese computer would be great – a Japanese user manual and software would be a fantastic new challenge.

    Arigato Gozaimasu.

  • Steve

    Hi there – I’m in the UK (just outside London)

    As a fan of all things shiny, hi-tech and gorgeous, and particularly shiny, hi-tech, gorgeous, miniaturised Japanese computers that we can’t buy in the UK, I’d love to own the Vaio U71.

    With more than a hint of Otaku-ness, my love for Japanese technology was the driving force for me to start learning Japanese part-time at the University of London (SOAS) over a year ago. Having a real Japanese Vaio with a Japanese instruction manual, and Japanese Windows, would be a great incentive to continue to improve my Japanese language skills!

    Arigato gozaimasu – both for the chance to win the Vaio, and for a fantastic site, which I visit every day, for my fix of shiny, hi-tech, gorgeous, Japanese miniaturisation!

  • Vinay

    Me! Me! Me!

    I’m from India, and I NEED this U71P!

    Sure, blame it on your U71p!

  • Chris

    Ontario, Canada here!
    Why should I get the Sony Vaio? Well I’ve been obsessed with your site ever since I paid a visit to ‘electric town’, two years back. I spent days just wandering around looking in the stores and the alleys. Then when I had to come home, I experienced withdrawals. I was in constant pain and agony, that was until I found your site. It’s like methadone for gadget lovers. However, I recently suffered a loss. My custom built laptop which I spent thousands of dollars on died. I was left alone and in the dark. The only ray of sunshine that brightens my days is actually going to work only so I can surf your site. I can’t afford a new laptop or even a low end PC as I was recently blessed with a brand new baby boy, who I named ‘Yoshi’ of course, future gamer and Akihabara News fan. My only wish is that I had a beautiful laptop which I could use to make videos of all the precious moments that are to come.
    Thank you for your time and consideration!

  • jcmoriaud

    Hello from France and Switzerland… I’d love this nice little tool to mix fun and work in the boring train daily trips. An wifi makes it perfect in the house or in town. I can’t wait… cheers, JCMoriaud

  • AlexChen

    Hi, I’m Alex from Taichung, Taiwan. I really love get some introduction of 3C, mobile device, etc.on Internet. Thank you for give me this great place. I’ll visit here everyday. Wish you have a really high click rate.

  • sculawxin

    Please forgive my poor english!
    hello, my name is gary , a college student from china. thought my major is law, my hobby is about electronic products , for 4 years, I spend very much time on 3C product, i am really enjoy it ! but Every body even my Parents considered my behavior as wasting my life and my time. Now, I am a senior student, i am facing a great pressure to looking for a job, I don’t want to do a job in my major. I hope to work in a business related to electronic products, even is a seller!
    When I know akihabaranews will send out a Vaio Type U71, I feel very happy, not only is the chance to get a good gadget ,what is more important is my hobby bring me this chance! though i know the opportunity to get this computer is extremely uncertain, I leave my message, I hope everybody who see my message can give me an encouragement, I believe my interest will bring me a good life, I will find my way to the future, thank your support, wishes everybody has a happy life!

  • e h

    Dear Green Space Santa, I enrolled for this since I can’t find it in Romania -mention the country I come from, check- and couldn’t afford it even if it came on the market. I just moved in and don’t have a couch in the living room nor a TV in the bedroom and it’s more comfortable to enjoy geek entertainment (watching movies, browsing and tinkering with stuff) in bed than sitting on a chair.

  • Jerzy Goliszewski

    Hi , I would love to win this highly portable computer because it would help me with my extremely complicated art projects. I’m crafting/sculpturing/building structures made of wood, small pc would make it easer to assembly, construct and finish my work. I’m a student at Academy of Beauty Arts in Warsaw. My name is Jerzy Goliszewski and I live in Poland.

  • SpoBo

    Ello, I’m currently studying Japanese over here in Belgium This thing could get met through those boring times on the train, the (some, well just one actually) boring lectures and most of all help me out when I try to look up Kanji. On the side I like to code stuff and build websites .. so you see .. this stuff might come in useful for me. Also, trying not to sound too cliché … my birthday is the 28th. No lies I swear

  • Jake

    I’m new to this website, but I’m already in love. I have a thing for testing new electronic products, and this one looks promising.

  • fender16

    Hi I’m from Canada and reading both US/UK and CH version of Akihabara news.
    Really wish to have Vaio U71 for Christmas.. My current pc is quite old and I don’t have fancy mobile devices .. With Vaio U71, it’d set me free from the boring time when I am out to school or during transit.

