Published on March 15th,2011 at 9:45 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

[Earthquake – Fukushima] We are still alive but really wonder what will happen tomorrow

[Earthquake – Fukushima] We are still alive but wonder what will happen tomorrow

Hi everyone, just trying to give you a little update on what’s going on here in Japan, on Akihabara News and what will come next on the website.

First of all, I am sure that you are all aware of what’s going on in Japan and what happen this morning at Fukushima… Yes things are pretty XXX-up and to be honest with you there are so many conflicting messages and information that at this point I have no real fucking idea of what is the truth or not!
What is sure however, is that Tepco, the company in charge of the damaged plants remain silent and do not communicate much. You should have seen today’s press conference where Japanese press where verbally “lynching” Tepco’s staff that remained silent and kept pretty much everything too themselves. At this point and despite Japanese Government effort to Join Tepco to solve this crisis, I really wonder if we will know all the truth and what the future of millions in Japan will be.

Despite all of that, Japanese people remain clam and silent, but if you ever drop by a store or a convenient store you will quickly realize that many shelves are empty without any hope to get more stock in the near future.

As I said earlier and due to many conflicting information available to us, many people, Japanese or foreigners are slowly flying Tokyo to visit relatives in the south or at least find a place to rest as far away as possible to Tokyo for the next few days.
Some of my friends already left Japan or flew to south of Japan. Other, like myself are planning to live Tokyo for a certain period of time in the coming few days.
So yes if you are wondering, I am schedule to live Tokyo This Friday to fly back to France with my daughter. My Wife and I decided that we should at least make sure that our soon to be 4 year old little princess to be kept as far as possible of this mess for a while. I am supposed to fly back to Japan a few weeks after I dropped my daughter in order to help my wife and her relatives here in Japan.

Also, as you can imagine, from this Friday and most probably until Monday 21 we may not publish any news on Akihabara News, however, I will try my best to work as much as possible to give you update on the latest tech News from Japan, Korea and China during my stay in France. Also please understand that we won’t publish any new Let’s Visit Tokyo until things are back to normal here in Japan.

Finally to give you a grasp of the situation here, I took some pictures today of the “crowd” of thousands of foreigners in Japan trying to renew, like me, their re-entry visa. Whatever your visa status in Japan, and even if you have like me a Permanent Visa in Japan, you are still oblige to apply to a single or multiple re-entry visa every three years. Mine was suppose to expire at the end of this month and flying away from Japan without this Re-entry Visa will automatically void your Visa, Permanent resident or not. Anyway, something that usually take 20 minutes at best took me today seven hours! Arrived at 10 Am this morning and I was already the number 2340!!!! I reckon that we were around over a thousand people at the immigration bureau at any given time of the day.

So, sorry guys, if this post if full of grammatical mistakes or written in poor English, but I am just exhausted and I have a lot to prepare to put our little girl into safety. And if you ask yourself how you can help AkihabaraNews, well just use your imagination, I am sure that on our pages there is something or a service offer by one of our sponsor that will pick your curiosity.

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[Earthquake – Fukushima] Leaving Tokyo Today... See you on Thursday in France


  • Rocksinger

    First thing: don’t believe a fucking thing the government says they are withholding the truth so everybody doesn’t panic.

    Second thing: if you can get out of Japan if you can because the future will bring nuclear pollution, water air food.

    Third thing: if you don’t GOOD LUCK !!!

  • Jvl1en

    Sage décision. Bon courage pour la suite.

  • M|G

    Totaly agree in your decission.I press both thumbs that Friday isn`t to late to come back to EU.

  • TommyTomTom

    Take care and stay safe. Hope to read more of your interesting news again when it gets back to norm.

  • Bnorus

    Take care of your family. Wish you good luck!

  • Veisongv

    I am your regular reader from Russia. I am now learning in China and my girlfriend was learning in sapporo but still I evacuated her back to Mockow.

    i am sure that friday is not too late. But be prepare that things will go worse anf worse since then… I am with you. I am praying…

  • Tomicus

    Don’t worry about the site. We’ll be here whenever you can make it back. I hope you and your family are safe. Words cannot express the sadness…

  • Josef Türk jun.

    All the best to you and your family. Greetings from Germany.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you Daimaou and family,
    stay safe and Good Luck……

  • Amiripour

    Good luck and stay safe…

  • Gof Choon

    Thank you so much for your hard-working effort to put the site into something revolutionary and informative based on Japanese innovation. Even though I used to comment about grammatical errors, I am always grateful for your routine updates about latest technology that is happening in the place where advanced progression is in the vein of most people.

    Nonetheless, my thought is with the Japanese at this difficult moment yet I believe in their miraculous strength and courage to remain resilient and patient to rise above the sun. Have a safe journey wherever you are.

