Published on March 11th,2011 at 3:42 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

[Earthquake – Fukushima] WOW, what an Amazing earthquake, hope you guys are fine?

WOW, what an Amazing earthquake, hope you guys are fine?

5.8, this what we had apparently had in Tokyo… Good lord it was scary… I have been living in Japan since 10 years but never see that in my entire stay here… Holy sh*t !

Update, Sorry guys I may not be able to post a lot of more news today or this week-end, my house 3rd floor is a f*cking mess!!!!

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[Earthquake – Fukushima] WOW, what an Amazing earthquake, hope you guys are fine?[Earthquake – Fukushima] WOW, what an Amazing earthquake, hope you guys are fine?[Earthquake – Fukushima] WOW, what an Amazing earthquake, hope you guys are fine?[Earthquake – Fukushima] WOW, what an Amazing earthquake, hope you guys are fine?
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[Earthquake – Fukushima] From the bottom of our heart thank you for all your messages, but things are not over yet!


  • Dkc

    Bon courage !!! Pour une fois que tu ne nettoies pas ton écran avec des produit magiques ;)

    • Anonymous


    • Leon

      Is it really appropriate to call this an “amazing” earthquake??
      This just sounds wrong to me, but maybe its just my bad English..

      Hope you are alright and overcome this terrible nightmare safely!!
      Praying for the people, families and friends in Japan.

  • Jimmy Roy

    je viens de voir la news sur internet, j’espère qu’il n’y a pas trop de dégâts chez toi.

    • Anonymous

      Juste des ecrans de PC…. :(

  • Anonymous

    Hope you are ok. Watch out for those afterquakes!

  • Hamu-Sumo

    Watch out!

  • Dim!

    stay safe…lots of support from Holland

  • Endalia

    Hope everything will be fine for you guys soon! Japan will be in my thoughts.

  • Ste

    Thank you for photo, review and everything else…
    And please: take kcare of “fighting babes of the week”!
    I hope you’ll have better news… Good luck from Italy!

  • Gregg in Siam

    Stay safe please. Help others if you can.

    I love Japan, the greatest country in the world.

  • Go Seki

    Good luck guys .. from Christchurch .. we know what you are going through! <3

  • Zato-no-ichi

    OK – stay safe and take care.

  • kaushik venugopal

    Take Care guys !!!

  • UDA

    Good luck and stay safe, lots of support from Malaysia.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen the news reports and it looks pretty horrendous.. good luck!

  • Tim

    You guys got it bad :(
    I’m over in Gunma and so far we just have a big blackout (a few people had their TV’s fall over but nothing like your apartment.)
    Apparently this is the strongest earthquake to hit japan ever; hope you guys are okay.

  • MrBook25

    My God i Hope everybody is alright on your side of the World. Take Care!!!

  • Nk

    Hope everything’s OK. Take care guys!

  • Anonymous

    …hope everybody in Japan is ok. take care!

  • Tanaka

    Hope that the structural engineer did a good job.

  • Tanaka

    Hope that the structural engineer did a good job.

  • Bangon Kali

    dude! are you from this leaking nuclear reactor?? i’ve heard there a lot of nuclear reactors there, i hope this one’s not that bad!!! Good luck to you guys!

  • Rbtroy

    Must check clouds and the moon colors (Red) before the earthquake
    I’m praying for them.

  • Anonymous

    “Crash Baby – Tokyo Quake ’11 special edition”

    On a more serious note: glad to see you are OK (at least that’s the way it seems from the tone of the comments). Hope everything gets settled (literally and figuratively) soon.

  • Paul

    stay safe, guys…

  • Marie

    holy crapp…thats really mess

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear that you guys are safe. I saw the videos on BBC, that’s some pretty serious stuff…

  • Josef Türk jun.

    Stay safe, what i heard in the news was just a horror.

  • Jeffrey Thomas Meyer

    don’t worry man! Just make sure you and you’re family are okay. Everything else is secondary…

  • Barrie Ullah

    I think I can speak for your London based fans when I say we wish you and your fellow countrymen all the best and a speedy recovery from this tragedy.

  • Philip Erdeljohn

    glad you are ok. Keep us informed. Best of luck from the Eastern US.

  • txb

    Stay safe guys! Survive!

  • Guillermo_ms

    My thoughts and prayers are in Japan today…

  • Calvin_n_hobz

    Hope all is well!

  • Joseph Christopher Roa

    Do not worry about akihabaranews, i think we’ll still be faithful viewers/trolls(for some) even if you don’t post in the next month! What happened in Japan was crazy and we understand you a whole lot of things to do. I hope to hear from you guys soon!

  • babi

    by the way i think your you might want to change the wording of your title (remember it was not a good experience for some)

  • Eduardo Nunez

    thank God your ok.

  • miguel.txt

    Animo desde La Coruña, España.
    I wish you a recovery in calm, from news here the Japan country seems hard hitted, i hope everybody become fine as soon as possible.

  • Carl Bloor

    Oh dear, lots of broken stuff there :(
    What is that application/display on the broken TV ? just curious…

  • Kurosaki Ichigo

    Just as with my anime and manga fixes, I can wait for content here. You guys have more important things to worry about. I started getting text/email alerts about smaller earthquakes a couple of days before the big one happened. With as many alerts as I was getting I should’ve guessed a bigger one was on it’s way. I’d say with as many people in Japan have cell phones it would be a good service for people to use there too.

    The site is and you can customize alerts to a certain location, time frame, and even earthquake magnitude. There have even been people using these alerts that got the alert before they even felt the quake.



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