    Let it SNOW, Santa !

  • Michael J. Campbell

    Konnichiwa from NC in the USA – home of grits, slaw, cornbread, pork BBQ, and other tasty southern foods. I too lived in Japan for a while (3 years in Sendai) and fondly remember wandering the gadget-packed aisles of Yodobashi Camera in slack-jawed wonder. So, I’ve enjoyed your site for a while now, it makes me very natsukashii. Anyway, as you can tell, I love Japan and I love gadgets so I would make a very good home for the U71. I would polish its chrome surfaces every day and tuck it snugly into its dock every night. Come home to me, my kawaii little U71, come home to papa!

  • Brian Claxton

    I am from Texas U.S.A. and I work in constuction as a field engineer. This Vaio would make my job so much easier using it fo CAD so that I could carry around the blueprints instead of Lugging around 40lbs of paper. It would also help so that I would be able to do my job faster and more precise and may even lead to e getting a raise. I would love to have one of these Please. Also I could use it when I am taking pictures of my family.PLEASE PLEASE oh PLEASE PICK ME

  • Ania

    Hello sweet Daimaou !
    My name is Ania, I’m a 25 year old swedish female 3D artist working and living in France at the moment.
    Just found this news after searching for this kind of Vaio on Google ! Lucky me !
    As for why I’d love to be the winner of this wonderful Vaio : me and my five roomates (Leena, Svea, Agda, Maline and Pernilla) are going back home on a regular basis to say ‘hi’ to our families. And it’s a pain to bring our big notebooks with us (not to say they don’t fit in a lady’s bag lol).
    So this tiny, feminine (don’t tell me a man can handle with the apropriate care those fragile buttons lol), sexy, shiny, elegant device is the perfect match for the six of us. It will be our perfect companion !!
    So please gentlemen (you have six mixed blondes and brunettes ‘please’ here ! lol), let’s admit the truth : this Vaio is a lady’s device.
    Hope we win !! ;-p
    Kisses and hugs to the staff.
    Ania & friends.

  • Jiri

    Hello, my name is Jiri and I am your fan from the Czech Republic. Thank you for your dream site. I hope for luck, because Akihabara News is my daily pleasure

  • Andrew

    I’m an American college student studying Mechanical or Possibly Electrical Engineering. As a college student I certainly can’t afford to buy one of these, but it would really help in my schooling. I would be able to type notes during class keeping me more organized and I would be able to check the internet throughout campus easily with the wifi that exists that this unit’s portability. Plus, I will be doing a decent amount of CAD and computer based classes/applications in the coming years where the portability and power of this device would really shine. Thanks for the chance.

  • Steven Q.

    Hello Akihabara News! I’m writing from Austin, Texas, USA. I’m a 25 year old college graduate with a keen infatuation for new technology and electronics. Even though I can barely afford such new things, I still manage to update myself thanks to Akihabara News! I love you guys as well as Sony! As far as being the deserving person, I’m the type of person that stretched a Dell Optiplex GX1 Pentium III desktop for 6 years throughout college before I finally felt it was the time that I deserved something new. My parents ended up getting me the new Sony Vaio SZ laptop! Since my laptop pretty much became my primary desktop replacement, the Sony Vaio Type U71 would be nice as my secondary. My laptop is ultra-portable, so to own a U71 would be heaven. Heh. Good luck to everyone!

  • DiegoA

    I’m from Mexico, and i study electrical engineering. First of all i think that having a tiny PC (with mathematica, matlab, orcad, etc.) would save my neck in many exams (sometimes my HP49 has failed me). Also i’ll visit Akihabara.News every time i’m bored in the school (about every 30 minutes).

  • SONG Jianfang

    Hi, i’m writting you from Xiaolan, south China. Thanks to organize this contest and give to the akihabara’s reader, and me , a chance to win this small piece of technology. Wow, this device is so cool and could be very helpful for my sourcing job that required me to travel a lot in China.

  • Edwin

    I’m from the Philippines and majority of our population are fluent in English and proficient with information technology. Thanks to Akihabara News, we are now able to be updated with the latest in electronics and computer technologies. Unfortunately, Sony computers and laptops are not readily available here so winning this VAIO U71 will be a great opportunity to test the technological supremacy of this superb new Sony line of computers that is often discussed here in Akihabara News. I haven’t replaced my 7 year old Toshiba laptop so having the SONY VAIO U71 as a replacement would be a perfect Christmas gift from Sony and Akihabara. Keep up the good work!

