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DLA-HD1, the new JVC HD video projector

JVC announced today their latest Full HD D-ILA video projector, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a 15000 :1 ratio for contrast, a 700 lumens brightness, and a 4ms response time. This video projector has a 16x optical zoom and a 200W light bulb. It costs no less than 5,300 euros..!

For the Japanese Market Only:
November 14, 2006

Industry Highest1 15,000:1 Native Contrast Delivers True Black Reproduction Without Losing Brightness JVC Introduces D-ILA High-Definition Home Theatre Projection System DLA-HD1 Features New 0.7-in. Full High-Definition D-ILA Device and a New Optical Engine

Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC) announces the upcoming release of the DLA-HD1, a new D-ILA High-Definition Home Theatre Projection System. Thanks to a native contrast ratio of 15,000:1, the highest1 in the industry without an iris mechanism, the DLA-HD1 realizes true black reproduction without losing any picture brightness – the key to really bringing out the feeling of presence high-definition content is meant to have. The high native contrast was achieved through the combined use of a newly-developed 0.7-in. full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) D-ILA device and a new optical engine.

*1 Native contrast of 15,000:1 for home theatre projector class (JVC survey
as of 14 November 2006).

Product Name: D-ILA Home Theatre Projection System Product Code: DLA-HD1 MSRP (Tax Included): 798,000 Release Date: Late January 2007

Main Features

1. Thanks to the industry’s highest1 native contrast ratio of 15,000:1,
true black reproduction without an iris mechanism

This new home theatre projection system features a newly-developed 0.7-inch full HD D-ILA device with a device contrast ratio of 20,000:1. Combined with a new optical engine, the projector achieves the industry’s highest1 native contrast ratio = 15,000:1.

(1) Newly-developed 0.7-in. full HD D-ILA device
The device exhibits a significant reduction in stray light caused, among others, by the dispersion and diffraction of reflected light. JVC decreased orientation irregularities through flattening the gaps between pixels, adopted improved liquid crystals and used new orientation technologies. This enabled the device to achieve a device contrast ratio of 20,000:1.

(2) New optical engine uses wire grid polarizers
The new optical engine dramatically improves the precision of light polarization, preventing light leakage into the projection lens; thus allowing the closest to true black reproduction.

2. Flexible setup enabled by high performance 2x zoom lens and front fan
intake and exhaust

(1) The projection lens features a large diameter, all-glass lens with 16
elements in 13 groups made by Fujinon Corporation. The lens significantly reduces chromatic aberration and ensures a high resolution picture, with every point on the screen perfectly in focus. Also, the high performance 2x zoom lens enables users to enjoy a powerful, large image even in smaller rooms that do not permit typical recommended distances to the screen.

(2) The projection system features an 80% vertical and 34% horizontal lens shift
function, details shown in figure 1.

(3) Using front fan intake and exhaust for the cooling system does not limit
choices for projector location. The simple and clean design leaves only interface connections on the back panel giving users flexibility in deciding where to put the projector. For example, the DLA-HD1 can be placed next to a wall if ceiling mounting is not possible. Furthermore, the lamp is easy to access and replace from the side panel where ever the projector is located ceiling mount or tabletop.

3. Gennum Corporation video processor in image processing circuit reproduces
high quality images faithfully.

At the core of the video processing, the projection system features the GF9351, a video processor by Gennum Corporation. The video processor ensures the faithful reproduction of high-quality images thanks to a high-precision scaling function and four VXP technologies.

4. Improved user friendliness through convenient and detailed video adjustment
menu and illuminated remote control

(1) The projection system features a convenient video adjustment menu that allows
users to adjust the picture according to the source video and their own preferences.

(2) The buttons of the remote control light up, making it easy to operate even
in a dark room. The remote control includes direct keys to adjust frequently used functions such as contrast and brightness, in addition to video input selection.

5. Luxurious and stylish design

The projector’s body comes in a luxurious shiny white color and features a sleek, symmetric form that smoothly matches any room’s interior decoration.

Development Concept
The ever expanding range of terrestrial and satellite digital broadcasts and the arrival of the next-generation DVDs resulted in increasing popularity of HD content.
This led to growing market needs for systems that allow the whole family to enjoy this HD content on large screens of over 80 to 100 inch sizes.
Meanwhile the JVC series of D-ILA home theatre projection systems, including the HD11K / HD11KL / HD12K / HD12KL models released at the end of last year, are widely acclaimed for the smooth, film-like, high-resolution image of full high-definition D-ILA devices.
JVC designed and developed the DLA-HD1 as a full HD projection system providing true black reproduction without losing any picture brightness – the key to really bringing out the feeling of presence high-definition content is meant to have.
The DLA-HD1 features a newly-developed 0.7-in. full HD D-ILA device, which combined with a new optical engine, realizes the industry’s highest1 native contrast ratio – 15,000:1 without using any iris mechanism. Furthermore, the inclusion of a lens shift mechanism and front fan intake and exhaust really add to user options for positioning the projector.
Users are not limited to installing the projection system in a dedicated home theatre room; they can just as easily enjoy a large-screen, high-definition theatre in a wide range of locations.

Via Victor
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