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LG introduces the world first “Flicker Free” 3D TV

LG introduces the world first “Flicker Free” 3D TV

We will have to believe LG on this one, but apparently, here is the world’s first “Flicker-Free” 3D TV :the LW5700! Branded as a CINEMA 3D TV, the LW5700 comes with passive 3D glasses that do not require any power and are extremely light. Basically these glasses are the same ones that you can find in any movie theaters. The LW5700 also comes with LG’s 3D Light Boost, Smart TV, WiFi, DLNA, LED Plus backlight and support of DviX Plus HD.
Finally LG plans to release this new LW5700 worldwide around March 2011.

SEOUL, Feb. 16, 2011 – LG Electronics (LG) today announced the Korean release of its new CINEMA 3D TV, which boasts the first third-party endorsed “flicker free” 3D images, along with more comfortable glasses, a brighter picture and a wider viewing angle. Together, these features make it more comfortable than ever for viewers to enjoy 3D content in the company of family and friends.

“Having used our expertise in 3D to address consumer concerns about 3D, such as the sometime flickery picture and unwieldy glasses, today we’re ready to unveil a real breakthrough in 3D with LG CINEMA 3D TV,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “LG CINEMA 3D TV will be a real game changer in 3D TV, pushing 3D viewing to new heights of excitement and taking 3D technology firmly into the mainstream of home entertainment worldwide.”

CINEMA 3D TV’s outstanding 3D viewing experience begins with its Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology, which optimizes the separation of images for the left and right eye. Those images are then matched up with CINEMA 3D glasses specially designed to receive each image, creating an outstandingly smooth 3D picture.

The resulting picture has earned CINEMA 3D TV “flicker free” certification from Intertek and TÜV, two world-renowned certification agencies based in Europe, making it the world’s first 3D TV to receive the designation. With such a smooth picture, the Cinema 3D TV practically eliminates the feelings of dizziness or eye fatigue that could occur with previous 3D TVs, meaning viewers can enjoy 3D content for longer and in greater comfort.

The Cinema 3D TV also comes with comfortable and inexpensive 3D glasses. Tipping the scales at just 16 grams, the glasses have no electrical parts, so they are free of electromagnetic waves and never need to be recharged. And because the CINEMA 3D TV’s glasses don’t need to be synced or shuttered, they ensure CINEMA 3D stays entirely free of onscreen flicker.

Further ramping up the picture quality is LG’s 3D Light Boost, a thin film covering the CINEMA 3D TV’s screen that ensures 3D images are shown at full brightness. By counteracting any dimness that can sometimes occur with 3D content, 3D Light Boost creates brighter, clearer images for a superior 3D viewing experience.

Thanks to its wider viewing angle, CINEMA 3D TV is ideal for watching 3D with big groups of friends or family, while sitting or lying down in practically any spot in front of the TV.

Besides superb picture quality in 2D and 3D, CINEMA 3D TV boasts all the advantages of LG’s Smart TV technology. With its simple Home Dashboard and Magic Motion Remote Control, LG CINEMA 3D TV makes it easy to access a full array of premium content via top global providers, the best in locally sourced shows, and the growing range of LG Apps designed specifically for use on its Smart TVs.

Following its Korean release, LG CINEMA 3D TV will be rolled out globally from March.

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  • JoeRikas

    what is the size of this baby nad do you have any info on the price €

    many thx

  • rathore piyush

    Wow! very good! I have been waiting for this like 3D TV as a long time. I want buy!! FPR 3D…TV..yes! Cinema 3D TV!! It is very impressive!

  • Adiga

    really it’s wonderful. frankly speaking I ain’t going to buy it. 

  • Jit_ihit

    thanx LG for presenting flicker-free images. the sutter glasses are so heavy to wear and causes damage to eyes.

  • Desai

    could i
    use FPR glass instead of my sutter glass in my 3d tv.

  • Ishan Sewak

    hey I too ain’t going t.o buy it because I believe is Sony. Sony makes my life good not LG

  • Indukantgupta

    may be you can’t believe LG but I know how superb is LG’s cinema 3d tv is. I went to Mumbai to cover 3d tv launching. Its really good that FPR tech is only one who is providing flicker-free images. 

  • Dikshildksl

     I use IPS panel lcd which is awesome so I want a 3d tv with IPS panel. is there ny 3d tv with IPS panel?

  • Jagamohanjgmn

    LG use IPs panel in both LED and LCD. Tough LG is manufacturing 3d tv with FPR glasses still I’m not aware about its technology. sorry 🙂

  • ahuja

    hi Ishan … can say sony makes your life good but this is not true because you did not try to watch LG FPR 3D TV. once you go for FPR 3D TV than you will get that which one is better Sony or LG.

  • Madan Moham

    It’s not possible, we can reduce flickering effect but we can’t make it flicker-free, so I m suspicious about LG’s claim.

  • Ankita Sinha

    Agreed with ‘madan_moha’, 100% flicker free – not possible, LG is bluffing……..

  • Dhureen Khokhar

    Really???I can believe the technologies used in TVs but as far as believing brand is concerned,Its hard for me to believe the LG as a good brand for me.I had made the mistake by bringing LG LCD TV one time and got the result as bad quality images,so much blurring etc.Now i had made up my mind not to go for LG for rest of my life…

  • khan jasmin

    LG is having problem in contrast and refresh rate also, i would not suggest any one for this.

  • Mack Mohan

    yes, me too heard abt the problems, don’t know the exact problems but there are some….



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