  • Yann

    eh! What a nice gift here! I’m writing from France. I’d really love to win that prize and I must be the one to win it :D I don’t own that much hardware anyway, but I make good and very long use of of them, that’s why I should get the U71! It’s so rare to see such nice prizes in a giveaway.
    thx Daimaou xD

  • YaKo

    Hi there! I am medical doctor from Bulgaria doing my Ph.D. in Japan, writing from Ochanomizu, Tokyo (just one station from Akihabara) where my university is located. I am using daily as a reliable and powerful source of technology news.
    Recently, I am desperately looking for a ultra portable machine running Windows, having touchscreen, wireless, upgradable and expandable. SONY VAIO U71 fits exactly my expectations, it’s model used and tested for more than a year and proved to be a reliable machine. I have tons of ebooks and medical software which could be put in my pocket and easily accessed. This hardware jewel will be an dispensable part of my future medical work.
    My neighbours would not be able to use it anyway since they only speak Japanese language and are not able to use fully all these new gadgets.
    Hope to become the luckiest person in this competition!
    Best wishes, Akihabara News!

  • Thierry

    Hi Akihabara News! I am a long time reader from France.
    I have already lots of idea for the uses I cool make of this Vaio U71. Firstly, I took many pictures with my Canon 350D, and I would love to drop all my RAWs on the HD of this Vaio U71, and be able to quickly review them.
    Also, I don’t have a laptop, and as a web designer I would love to show the projects I am working on to other people.
    The WiFi connection is also very nice. Since I am an Internet addict for such a long time, I always need to look at my e-mails, web sites, or news reader.
    And to finish, my MP3 player begin to be very old. So I would need a new device to listen music.

  • Fabio Cabral

    Hello! I´m from Brazil and I wish to win this Vaio because I have an old computer, I don´t have a MP3 player and I could use it to work as my office is wi-fi ready.

  • JC

    Salut a toute l’equipe d’Akihabaranews, c’est un francais qui vous ecrit d’Asakusa.
    Cela ne fait que depuis quelques semaines que je connais Akihabaranews et j’en deviens un peu addict. Et en plus on peut meme gagner un Sony VAIO tout neuf, j’en connais une qui serait contente pour Noel. Bonne continuation….

  • late

    Hey Daimou! Greeting from Finland.

    This looks incredibly cool! I could carry this around the campus all day. Would really boost my studies It does run Doom right?

  • Luis Zapata

    I’m from the US. I should have the U71 because then I can use a USB tv tuner to watch and record games over the air when I’m outside the city. Also, I should have it more than anyone else because even if I really want it, Sony doesn’t deserve my money after pricing the PS3 at $600. >_<

  • chikuba

    Komban wa!
    I’m from germany and well what should I say? … this would be THE PERFECT christmas-present for a geek like me who live in a boring country.
    Anyway, I would like to thank you for this really cool site.

  • henry

    cool device.
    no particular reason why i should win though it would be nice to control my media center with it.

  • Echoes

    Hello, I’m 19 and from America. While I would love to have this computer, the reason I think I should get it is because I would give it to my girlfriend. She’s planning on traveling in Janurary and she doesn’t have a computer to take with her, and since neither of us can afford one, I think getting one for free would make things alot easier. I don’t have a computer either, and rely on the school’s library for checking email and news, but I’d rather she have a computer before I did. Then atleast she would be happy, and we could stay in contact with each other while she is away..
    Thank you for the oppurtunity, and best of luck to everyone!

  • Leslie J. Hartley

    Happy Holidays! I want this to give to my mother, who is the coolest mom ever, and loves gadgets and tech almost as much as I do. I was going to but her a UMPC, or a lappie, but as I have PSPs, this would be a better match – a family of devices among a family of techies! My mom is the one all the blue-haired ladies call when their gear acts up! We live in the US, South Carolina to be precise, so the device would raise the culture score merely by being in the area! Woot!

  • Shmuel

    Hi, I’m from Isael. it’s so Beautiful, I must have one of these! (TM)

  • Leslie J. Hartley

    I wrote a nice comment about giving the Vaio to my mom – 3 times – but every time I click submit, the page hangs. I refresh, and don’t see my comment. Am I broken? I live in the US and would like this gadget, pls.

