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Toshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVs

Toshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVs

Toshiba Europe announced yesterday several new Full HD TVs in Europe with the quite impressive 55” 55ZL1 that comes with none the less a seven core CEVO Engine CPU fitted with a Pro-LED512 3D Panel that is the world’s first panel with 512 dimming zones among 3,072 LEDs, 3D active Shutter glasses and Personal-TV facial recognition that will select for any registered user their perfect set of setting.

If this a little too much for you or out of budget, Toshiba also introduced two other models with the edge Lit LED VL863 series with both WiFi and 3D passives glasses (available in 42 to 47”) and the more affordable UL863 that only comes with WiFi, to finally arrive to the cheapest model of all the SL863 that doesn’t not comes with neither 3D or WiFi.

Today, Toshiba Europe GmbH announced the launch of the new powerful multiprocessor platform CEVO-ENGINE in Europe. It delivers the calculation power needed to offer a wide selection of innovative high-end applications on TVs. These include studio-monitor technology ‘Auto Calibration’ that delivers film studio picture quality; enhanced 3D features such as powerful conversion of 2D content into 3D content; face recognition to automatically personalise TV settings; and expanded connectivity to access Web-based services and connect to peripheral devices. Toshiba Europe GmbH also announces the 55ZL1 as the first model powered by the CEVO-ENGINE. The new TV features active shutter 3D technology and also carries the world´s first 512 cluster local dimming Pro-LED512 panel. The 55ZL1 with its 140cm (55”) screen will be available from May 2011 in Europe.

CEVO-ENGINE – powerful enabler for innovations on TVs
“The CEVO-ENGINE is the powerhouse behind Toshiba’s innovative upcoming TV line-up – the unprecedented application offering makes use of the multi-processor’s high performance,” said Sascha Lange, Head of Marketing, Visual Products Toshiba Europe. “The first versions of the CEVO-ENGINE consist of a 7 core processing unit, a high-speed integrated DRAM and a co-processor for special picture-algorithms”.

Auto Calibration for studio monitor quality at home
CEVO-ENGINE allows for a tremendous increase in picture quality. It powers the new Auto Calibration tool, which automatically optimises the display’s settings to display movies with exactly the colours and grey scale as were intended by the film’s directors. The colour-analyser -based approach was used by professionals only until now and required an external computer. Now the CEVO-ENGINE can carry out all calculations internally.

Advanced 3D brings viewers right into the middle of the scene
As 3D content is still rather limited, CEVO-ENGINE runs a powerful 2D to 3D conversion algorithm. To extract high-quality 3D images from a 2D source, Toshiba implemented sophisticated 3D rendering. Thanks to Depth Control, the user can even adjust the level of the 3D effect. Powered by CEVO-ENGINE, Intelligent 3D+ further enhances the picture quality in 3D mode. It eliminates interferences or ghost images by decreasing the panel’s response time using panel overdrive technology. Plus, it ensures brilliant colours and high brightness in 3D mode.

Personal-TV: the TV knows user preferences
With the CEVO-ENGINE, Toshiba introduces a new usability feature in its TVs that is characterized by a close relationship between user and TV. TVs that feature Personal-TV are able to store personal picture settings and a personal channel list for up to four users .It also supports personal grouping of recorded content per user. In addition the TV set is able to remember the volume level of each user after switching off. Via an integrated camera, the face recognition application identifies up to four viewers sitting in front of the screen. The Personal-TV tool then selects the personal settings that they have chosen. Personal-TV also recognises whether anybody is sitting in front of the TV at all. The tool automatically switches the TV into standby mode if no-one is watching for a time. This energy saving action helps to reduce the users’ ecological footprint.

SMART-TV: the whole virtual world on the TV screen
CEVO-ENGINE also runs advanced SMART-TV functions. It provides access to Toshiba Places, Toshiba’s online platform that allows streaming, purchasing and sharing Web-based content. The CEVO-ENGINE powered TVs will support the HbbTV standard (Hybrid broadcast broadband TV). Last but not least, the multi-processor engine allows HDD (hard disk drive) video recording. The recording can be started instantly with one touch, triggered by a manual timer setting or by programming via the electronic programming guide (EPG).

