Published on September 20th,2010 at 9:56 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Samsung Galaxy S Femme, the ultimate Android phone for all women.

Samsung Galaxy S Femme, the ultimate Android phone for all women.

Samsung and AVEDA, a US based cosmetic company, propose in Taiwan, the Galaxy S Femme, a complete kit that not only includes a Pink Galaxy S, but also a complete AVEDA traveling kit including several creams and cosmetics from the manufacturer, a travel kit voucher as well as a 4GB microSD card that included an AVEDA made software in order to help and advise women on which treatment their need to keep both their skin and hair young and beautiful.

Via Samsung
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Samsung Galaxy S Femme, the ultimate Android phone for all women.Samsung Galaxy S Femme, the ultimate Android phone for all women.Samsung Galaxy S Femme, the ultimate Android phone for all women.Samsung Galaxy S Femme, the ultimate Android phone for all women.Samsung Galaxy S Femme, the ultimate Android phone for all women.
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  • ginckgo

    So sexism is now acceptable – good to know.

  • coolerhead

    Making a pink phone for the ladies is “sexism”?
    That is a moronic statement for sure.
    It’s not sexism, it’s astute marketing.
    Lot’s of women like pinks and pastels, and they will buy gear in bright happy colors.

    Not everyone wants a phone in dull/shiny black or dull/shiny metal.

    You got a problem with that?

  • CoolestHead

    Making a pink phone … not sexist.
    Making a pink phone for women … sexist.

    You have a problem admitting that it is sexist?

    I think it is good smart sexist marketing.

  • Daimaou – G-A.G

    I think that you are all missing the point, Sexist maybe for your in the US, in Taiwan? They don’t give a XXX for that (Women) and I can tell you that they will sell them all very very quickly!

  • Annabella

    There’s no amount of pink that could feminize Android. It’s the most male-centric, block of ugly dweebtronics I’ve ever had the misfortune to use.

  • Annabella

    P.S. Aveda’s integrity just dropped a significant number of points in my eyes.

  • Dennis

    As John Gruber brilliantly puts it – One thing Samsung can do that Apple apparently can’t: produce their phones in multiple colors.

  • TKO

    ..I’m confused why exactly you would *want* to produce your phone in such a garish colour. Wouldn’t it be better to manufacture it in neutral tones and have shells/cases that allow any colour/pattern the customer wants? Then the customer can change it when they realise the colour they chose last week wasn’t so awesome after all. :)

  • bradi

    @TKO – your moniker says it all…. Why would you make a garish device when you can sell someone garish “skins” they can change like fashionable clothes? My wife has two cases based on that exact principle.

  • dimaks

    I think it is just a matter of giving justice to women side. why would you offer a product to women that looks like for men?

    That is awesome android there!

  • Jenna Fox

    Segregation is never acceptable. I feel Samsung is a brand which is more interested in cheap gimmicks than actually supporting women as users, and that no tool which ‘genders’ itself with colour schemes will ever succeed in the long term. If you want a pink phone, get a pink case. We’re better than gendered colours.

    We’re better than Samsung.

    Take your ‘Android phone for all women’ and shove it. I’ll continue using phones from vendors who don’t insult me with the suggestion that I need some kind of special phone, in special colours.

    @Annabella: Couldn’t agree more. :)

    • Dan

      Wow… So much controversy, because Samsung Galaxy S Femme is PINK!

      It’s just a color, ladies. If you don’t like pink, get over it, don’t take it as sexism. Some men may like pink. And if you don’t think men don’t like pink, then THAT’s sexism.

      It’s not made FOR women. It’s a pink phone, like a black phone.

  • pink

    I love it! I’d get one if we had it where I live.

    “If you want a pink phone, get a pink case.”
    ^ Why should someone have to purchase something ADDITIONAL in order to be 100% satisfied with a purchase? What’s wrong with an item that caters to all their wants at the same time? Samsung identified a customer desire for pink phones, and they did well to deliver. Would you go buy blue paint to change the color of your shoes because you bought white shoes (seeing as shoes only come in white now, for it is up to the customer to customize to their liking) when you really only wanted blue shoes?

    This is clearly just an exercise in giving consumers more options. (which they will profit off of, but that is besides the point.)

    ALSO, in order to be completely fair to EVERYONE, that would mean no market segmentation and no advertising geared to any specific audience. Do you think it’s racist for a company to customize its product range for specific regions? Wow, we can’t offer products/services in a multiple languages, because that would be racist – they’re only useful to certain portions of the population. McDonald’s can only offer the same products all over the world in order to be fair to everyone, so no Angus burger in the States, no McGriddles in Canada, etc. Also, say bye-bye to those girls at game launches/promotions and car shows– we’ll replace them with sexless robots and mannequins!

  • Geobot

    Not only that, but not everybody -wants- to put a skin or extra case on their phone. Most cases are bulky or uncomfortable, and most skins I’ve seen start to peel or fade before too long. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a pink phone, but something besides black/grey would be nice.

    It’s not sexist to make things in different colors. It’s smart. Nobody says car manufacturers are sexist for making purple cars, even though they know that the majority of them are bought by women. Nobody says Mary Kay is sexist for making all their logos and branding in pink, even though they’re obviously geared towards women.