  • Christian

    hi everyone – I travel a lot by train in Germany, and there are all these business – “I-am-so-important-with-my-clunky-laptop” – people that take up all the space – and all they mostly do with these monsters is playing games or watching DVD’s. I would like to show them what a REAL practical productivity tool looks like – checking my mail, working on projects – and telling them: hey guys, do you know what they say about men with big screen laptops? yes, that´s right, you guys are COMPENSATING.

  • Steve

    Hi Akihabara News & Nihon Cars: Thanks for all your fine reporting and HD videos. I’ve been an avid reader for over 1.5 years-even before the new Space Pig! Keep it up!

  • ghadeeb


    well without any doubt i should be the one who wins this high-tech miracle for a number of reasons that i shall not discuss now. ill reveal them later in a press conference after winning the U71 :D ….good luck to me..and to all the good people above me..and below me if there comes anyone after me.

  • Michael Chan

    HEY HEY!!! I’m from Vancouver Canada! Well like the many other people that posted, i travel alot and i would enjoy it alot to have a portable computer.

  • Ben

    I read your RSS feed everyday at work, because it turns up things that sometimes don’t get reported in Japan, though I’m gonna get busted one of these days if I don’t get my proxy tunnel working. I’m in Tokyo working for The Man, so life is hard. Having the U71 would be a big help towards getting my own company going, because I’ll need a good way to demo things like the Wizpy and the BlackDog. Beyond that, you guys know well the drill with being stuck in a train everyday in Tokyo. Having something like this would make the commute a little bit more humane.

  • Zeo

    Hi there I’m in Beijing, CRP and I’m from HongKong. Seems quite late to put my comment now…hope it still counts.
    I want this stuff because I’m right now studying in college and I live in the school dorm. With my current bulky old laptop, which dies 20 minutes or so after unplugging, I’m never able to comfortably enjoy video on my bed after 11pm (that’s when they cut the electricity supply during school days), let alone bringing it to a classroom to assist me on learning. That’s why I really want the U71, handy, powerful. This will certainly increase my learning efficiency!!

  • Vincenzo Ricciardi

    This seems to be a cool device to control my linux home server and media center as a remote. (Choosing movies from the sofa or controlling amule web interface). And of course i’ll use it to surf the net in the bathroom
    Vincenzo – Italy

  • Stephen

    Hello, my name is Stephen. I’m in Ottawa, Canada. I very much enjoy Japanese technology and learning about Japanese culture. I would like to see the Akihabara someday. It would be an honour to win any prize in your contest. My neighbours here do not appreciate Japanese technology as I do, and I would love to show them this VAIO as an example. Thank you for your consideration.

  • so0ly

    Hi, I’m from Belgium, well i just seek to increase my gadget army! This little minion will be used to take notes at the university and will play a large role in my plan to take over the world. Please help me.


  • so0ly

    ps: please include plans to make frigging sharks with lasers attached to their heads

  • Nelson

    Greetings from Brazil!
    I think theres no way to describe how a gadget like this one can change your life, for work, for fun or just for staring this state of art technology. I would feel honored to be maybe the first Brazilian fellow to have this amazing Vaio.
    hope its still in time to send the comment!

  • Alex

    I’m a relly fan of VAIO from spain, I own a T2XP and I will order when available in Spain a Type L2 with BluRay!

    Hopeing some day I can visit akihabara!

  • Anastasia

    Hello, my name is Anastasia. I love Sony products. I remember my first Sony was a handycam way back in 1990. It would be great to win this computer for my upcoming birthday!


  • Deji

    Hi all from USA. This little gadget will completely change the way I do everything. I’m in college studying Architecture and I don’t even have a working computer guys. The one I have is an AMD XP with no optical drive, RAM or power cables. Plus the Hard drive is busted. Owning the U71P will change all that. I’ll be able to take it almost everywhere and put ideas down right when they come. Besides I’ll be able to read every akihabara post 2 seconds after it’t posted.

  • PiZ

    Hello to you, Great Green Akihabara Pig!! This Vaio seems so cool but… mmh… honestly I don’t need it as much as other people out there!! My pc is enough for me…but I would be sooo happy to win one of the other gadgets!!! Please, sign me up for something else!
    -Davide (Italy)-

  • Thomas

    This is a contest worthy of my daily news read. Up to the minute technology from a source that keeps me up to the minute.

  • Steve

    WHOOOHO!! Man, I want that for my den in Texas. This Vaio is so cool. Thanks for the give away right about Christmas.