55ZL1: World’s first TV with embedded CEVO-ENGINE
Toshiba chose the new 55ZL1 as the world’s first TV to be embedded with the high-performance CEVO-ENGINE. It offers the CEVO-powered features; Auto Calibration, active shutter 3D technology with 2D to 3D conversion and 3D Depth Control, and Intelligent 3D+. Plus it comes with Personal-TV , Smart-TV with easy access to Toshiba Places, HbbTV support and HDD video recording. The 55ZL1 will be delivered with a 500GB hard disk drive that can be unobtrusively and easily mounted at the TV’s rear. The 55ZL1’s soundbar provides a stunning and natural sound.

World´s first 512 cluster local dimming solution
The 55ZL1 features an LED panel with a 512 cluster Local-Dimming solution that allows an optimised matching of content and backlight level. This results in perfect black reproduction and grey scales. 3,072 LEDs integrated into the panel backlighting achieve an outstanding peak brightness of 1,000cd/m². This ensures that, even when switched to 3D mode with active shutter glasses, the brightness level is comparable to that so far only achieved in 2D mode.

Looking forward to expand the CEVO powered TV range
“Later in 2011, Toshiba plans to further expand its CEVO-ENGINE powered TV range,” stated Sascha Lange. “We aim to integrate the CEVO-ENGINE and the related features into the more affordable WL series and the upcoming YL series.” Both ranges will feature 3D active shutter glasses technology and are planned to be available in screen sizes of 107cm (42”), 117cm (46’’) and 140cm (55’’).

Toshiba Europe GmbH today unveiled a new range of smart and personal LED-TVs: the UL863 series. The devices feature Personal-TV that is able to identify, via face recognition, up to four users sitting in front of the TV and automatically select their personal settings. The UL863 series devices also give access to Toshiba Places, Toshiba’s content and service platform. They support the HbbTV standard (Hybrid broadcast broadband TV), allow USB video recording, have an embedded WLAN interface and are Windows® 7 certified. The new UL863 range features TVs with screen sizes of 81cm (32”), 94cm (37”), 107cm (42’’) and 117cm (46”). It will be available during the second quarter 2011 in Europe.

Personal-TV: Personally connected with the TV
To personalise the TV’s usability, Toshiba integrates Personal-TV into its new UL863 series. The face-recognition application fed by the embedded camera is able to identify up to four different viewers in front of the screen. It then automatically selects a personal preset chosen by each user before. Presets include personal picture settings and a personal channel list. The TV also stores the latest volume level, referring to the user, and preloads it automatically whenever the user switches the TV on again.

Via its embedded camera, Personal-TV also recognises whether anybody is sitting in front of the TV at all. The tool automatically switches the TV into standby-mode if no-one is watching for a time. This energy saving action noticeably helps to reduce the users’ ecological footprint.

Smart-TV: Connected to services and peripherals
Via an embedded WLAN interface, the UL 863 series TVs easily connect wirelessly to the home network. They offer access to Toshiba Places, Toshiba’s Web-based content and service platform for laptops and TVs. To complement the Toshiba Places services and content portfolio, the UL863 series TVs support HbbTV , the European standard for providing an open platform that seamlessly combines TV services delivered via broadcast with services delivered via broadband.

To keep up with the increasing number of channels offering a huge selection of broadcasting and movies, the UL863 series TVs feature USB video recording.

Auto Calibration for picture quality on studio level
Toshiba also integrated the Auto Calibration tool into the new TV series. Measured by an analyser that is connected via USB, Auto Calibration automatically chooses a parameter setting that delivers picture quality which is normally only found in high-end TVs and professional studio equipment only.

Today, Toshiba Europe GmbH presented its new SL833 series of LED TVs. Offering a selection of Smart- and Personal-TV applications such as personalised user presets or access to Toshiba Places – Toshiba’s Cloud-based content and services platform – it provides a wide and affordable range of options for every lifestyle. The SL 833 series, featuring screen sizes of 81cm (32”), 94cm (37”), 107cm (42’’) and 117cm (46”), will be available from May 2011 in Europe.

