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LG Display Unveils “Next-Generation 3D Technology” Display

LG Display Unveils "Next-Generation 3D Technology" Display

LG Display held a press conference in Beijing, China yesterday, unveiling its new “next-generation 3D technology”, called FPR – for film-type patterned retarder.

Supposedly easier on the eyes because it eliminates the crosstalk and flicker inherent in shutter glasses 3D displays, this patterned retarder technology also allows for lighter polarized glasses so that users feel less discomfort with long use. LG’s breakthrough was to replace the glass substrate of the parallax barrier, the cost driver of existing patterned retarder technology, with film.

Representatives from LCD TV manufacturers, including Skyworth, Haier, LG Electronics, Vizio and Toshiba, attended the launch event to highlight their agreement to cooperate for promotion of FPR 3D technology promotion.

LG Display [NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220], a leading innovator of TFT-LCD technology, unveiled its FPR (film-type patterned retarder, polarized glasses) 3D panel at a launch ceremony held on December 15 in Beijing, China.

Held under the theme of “opening a new 3D era that protects the eyes,” the FPR 3D panel launch ceremony brought together about 250 people, along with representatives from LCD TV companies, high-ranking officials from industry association, state-run research institutes and the retail industry.

LG Display CEO Mr. Young Soo Kwon noted in his welcoming speech, “It is a pleasure for LG Display to announce the opening of the ‘FPR 3D era’ in China which is emerging as the center of the worldwide TV market. LG Display will focus on FPR 3D products as we believe that FPR is superior in all aspects and represents genuine 3D technology better suited to consumers.”

The Chinese and global LCD TV makers plan to offer a full lineup of 3D LCD TV sets featuring FPR panels from the beginning of 2011. The product not only delivers full HD picture quality, but also eliminates flicker and crosstalk which are problems associated with SG (shutter glasses) 3D displays. It also resolves the issue of high costs linked to the existing PR (patterned retarder) type panel by using film instead of glass substrate.

Moreover, lightweight and comfortable polarized glasses that emit no electromagnetic waves allow consumers to enjoy long hours of viewing without any discomfort in their homes.

- Next-generation 3D technology recognized by experts
Organized by LG Display and sponsored by China Video Industry Association / China Electronic News and China 3D Industry Association, the FPR 3D panel launch ceremony included a presentation given by Research Institute of TV and Electro-Acoustics under Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and Beijing Ophthalmology Research Institute that acknowledged the superiority of FPR technology. An analysis of the flicker effect that occurs during 3D viewing showed the FPR panel is less tiring on the eyes compared to the SG type.

Dr. James Sheedy, director of Optometry Research Center at Pacific University in the US, delivered a lecture titled “Vision and 3D Display” at the event. Dr. Sheedy noted, “Problems with the SG type panel included the weight of the glasses, power consumption and reduced brightness. However, LG Display’s FPR 3D panel has no flickering, produces minimal cross talk and delivers a bright screen. Also, the glasses can be made with curved lenses, like regular glasses, so it is superior in terms of protecting eyesight.”

Mr. Li Jun Tao, Vice President of Gome Group, China’s leading retail chain, said, “As several TVs are displayed together at the stores, there have been problems with the SG type 3D TV sets such as synchronization signal error, interruption and discharged batteries of glasses.” Vice President of Suning, Mr. Wang Zhe, said, “The launch of FPR which resolves these technical issues is expected to boost sales of 3D TV.”

- Conquering the 3D market through global alliance
Among those present at the launch ceremony were top executives from China’s six largest LCD TV makers, namely Skyworth, Konka, Hisense, Haier, Changhong and TCL, as well as global LCD TV companies LG Electronics, Vizio and Toshiba. They agreed to cooperate for FPR 3D promotion based on shared recognition of its outstanding features.

Mr.Yang Dong Wen, Vice President of China’s LCD TV market leader Skyworth, said, “The launch of FPR 3D TV products, which are clearly different from the existing 3D TVs, should expand China’s 3D LCD market to over 8 million units next year.”

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LG Display Unveils “Next-Generation 3D Technology” Display
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  • usconsumer

    I want one. Only thing is: crosstalk must indeed be same or better than LCS glasses. And must be FULL-RESOLUTION-PER-EYE (i.e. 1920×2160) !!! If that extra resolution is also useable as a computer display, then even better!!!

  • rathore piyush

    I already saw the FPR 3D TV! that is amazing!! I recommended! As you already got the SG 3D TV at now!! throw away! and buy FPR 3D ! FPR 3D solve all the problem of SG!

  • Deep_03kumar

    This is a break through in the TV technology, LG new generation 3D Cinema been based on FPR technology it just brought an enriching experience in the day og the 3D TV viewer. Now one can enjoy without hiving the slightest hesitation og health related issue.  

  • Ashuni090

    LG polarized glasses are based on FPR technology, it has an advantages like flicker free, no cross talk, higher refresh rate and seamless conversion of 2D to 3D. 

  • Gunjalgjl

    Why LG , don’t  you know any other brand besides LG. There are better TV brand like Sony , Samsung etc in the market too? 

  • Anni_das24

    LG brand has recently get a huge boast due to the new innovative technology in their 3D TV segment. LG with FPR technology now get upper hand in the market as it resolve the common issue like the flicker image and cross talk which could on do away by other brand TV.

  • sen pawanputra

    I really don’t like LG at all. My parents bought an LCD TV but it didn’t give good results it had problems like blurred picture, contrast ratio, viewing angle. So in future i would never choose this brand..



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