Published on December 10th,2010 at 10:16 AM
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0.07 seconds, this is just what it takes for Toshiba to lose 20% of its NAND production

0.07 seconds, this is just what it takes for Toshiba to lose 20% of its NAND production

Yesterday morning at 5:21 am while we were all sleeping in Tokyo, Toshiba’s Yokkaichi plant in central Japan apparently suffered from a 0.07 seconds power outage on its NAND fabrication lines forcing the company to shutdown the production until today, where the company hope to restart everything.

While this may not sound as serious as we may think at first, such incidents will have a drastic impact on 2011 January and February NAND shipment where professionasl estimate that Toshiba may have lost up to 20% of its production for this period.

Beside Toshiba, many other companies will suffer from this sudden drop in NAND availability and Tablet, Smartphone, SSD manufacturer may found difficult to keep up on the demand. Now will this problem will postpone the PSP2 launch later 2011 nothing is sure yet, but since Sony is heavily relaying on Toshiba NAND for its future UMD Less gaming device, some wonder that a slight delay in the NAND production may have long term effects on future product development.

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0.07 seconds, this is just what it takes for Toshiba to lose 20% of its NAND production
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  • fh

    Lose*, not loose.

  • markus

    0.07 seconds – they do not have UPS there and/or generators for critical systems?
    Also production lines – got UPSes…so do not understand what was the problem?
    Maybe something different happened ..It never rains but it pours.

  • Andy

    It does sound fishy, how can a 0.07 seconds power outing, make them loose 20% of their what quarterly?? production.. Now I don’t know how a SSD is made, but to loose that many in a single very short power outing sounds suspicious..

    Don’t they have UPS or something if keeping power on is this important ?!

  • Tom

    And Wonder, not wonders! I wish they would have photographed the 128gig ssd next to something else so we could view the size by comparing it to something else.

  • Alnair

    The usual memory shortage hoax in order to pump up the prices every year.

    I love Christmas!

  • gonzalovalenzuela

    If it’s not an fire, its a power outage or an hurricane, but EVERY YEAR in December we have news about an *incident* with a memory factory…..

  • Drgnlrd

    Incidents, not incident & professionals, not professional. Plus a few sentence structure flaws. Like Tom, I also would have liked to have seen the 128gig SSD pictured for a size comparison.

  • http://Website AML

    grammar nazis at work!!



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