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Sony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio S

Sony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio S

Sony’s Vaio S is by far the most beloved notebook from the company and Today, Sony Europe has introduced a completely redesigned Vaio S with sharper and more elegant lines.
Intorduced as VAIO VPCSB1A9E/B in Europe this new Vaio S comes with an Intel Core i7-2620M, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of SSD, an 13.3” Vaio Display plus monitor with a 1366×768 resolution, an AMD Radeon HD 6630M + Intel HD Graphics, Blu-Ray, WIFi, 3G, Bluetooth and even USB 3.0!

The slim, light VAIO S Series features a stylish new ‘full flat’ design that’s crafted in magnesium with a wide aluminium palmrest for strength, lightness, usability and looks. There’s also a cleverly concealed hinge mechanism that doesn’t distract your view of what’s on screen. Overall thickness shrinks to less than 24mm, while weight is a travel-friendly 1.75kg (approx.)

VAIO S Series introduces a smart new battery concept that lets you keep working day and night without a pause. The internal lithium polymer battery provides power for up to 7 hours on-the-go computing (in Stamina mode). It’s partnered by a second thin, flat optional lithium polymer extended battery that can be charged separately from the PC and added without removing the internal battery. The second battery attaches without having to switch off the PC, boosting stamina to up to 14 hours if you’re far from mains power.

Dynamic Hybrid Graphic System switches seamlessly between the integrated GPU and high-performance AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 Series card (with either 512MB or 1GB VRAM), according to the task at hand. Whether you’re watching processor-intensive HD videos or just simple note-taking, you’ll always enjoy the optimum balance between performance and battery stamina.

The 13.3” (33.7cm) VAIO Display Plus brings all your documents to life with excellent brightness, colour contrast, clarity and detail. The LCD’s advanced low-reflection coating allows easy viewing in any lighting conditions, offering the optimum balance of suppressing reflections while maintaining clear images. With a resolution of 1366×768, the real wide aspect ratio display is perfectly proportioned for browsing dual web pages side by side.

The backlit isolation keyboard allows comfortable typing by day or night. There’s also an ambient light sensor that automatically dims brightness of the high-quality VAIO Display to conserve power when the lights are low.

VAIO S Series is designed with day-to-day productivity firmly in mind. Fast Boot gets you up and running with 50% quicker than conventional notebook when loading of Genuine Windows® 7. It’s a valuable time-saver if you’re on a deadline or rushing for the airport. There’s also a conveniently-placed WEB button that powers up your PC for Internet access in seconds. It’s ideal for checking any last-minute e-mails while sitting in a cafe or departure lounge.

Available on selected models, embedded VAIO “everywair” 3G WWAN lets you connect on the move via your mobile broadband operator at up to 7.2Mbps.

New VAIO S Series is available in a choice of black, white and silver finishes. There’s an additional choice of exclusive pink and blue colour options available online from Sony.

Co-ordinated accessories include the BPSC24 external battery that’s supplied with its own charging adapter. There’s also a new flat-design port replicator that docks with VAIO S, allowing you to work while the attached BPSC24 battery charges.

The new VAIO S Series slim, ultra-mobile notebook PCs are available from March/ April 2011 depending on country.

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Sony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio SSony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio SSony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio SSony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio SSony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio SSony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio S
Sony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio SSony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio SSony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio SSony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio SSony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio SSony Europe introduced redesigned Vaio S
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  • fh

    Press release statement says new VAIO S, not Z.

    Of course, the Z will probably also be redesigned for Sandy Bridge, but currently the S and Z are separate models.

  • Ray

    The press release is talking about the Vaio S series not the Vaio Z series.

  • Nigel

    Dude, that’s a new VAIO S not a VAIO Z. Did you guys even bother to at least skim the press release?!

  • Kotecinho

    Daimaou, this is Vaio S, not Z

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for the Typo Guys… And thanks for letting me know!

  • Nakajima




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