Published on March 13th,2011 at 10:55 AM
By >Ike

Japan’s earthquake shut down six Sony manufacturing facilities, other companies still assessing the situation

Yesterday Sony announced the imminent shut down and evacuation of their main manufacturing facilities, 6 most notably from the Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures which are located near the earthquakes epicenter. The shut down is a temporary precautious measure from Sony untill current damage to these buildings is properly measured. One building located in the Miyagi prefecture was hit by the tsunami and has it’s first floor completely flooded. These manufacturing facilities were responsible for the supply of Blu-ray parts, Li-Ion battery & optical disk production.

Except for Sony, there are still many other electronics companies in the affected areas who are assessing the situation as we speak. Rumors are spreading about the earthquake’s impact on NAND flash supply after this big hit that rendered world’s most notable companies, responsible for about 40% of the world’s NAND supply, somewhat limb. Especially when questioning the subject on logistics.

Fujitsu electronics has reported some minor damage and power outages in their Iwate facility which is responsible for the manufacturing of semiconductors. Toshiba on the other hand, who’s Iwata plant responsible for memory production is located closer to the quake’s  affected area, is still assessing the damage caused by this natural disaster. Another facility from Toshiba, located near the coastline in Yokkaichi which is responsible for the production of NAND flash, was not particularly affected by the events. Another big company in the area is Toyota, world’s largest automaker had to close 3 factories for obvious reasons. Subaru made the same decision for 5 of their companies in the affected regions.

No confirmed news about Epson, Panasonic or Sharp yet, but we will inform you as soon as updates arise.

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  • Guillermo_ms

    I hope that return to normalize all activities at my favorites companies…. my thoughts and prayers are with japan people….

  • Richard Rabinowitz

    Good, I don’t want any of my new Sony stuff to be radioactive if I were to buy new Sony stuff.

  • txb

    Rabinowitz…everybody can care less about your stupid posessions…there’s so many dead people out there how can you even talk about personal posessions.

  • Thomas GX

    Every second year, i travel from Vancouver to Tokyo, for two weeks in the fall. As a teenager, i talked to radio amateurs JA2xx’s to Ja7yz’s and more. I used 15 meter cw and ssb. It is always such a treat to visit Akihabara, and learn of the innovations in electronics and radio equipment. i am German and Icelandic heritage, but i took the time to learn Romaji and some Kanji . So many interesting people i have meet, my spirit has been enriched by Cameras, sight seeing, and the spirit of the Japanese people . i am a radio systems designer in public safety. i have learned so much and put good ideas into practice by practitioner of my home City Vancouver Canada. … after hearing the disaster that has befallen Japan, i am dumbfounded, …. when light of day, came your way, i awoke from a deep sleep, and as a Christian form, i knelt by the side of my bed, and clasped my hands in prayer, for the suffering of the Japanese people. i listened to the spirits, ” in my imagination ” singing, and crying, and calling out, asking if the human sacrifice will be understood .. i could only say, how much i appreciated the beauty of Tokyo and surrounding prefectures. ” i just listened in my mind ” there was great suffering and despondency. My mind and spirit, will always be connected to the people of Japan. My life line has been so enriched by being amongst you. My emotions are sad, for your hardship and suffering, As i prayed, i imagined a few older men talking to me, as some kids. it was as if their life spirit touched me. “rtg” VA7GR

  • Silent Wind Eagle

    I look forward to the fall of SONY, Howard Springer, and Kazuo Hirai. That they have been given the power to break the privacy of people who visit websites of hackers, even just for visiting, is sickening. I don’t believe the earthquake was the result of the curse that was placed on them, but it sure is interesting to think about. If it’s true, then many innocent people died because of it.

    • Jack

      you sir an idiot! this is natural disaster and nothing to do with Sony! I live in Japan for many years already and you have just no fucking idea on what is going on here, dont you!

    • Silent Wind Eagle

      Gee, could have fooled me. Funny they would put the headline, “Japan’s earthquake shut down six Sony manufacturing facilities…” on an article that has nothing to do with Sony! I stated that I *don’t* believe that the curse against Sony was responsible for the disaster, and that *innocent* people died…Are you saying you disagree…?
      And I am quite aware what is going on, sir. In fact, I have been involved in assistance to those in need, as well as providing information to those who are unaware. I have great admiration for those who are working so hard to overcome such adversity.

      My looking forward to the fall of the miscreants of Sony, whenever it occurs, has nothing to do with my well wishes for everyone, including them. If you cannot separate business from basic humanity, then you, sir, need to take a step back. Their policies might be despicable and unethical, but they are people, too. And to restate my point, despite my desire for their failure, I think this was a natural disaster that has led to great suffering and I look forward to the rapid recovery, including emotional and physical healing, of all those impacted.

  • Kasakov

    I do not know what to say, the horror of the Japanese people is enormous. I can only feel with Japanese people and hope that fewer people are injured!
    To: Richard Rabinowitz: The use of the words like “Good” is not human in any respect in this situation.
    Who cares about your stuff, man? People are dying there!

    I’ve always been respected by the spirit of the Japanese as a nation! I’m sure they will overcome this disaster and will come out stronger and more united than ever!

    There are human fates, behind your polished gadgets, Rabinowitz and they are in trouble. Pray for them, instead!

    Akihabara, I wish all of you and Japanese will be fine! AND I wish to read ONLY “regular” tech news VERY SOON!

  • fh

    Three nuclear power plants in the region are shut down indefinitely (Fukushima I, II, and Onagawa), in addition to a number of coal plants.

    Factories in the Tohoku and Kanto regions may experience rolling blackouts over the next week or longer, in order to send electricity into the areas hardest hit. Lack of electricity is currently the biggest problem, because it is severely slowing down communication (necessary to report missing people, and also report supplies necessary for the hundreds of thousands of people who are relocated indefinitely to shelters with no water, food, heating, medical supplies, etc).

    There is no doubt that the economy will be affected, but I hope you can appreciate the urgency to provide assistance for the rescue efforts over the manufacturing of some iPads and DVD players.

  • Neodimio

    this may sound disrespectful due the current situation of Japan.

    but really i was hoping for a price cut on SSD’s, but now NAND production is uncertain this will obviously hit the prices, what a shame.



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