    Put my bean in the counter, and pick it out!
    Thanks in advance.

  • Josep Maria Durban Sala

    Hello. I really want this VAIO. I’m an otaku from Barcelona (Spain) and with this vaio my gadget kit is 99,9% complet. Thanks

  • Ron

    I believe it would be an honour to receive this VAIO. I should receive it before my neighbours because I am the one they usually ask when they have computer problems, therefore I need to learn the details about the unit first. Then I can give them help when they purchase their own! This computer would be well used in Ottawa, Canada.

  • John Lee

    Hello AKIHABARA News Team, You guys are great! You continue to surprise me days in days out. This site is among my daily visit sites. That aside, I am from the US and would love to have this Sony U71P to lighten up my book bag-pack. I can vividly visualizing myself packing this great device with eBooks, notes, and PIM and take it anywhere I go. I had a palm for four years, but it gave up three months ago. Though limited as to what I can do with my notes, I miss it terribly as a portable devise. Even while the palm was still working, I constantly wish for a full fledge portable PC such as this Sony U71. But my financial burden prevented me from getting one. There were many situations where I wish I have such portable PC with me and could easily pull out the unit to go over my notes or flashcards. On top of it all, winning the unit can really can lighten up my student financial debt. Thank you for your consideration. Regards, John

  • Jacinto

    Hi guys. I’m from the United States. Let me just say first that I love your site; you’re the greatest technology news site on this internet thingie (hey, sucking up can’t hurt ). Let me tell you, I need this. My current laptop is so heavy, by the time I get out of school I’ll be permanently bent over double what with that and all the books I carry everyday. Plus this little Vaio has pretty good specs (actually great trade-off considering its size); very much suitable for software development on the road. Yeah, I’m a developer so I will be hacking code on it, if I win.

  • TC

    Woa, Posted in the wrong column, Am I too late??? Well here it goes. Guys at Akihabaranew, thanks for this chance at winning this. We at Sunny Island Singapore are thrown with extreme prices Sony with lowest specifications. Last unit I saw being sold here is a Celeron 900Mhz? Can you beat that? Never won anything in my life but thought I try!!! Will be a cool replacement for my VAIO C1. (still slogging at 600Mhz). Keep the latest gadget news coming. Cheers and Merry X’mas everyone

  • Edward

    I’m from the United States and I would really like this because my laptop literally weighs 10 lbs and only lasts like 1.5-2hrs w/ the screen barely visible using battery mode. So it’s very un-versatile and I think this would be awesome for portability. In addition, I can show those Apple fanboys at my school whats really up. The stuff you guys show are so cool but it’s too bad I can’t get any of them, this is my chance. Thank you very much.

  • Alvin

    Hope I still make it in time for the draw! I’m from Singapore. Been a sony fan forever. I have a Sony TV, PSP, PS1, PS2, camera DSC-T1, and a VAIO. I’m using a VAIO Type S28. My machine is cranky now, only boots up on good mood. I really hope i could win this to replace it.

    BTW, this site rocks big time. Keeping my updated with the latest gadgets and news around.

  • Kada Situ

    I am from the US, why this little cute brick pc should be mine? because I believe! because my name and ‘sony vaio’ are such a nice harmony
    But I couldn’t get one when the U750 came out and quickly gone 2 months later

  • James

    I’m writing from the US. I think this U71 should go to me because it will help out with the project I’m working on. I plan to take more photos and add to my collection and offer it to educators to use in their class. This will be great for dumping photos into on the field and reviewing them instead on a tiny LCD on the camera. If nothing else it’ll be a swift kick in the butt to get the project moving.

  • boua

    It’s really good to have this site in traditional Chinese. We are really happy to get the news about these new and cool stuff. Thanks. It will be better to see some new stuff about digital camra.

  • rahote

    My previous comment written in traditional Chinese and English failed.

  • Jerome

    This is really a great website to share information!! I like this. GREAT!!

  • Alice

    My name’s Alice and I’m a Chinese girl from Taiwan living in Tokyo.
    I would so love to win this machine because it looks like it will be really easy to carry with my other study material. Thanks a lot and I promise to go out for a dinner with one of the editors if I win! =P

  • Larry

    I am from Florida, USA. My neighbor is a ‘melonhead’ and I am not. Please forward the lovely U71 to me when convenient. Also, thanks for reviewing the newest computers and gadgets, even if some never make it to the U.S.



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