Published on January 15th,2011 at 10:17 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

We have a few questions for you regarding our future! Part 2

We have a few questions for you regarding our future! Part 2

Right around New Year we launched a bunch of polls about the possible evolution of the website; today we wish thank you all for your participation. Some results have been surprising, others were to be expected.

46% of the voters (62% on the French version), for instance, do not plan on buying a tablet computer in the coming year. 90% (on each version) of the readers browse the website via their laptops/desktops and a large majority uses the homepage (60%) to do so rather than RSS (35%) or social networking.

Finally the French-speaking readers are slightly more concerned by the disturbances of the Web, with 60% of them using an Adblocker, whereas the good English-speaking folks are only 50% (thanks for that).

To sum this up, since everybody likes polls and they are pretty useful to our work on the new version, we thought we’d turn this into a weekly or biweekly event. Here is the latest batch, don’t hesitate to send us ideas of polls you’d like to see published, we’ll have them if they’re relevant (or funny).

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  • Anonymous

    About “What is your favorite topic on Akihabara News?”, I’d like to say that, IMO, the focus should be on Japanese Gadgets — not simply gadgets (many other websites already cover this) but gadget released for the Japanese market.

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      most “Gadgets” you see here nowadays are from China (imported from China)… :( Remember, Japanese population is getting older here with fewer young “geeks”… Companies are now shifting their focus to this new “market”

  • xnnc

    Just to say I am french on voting on the english version of the poll :P

  • Dan…

    Would like to see a poll how many different nationalities/countries read akihabaranews…

  • Steve

    I think you should remove the Asian Babes feature from this site. It is a fine feature, but out of place next to your tech news. I cannot freely link to your site as much as I would like to since Asian Babe links are shown in the News Feed, and I have at least one female reader who finds it offensive. Again, nothing wrong with a Babes feature, but it should be on a different site. I think you should drop it and focus more on Japan tech and tech-related culture.

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      Interesting comment, we can always remove the babes from the Feed, I don’t see any problem here. Now you have to understand that these “babes” are nothing compare to what you can see here in the regular press… I will write something about it soon, but to give you an idea, it is part of the “Japanese” culture to see fully naked women in a paper equivalent to the USA Today for example. So you want Japanese culture but not ready to accept it as it is…

    • Dariuszv

      In my opinion tasteful presentation of the beautiful gender is very welcome and very popular around the world… well except the prudes in the United States of America where I am writing from. We have guns, gore and blood on TV nonstop, but god forbid a heavenly feminine creature is showed half naked… .
      So please and i bolieve to be speaking for the majority of your daily readers, expose us your readers to as much authentic Japanese culture in all of its forms as possible. Thank You

    • Ike

      Interesting idea.. Daimaou-senpai, can you register for this? Feature cosplay, tech-booth babes and other bishojo things.

      For the logo we could use the couchon vert, but change it into pink.

    • Tom L.

      I agree with you. If you have never been to Japan, you wouldn’t understand why the Asian Babe girls are on the site. I have traveled to Japan once and one thing I noticed though is that most magazines have these “Asian babes” on the covers. It’s not porn, but known as gravure. Speaking with my Japanese friend it’s basically the same thing as how we have different celebrity women dressed sexy on magazine covers which helps make people buy it more. I think it makes Akihabara News more of an e-magazine in that way.

  • Tsali

    I enjoy the Asian Babe FotW segment myself, breaks up the tech tech tech tech to bring in a little bit of the culture of Japan with how news and information is relayed in certain media outlets within the country. I myself have several people who read my postings and view my linkage and I have had a few complaints from some of my subscribers, however I kindly remind them that they have chosen to subscribe to me and all that encompases what I read and am interested in, they can just as easily unsubscribe and not worry about the occasional off-color post if it truely offends them so. I also like the comment from Dan, it would be interesting to see the results of a poll indicating who and from where readers are coming from. One thing I would like to see is an occasional piece with the Japanese take on gadgets and tech, and how they’re used in every day life in Japan.

    • Epsilon

      Well, I remember that Asian Babes weren’t here when I started to read this site. Now I read through RSS and skip the AB entry because I’m a female myself, and find it unnecesary and out of theme. Even if soft porn is part of japanese culture, this is a very specific thematic site, if not, I demand anime and manga as a very important part of japanese culture too, and gore japanese films, and j-pop. Oh, and also food and literature. I don’t see any of these here. Wouldn’t be nice to see a weekly entry about Yukio Mishima and the historic context of his books and theater?

      Not everyone here likes to see naked girls.

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      Good points, I would love to see Anime, J-Pop and other stuff here as well, but I am not very good at it and I cannot do everything… The Bases are not done by me but by a nice gentleman who’s helping for free. So if someone is interesting in doing a weekly news on something that we do not cover… Please contact us !

  • Dariuszv

    I really enjoy and cannot get enough of everything that you publish, i especially love the videos made around Tokyo and would love to see more of these please.
    Just keep doing great job akihabaranews team.

    Thank You, your faithful reader from Chicago, USA

  • loon

    I do browse your web news from Google rss reader but the image are not shown in full so I need to browse your web site instead.

  • Ari_Diary

    Your site is really great for getting the very latest Japanese tech info, but I do wish you’d have a native speaker check the final translated articles. As cool as the tech may be, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what the product even is or what it does. Spellchecks should also be mandatory.

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      We are looking for proof readers, if you know an affordable candidate drop us a mail!

    • Ari_Diary

      There are plenty of qualified freelance translators and proofreaders registered on sites like or, and they generally charge lower rates than translation agencies.
      Best of luck, and keep up the great work!

  • sod

    errr Hight tech?

    asian babes makes my monday at work even tho i live in japan…

  • nyamo

    i love the site and everything that you guys do here, but i also enjoy finding out about the japanese culture first hand too. more of that and how the tech industry is trying to reach these people would be an interesting read i think. IE how the video game companies are struggling right now. also if you’re looking for proof readers, why not post for applicants on here, i’m sure many of your readers would love a chance to do so



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