Published on October 3rd,2010 at 11:13 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Let’s Drive

Let’s Visit Tokyo - Let’s Drive in Tokyo

I would like to welcome today Benoa-San (Benoist), from that you will see time to time on the “Let’s Visit Tokyo” section of Akihabara News. To tell you the truth I am very happy that Benoa-San is helping me on this one as it was starting to become quite difficult to shoot video every weekend – it seems that I have accumulated quite a lot of review to write either for or AkihabaraNews.

Anyway, Benoa-san and I share three common passions, which are: Gagdets, Photo/Video and Cars… And today Benoa-San’s first video will put them all in one lengthy “ride”, where he mounted his Canon 5D MK II with Wide angle lens in his shiny new V6 Audi share a lengthy ride around Tokyo…

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Drive By Part I from HIC Network on Download Video.

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  • Deadlock

    Please put up an alternative D/L-link. Don’t want to register for just another video website.

    Thanks :)

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      Done !

    • Deadlock

      Yay, that was fast :-)

      Arrigatou gozaimashita

  • defender

    +1 he’s right. DDL plz!

  • Fabimaru

    DownloadHelper extension for Firefox is a solution (I use it because video playback with Flash player is much slower than a native player on my machine).

    • Deadlock

      Problem is: download helpder only gives you the scaled-down version of this video. The D/L of this mp4 is 116MB in size, the DDL is 216MB.

  • Martin

    Thanks for uploading. Maybe another camera angle would be better, without a driving mirror :)

  • heretic

    What was that tunnel area thing he went through at around 05:40? it looked very elaborate, a station parking lot?

    very nice video though, but agreed about the angle – maybe the camera should be moved to the passenger seat or strapped in the area over the gps.

  • benoa

    Tunnel area thing was Roppongi Hills.

    Apologies about the angle but all attemps to place the camera elsewhere resulted in painful failures (for the driver or the car and always for the camera).

  • jeanfrederic

    7′.17″ of flight.

  • Leif

    Thanks for making the video. No apologies needed about the angle

  • Melissa_from_KC

    I can’t get the video to play properly.

    The image appears to be reversed(mirrored) because the steering wheel appeared
    to be on the right side and folks were driving on the left???? What’s the
    best video player to correct this problem? (I’m only using Windows Media Player)

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      Well, you know out there, I mean on earth there are countries where the steering wheel is on the right like, the UK, Australia, Hong-Kong, Japan… So nothing to correct here.

    • Melissa_from_KC

      oh… sorry… I wasn’t aware that Japan drove on the left side like the UK.

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      No problems ;-)

    • temporaldoom

      Kind of interesting how the first thing you assume is that there’s a problem with the video, as opposed to accepting the fact that maybe the video is correct and people in Japan do drive on the left side of the road like in UK.

      Not trying to be mean or offensive just observing how different people respond to something unfamiliar, that’s all.

  • Mark Richards

    These weekly videos are wonderful.

    This one I’d rate a good try, but it reminds me of the famous opening scene played at Boston’s Museum of Science Omni Theatre, where one is taken on a sped-up trip alone the city’s inner road system. Designed to create vertigo.

    I think the experience would be far more interesting if the camera were mounted on the dash, perhaps higher – suspended from the mirror if possible – and shown in normal speed. There is an enormous amount of interesting detail. And although the music is awesome, perhaps hearing the natural sounds with the sights would enhance the video, too.

  • ayu452

    fuk yeh…killa…its inspired me to find a camera that does video now…d700 can’t @_@
    if i get to tokyo from fukuoka i gonna hire the r35 and take it up to fuji and around japan with a similar camera setup!
    and yes i from aust, and japan drives on the normal side of the road…its other countries that import the great cars n do conversions…
    taiwan drives left hand drive car…even though it asia country @_@
    pity about the mirror…but enjoyed the feel…
    did u use a tripod on the back seat strapped in?

    • benoa

      > did u use a tripod on the back seat strapped in?

  • richard ferdian pai

    It is welly cool…

  • Al

    Is the car an Audi A4? Thx



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