Full HD picture quality allow for crisp scenes
The SL833 TVs come with a Full HD display with Edge LED backlighting providing pin-sharp pictures. Resolution+ brings out the best of the displays by upscaling and enhancing the picture quality of feature films. Due to the Motion Picture Enhancement, featuring Active Vision’s M100 HD’s 100Hz-technology, the SL833 series delivers smooth, fast-moving scenes.

Access to Toshiba Places
Via an optional WLAN dongle, plugged in to one of the USB ports, the new DLNA® certified TVs easily connect to any home network. This enables access to Toshiba Places, Toshiba’s Cloud-based platform for streaming, purchasing and sharing content. Furthermore, they support HbbTV (Hybrid broadcast broadband TV) and are Windows® 7 certified to allow easy content sharing at home.

Easy to use thanks to personalisation
Thanks to its Personal-TV features, the new SL833 series enhances TV usability by allowing up to four personal presets of picture settings and channel lists to be stored. This personal setting also includes the sound level – the volume setting when a user last switched off the TV will be reloaded as soon as his/her personal preset is selected.

Additional press materials and information
For additional press materials such as a visual news release or product images please visit the Toshiba Press Lounge at

About Toshiba Europe GmbH
Toshiba Europe GmbH (TEG) is a fully owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, Tokyo, a global corporation with more than 130 years of company history. Toshiba is a world leader and innovator in pioneering high technology, a diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical products spanning information & communications systems; digital consumer products; electronic devices and components; power systems, including nuclear energy; industrial and social infrastructure systems; and home appliances.

Today, Toshiba Europe GmbH presented a new series of 3D-TVs using polarisation filter technology for 3D reproduction. Thanks to this technology, already widely seen in cinemas, the users of VL863 series TVs will enjoy 3D by wearing lightweight glasses that do not require batteries or integrated circuits. The models will be delivered with four free pairs of polarisation filter glasses and additional pairs will be fairly affordable1. This makes the VL863 series ideal for those who want to enjoy 3D movies with friends and family members without spending too much on additional glasses1. The VL863 series, featuring models with 107cm (42’’) and 119cm (47’’) screens, will be available during the second quarter 2011 in Europe.

Polarisation technology allows for high wearing comfort
Toshiba’s stereoscopic displays feature a polarisation filter mounted on top of the LCD-screen providing line-interleaved circular polarisation; it alternately polarises the pixel lines clockwise and anti-clockwise. The viewer needs to wear glasses with characteristics matched to the polarized light. As a result, users can watch 3D TV for long periods and enjoy 3D gaming without discomfort. The absence of batteries further enhances usability as there’s no worry about battery changes. The glasses bundled with the TVs come from Toshiba’s partner RealD, one of the world’s leading 3D technology licensees for movie theatres – the 15 largest motion picture exhibitors in the world use RealD 3D-enabled screens.

Bright and flicker-free 3D images
As the polarisation technology shows the pictures for the left and the right eye simultaneously, it dramatically reduces the crosstalk effect (ghosting), which is often associated with other technologies. Plus, the 3D images are very bright as the viewer constantly perceives the screen’s full luminance. 3D displays with polarisation filter technology can also be used in environments with bright ambient light and do not cause flicker or fatigue.

High quality viewing experience
The VL863 series features Active Vision M400HD picture processing with a frame refresh rate of 400 for smooth motion and Resolution+ to boost edge details and textures in the images.

Toshiba’s expanded, attractive 3D-TV offering for all demands
“The VL863 series TVs with polarisation technology is a convenient and smart addition to our existing 3D-TV range, which only uses active shutter glasses technology”, said Sascha Lange, Head of Marketing Visual Products, Toshiba Europe. “We now have an attractive offering for different needs. The affordable and smart VL863s, using the polarisation filter solution, suit those who want to enjoy 3D in company. The WL and ZL series TVs, featuring active shutter glasses technology, are targeted at the high-end segment where users absolutely do not want to compromise on picture quality while watching 3D movies.”

Toshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVsToshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVsToshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVsToshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVsToshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVsToshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVs
Toshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVsToshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVsToshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVsToshiba pushes the boundaries of Home Entertainment with its new CEVO-ENGINE TVs
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