Published on March 29th,2006 at 9:08 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Akihabara Visit on Video Part I

It’s been almost 2 years since we made a little guide on the good ideas and traps to avoid when meking a Geeky visit to Akihabara. Technology has come to our rescue and here is a HDTV version of this small guide! That’s right, we will do the whole of Akihabara in HD, but it might take a while (3 months is our best guess) before the project is completed. Later we’ll be offering maps with the areas we shot on video, so people who like to visit will have something in their hands when they hit the street.

But before we start, we have to point out the following things:

1) We’re not professional video guys, and I must admit that standing in front of the camera is not that easy. The video was shot during 5 hours with about 10000 takes for every 30 seconds of video, and I look quite flushed at the end as a consequence.

2) We’re working with other people for the HD videos of Akihabara News, and this is basically a test phase for this new platform, so we really need to see whether the servers can withstand the load. Please help us to download as much as possible, especially in the real HD version of the video and not so much on the Flash version. Here’s a small message I got from the people that are taking care of the video server:

“Good night (to you anyway) and send over a million people to kill all the stats (that I will provide to you)! If you take up less than 10Mb/s, you will be punished!)”

So let the message be clear… fire up those servers!

So here’s our first video on akiba, and we stayed in the JR station of akiba where we explain you what you can do in that area! Enjoy… and enjoy downloading!

Akihabara visit on Video!! Part I
(WMV9HD 720p Direct Download “Right Click, Save As”)

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1 million Purimo Puere... and what about me?


HDTV: Akihabara Visit Video Part I


  • BigJim

    I love it… any map yet? PS Torrent is taking days. Download of video does not work.

  • Slaughter

    Lots promised here, but unfortunately, not (yet ) delivered. So where do we go for Cameras, phones, PC parts, gadgets, weird stuff, etc?

    Part II really only discusses video games.

    Just a few names would do…

  • Jonathan

    Dude.. where is the Yodibashi Camera?? It’s like the biggest electronic store in Akihabara..

    I visited Japan in August and it’s a great country! I bought a videocamera for only 350 euro while in my own country it costs like 600 euro. Way to go Yodibashi!

    But really.. it’s a shame you haven’t been there yet..

    So for you guys who want names..
    Yodibashi Camera, big electronic stoe
    Laox, also a big electronic store
    Bic Camera, who am I kidding.. there are all big electronic stores..

    If you want to buy cheap videogames I would recommend the trader stores.. trader 1 is located in the alley next tot the Sega Arena

    For you guys who are going to visit Akihabara.. Have fun!!

  • Maxjp

    I think ,if u really know the cheap stores ,u could make a video of them or just make a list and let us know.
    I went couple of times but its really hard to decide where is the cheaper one.
    Some dudes says that there are small store that are the best places to buy.
    the problem is where are these store?.
    If u know about and tell us I think your hp will became a reference for all the peolple tha will go shopping at AKIHABARA.
    I always wanted to know where are these ones, so i hope U find to us

  • Daimaou

    Many stores do not want/desire to be on cameras… so hard to do your job when people do not want you to do it



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