  • Jdvr10

    I hope you and your family can stay safe!! Good Luck!!

  • P-koo

    leggo tutti i giorni Akihabara News dall’Italia e continuerò a farlo. Grazie per il buon lavoro, ma adesso pensa a te stesso e alla famiglia. Buona Fortuna.
    I read Akihabara News every day from Italy and I’ll keep doing it. Thanks and keep up the good job, but now it’s time to think for yourself & family. Good Luck.

  • anonymous

    Take care, stay safe and don’t worry about the site. We are and always will be your loyal reader. good luck!

  • andersemanuel

    Thank you for sharing. Japan is on the news here 24/7. I believe that if there is one people that can handle this, it’s the japanese. Can’t help thinking of your mess when I hear a Toyota commersial or look at a gadget, made in Japan. Stay strong and take care.

  • andersemanuel

    Thank you for sharing. Japan is on the news here 24/7. I believe that if there is one people that can handle this, it’s the japanese. Can’t help thinking of your mess when I hear a Toyota commersial or look at a gadget, made in Japan. Stay strong and take care.

  • varunkrish

    best wishes from India . Take care ! be back soon 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Whatever you do, take care…

  • Joe Rikas

    Godamn´it if one nation doesnt deserve this, than its Japan, although also quite on nationalism, I´ve never seen any public vandalism or so, like in Europe here, which sayz it all ´bout society.
    pls come back with full force

    Regards from Austria/Europe

  • Jibaro009

    Please take care of your family and yourself. Best wishes….

  • Joe Satriani

    hang on, You will get through this enormous tragedy.
    I read an article on about this diasater’s impact on the tech industry.
    they are doing an online fundraiser through MSF (doctors without borders) to support the japanese people. Dear readers do visit this link and help the japanese brothers in need.

  • Anonymous

    We feel all for you here are the office and for all other people in Japan.

    Good luck with any work/family/travel arrangements and godspeed!

  • d.

    Get out of there asap !
    Best luck to you and your family, and to those who’ll stay behind.

    Greetings from .be

  • Illjerm

    I enjoy reading Akihabara News and am sorry to hear about the chaos. You are luck enough to have the option of leaving Japan, and are correct to take it, in my opinion.

    I hope you and your family have a safe flight and that things will be back under control in Japan soon.

  • Wakjob Dunfor

    You scared little chicken-shit. Stay there are ride it out like a man.

  • DrSlump

    I’m really sorry for you, your family and all japanese people. I hope that the nuclear disaster is not so tragic as it appears. Really best wishes for you all from me and from Italy.

  • Adolfovoss

    Best wishes from Argentina!

  • jay

    allways been a silent reader, followed the changes of this wonderful site…but now i have to tell: my thoughts are with you and your loved ones ( bring your princess to another castle ) …

  • Booest

    All the best…I have so many friend in Japan as well.
    I hope you all find strength to over the next few months.

    I pray for the quick and final end of the the nuclear situation…
    I will conintue to visit this page…

  • Fcorrada

    I am a longtime daily reader from Vermont,USA. I would have made the same decision as you have. Your family’s future is your present responsibility. Hopefully your stay in France is not an extended one. We pray that the “FIFTY” at the nuclear plant are able to avoid a major catastrophe. Godspeed!!

  • umijin

    Good luck! We have plenty of food in Kanagawa. I’ve been monitoring the radiation levels here – well within the average daily dose where we live. But if you have the means, and don’t have to be here – then you should evacuate.

  • Michael

    Have a safe trip and I wish you and your family much strenght in this terrible situation! Greetings from the Netherlands, Michael

  • Chris

    Hoping only the best for you and your loved ones. All of Japan are in my prayers.

  • Office

    Good luck, all the best..
    G./ Austria

  • Tardis

    The French built those nuclear plants in Fukushima.

    The French are leaving Japan in a hurry.

    What do they know that they aren’t telling the rest of us?

    • Hello World

      Reality is, it is not who built it being the problem. It is who maintain it for the sake of making sure the reactors adhere to modern standards. If you read news, there are already mentioning of Japanese cover up on the mishap and not transparent. It would take 1/2 sec for an educated person to know the fault is at the Jap who has not followed standards to ensure their power plants are adhere to international standard.

      Go back to your dreams or freaking going back to your little hole to hide.

  • Anonymous

    The nuclear reactor situation does not seem to be improving. Hope it will soon. They are now teaching kids in Japan about the situation through this cartoon

  • Slacker

    How far is Akihabara from Fukushma in km? Anyone know/mind telling me?

  • André Pudiesi

    Enjoy Paris, clear your mind, be safe, and my best wishes for all of you family and friends in Japan. We all love Japan:

  • André Pudiesi

    And my best wishes from Uruguay!



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