Published on September 13th,2006 at 8:58 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Iriver S10, why does Apple insist?

While Apple was presenting their new stuff yesterday, I mean their new toys for people in need of an identity, real manufacturers were offering real DAPs. Once again, one of the Korean gods on the market, Iriver, was introducing their S10, with a 1.5” OLED display, and SRS WOW with 30mW (16Ω), for a size of only 42x30x10.8 and a weight of 17.5g. It supports real audio formats such as MP3, WMA, ASF, and OGG, has a FM tuner, and comes with 1 or 2BG storage capacity and a battery life of 8 hours.

I don’t know about you guys, but the new Apple products made me laugh. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our Korean friends who continue to innovate and offer better DAPs than the ones before.

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  • Björn H

    What’s more important while you are on the move, being able to stare at a tiny display or having the ability to clip the tiny player to your clothes? I don’t know about you but the music is supposed to serve you, not the other way around (meaning having you staring at the players display.

  • John Jacobs

    Innovate???? Is that what copying the white headphones is? Innovation.

  • tensai-sama

    Maybe Björn H is blind, that is why he needs no display on his DAP. And by the way, how are Apple products suppose to “serve you” when they require quite an annoying program to be installed, which is iTunes. Anyways REAL players such as Cowon and IRiver provide more functionality for the money.

  • Peter

    yawn….yeah, like Apple is really forcing people to buy an iPod. Word of mouth is that the iPods work really well …maybe that’s why they sell and not the “cool” factor.

  • Gabriel

    Yes, because Apple invented white earbuds. Get real.

  • DS

    Sure a clip is handy, but the fact still remains; you need to use iTunes. Why people pay more for less functional DAP is beyond me. I like to pay less for more. iRiver FTW.

  • Chris_B

    1 This site is now more focused on Korea than Akihabara
    2 This site is becoming boring and predictable with the author’s bias against Apple products
    3 This site is becoming boring and predictable with the author’s bias towards Creative

  • earcandy

    daimaous article is not, what i will call objective.
    fm-tuner? no innovation! any others had this before (even if apple still decides to sell this part as an accessory)
    oled-display? no innovation! others had this before. and when i take a look a the ipod and it’s display, it provides a bright picture and wonderful colors
    1/2 gb capacity? anything new?
    8 hours battery life? no very much, compared to the 24 hours of the nano and the 12 hours of the shuffle. and no innovation either!
    and last, but not least, the “real” soundformats? wma? asf? not “real”, but as propreitary as acc. mp3? well, imho a format the ipod can play too. the only exception in this list: ogg (even if this is no innovation too, others did this before iriver came up with its s10) .

    you might don’t like ipods (and you might make the fault to compare some technical specs negelecting the usability and thefunctionality even of the whole ipod/ituns-system), but ipods a real good mp3-players in an seemless environment.

  • Dude

    Always funny/sad to hear/see ipod fanboys explode with articles like these… People, just accept the new iPods are well… outdated and feature poor. That’s all!

  • Preston

    How much does the iriver cost, the ipod shuffle 1 gig is only 80$ and it works with my itunes library. Not only has apple never let me down, its stock has also made me alot of money over the past 4 years. Jump on the bandwagon or get run over.

  • Sebhelyesfarku

    Dumbass Maczealots would buy even a turd with the Apple logo.



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