    If you want to get really strict about it, call up the Breast Cancer Association and tell them that their pink ribbons are sexist.

    It’s just marketing. It’s a proven fact, done by multiple studies, that more women buy pink things than men. Why shouldn’t they offer it in multiple colors?

  • kate

    I think people are missing the point here. The main point of this phone’s sexism is not the pink colour (although it is sexist to only have a pink phone for women- why can’t men have one? Why don’t they produce phones in more colours than pink and black/gray, such as blue, red and green like Nintendo DS?), but the fact that they think women need a phone that will tell them how to look pretty and will buy them on that basis. It will probably be ridiculously expensive and not necessarily work all that great, but that’s ok because women don’t care about things like ease of use of value for money, just cuteness, right?

    It’s a pretty strange thing to package with a phone anyway- on the one hand you have as practical tool that everybody needs, and on the other what amounts to forced advertising for something that you can find better info about on the internet or in magazines. But it’s following a long and time honoured trend of making things for women which include gimmicky beauty-related parts (eg cars with extra mirrors and lipstick compartments) because product designers couldn’t think of a better way to make their product appeal to women. It sends the message that no matter what you do or buy (technical phones, use computers, drive a big car), what matters most is that you look nice because that’s the only thing that counts about a women. It’s often used to disguise a worse product because they think women are stupid and can’t tell, and a lot can’t- not because they are stupid, but because men gatekeep with technical knowledge and women are discouraged from getting into science and tech.

    Pink and geobot, you are straw-manning. Market segmentizition is not discriminatory. WHat is discriminatory is when you make products for one sector that aren’t really customized to fit that sector, they’re just the mainstream product with a few bells and whistles and image changes added. This phone is basically a regular Android phone with random stuff attached. It would not be racist to have things in different languages because products need to be accessible to everyone. The case of gendered colours is different because it’s not about providing different options, it’s about forcing people into gendered categories. Not all women like pink and beauty products, but not do we necessarily want a plain black phone either. And hey guess what, not all men want a black phone either! Why cant we have a range of colours, or if not possible, skins to change it? I know why of course- because it’s more expensive to produce- but that means we’re being forced into gender categories for the benefit of the companies. Some women DO want a pink phone, and that’s fine, and they should be able to get that, but it’s insulting that Samsung assumes that that applies to all women. Yes, I know I don’t have to buy the phone if I don’t like it, but that’s not the point. The point is that this phone’s marketing is part of a larger media and societal complex that emphasises that you have to be conventionally feminine and that looks matter most.

    WHy can’t we have a phone designed for women that would be useful specifically to them without being patronizing? Women tend to have more responsibilities outside work so why can’t there be a smartphone that incorporates that? For example by emphasising planners, diaries and reminder alerts? I use the alarms on my phone a lot to remind me to do things, and I wish they were more customizable and I could name them so I can recall what it was I was meant to be doing when it goes off. And it should be marketed and designed in a tasteful and non-patronizing way ie not made to be all about being a mom or whatever.

    Wow, I didn’t know I cared this much about a damn phone but the comments were so stupid I had to say something!

  • Geobot

    So kate, basically your argument is that the phone is sexist because it is packaged with a makeup kit and software and labeled as ‘for all women’, right?

    Ok, first of all, as far as I can tell, nobody but the author of the article even SAID it was for all women. Neither Samsung or Aveda say this on their websites.

    Secondly, the pink phone can be purchased without the kit, also. The beauty software can be downloaded from the Market in Taiwan if you want a black phone with the same stuff, or even if you want a pink one and the software, but not the kit.

    As far as “ridiculously expensive and not work all that great” goes, yes, it will be expensive. Most top-end smartphones are. And Galaxy S is one of the most technologically packed phones out. And they work well. They could have used a lower-end phone if they didn’t think women cared about how the phone worked, but they didn’t.

    I also don’t think that Samsung came out with a pink phone just because they assume all women want it. First, pink is by far the most popular phone color behind black/grey/white, across the world. And if you’ve spent any time in Asia, you know that doesn’t apply only to women, because pink doesn’t hold the stigma here as it does in America, and guys wear pink and carry pink things ALL the time. The same goes for makeup, for that matter, though not quite as much. So it actually does make sense for them to release it here in Asia first to see how it goes. Like you said, segmented marketing. I understand if this was released like this in the US it would raise a stink, but I doubt they have plans to do that.

    Also, your last paragraph actually made me laugh. How do you propose making a phone useful to women specifically without being sexist? Even your example of having more things to do outside work was sexist, to say the least. How do you know what I do outside work? Besides, you can download a million planners/alerts/etc on the market. It’s an oxymoron to even say you can “design a phone for women” without being sexist in some small way.

    My bottom line is that making a “phone for all women” would be sexist. BUT, Samsung didn’t do that, that’s just what the author used as his title. Call the author sexist, sure. But what Samsung has done is pure “market segmentization”, considering it’s only being released in Asia, and the difference in culture is huge here, to say the least.

  • mark

    I’d say they shouls make the phone avaialable in diffent colors to entice everyone. I know my wife wouldn’t mind a phone in white, black, bronze or even mustard yellow. Can I get one with HelloKitty on it ? It’ll sell.



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