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Two New Monolithic 3D TV for Sony in Europe and the USA

2 New Monolithic 3D TV for Sony in Europe and the USA

Unveiled in Japan for the time in March 2009, Sony’s elegant Monolithic TVs are now going to be available with 3D support in Europe and USA as well.

Two models with a 46” and 55” also known as NX710 & NX810 in Europe or NX713 & NX813 in USA, Sony’s latest 3D Monolithic TVs comes with Motionflow 100Hz Pro on the NX7XX series and Motionflow 200Hz Pro on the NX8XX series, as well as dynamic edge LED backlighting and 2.1 Audio system.

A new dimension in home entertainment has arrived, and it’s here to stay. 3D entertainment has moved out of the cinema into the Living Room and Sony’s EI award winning 3D BRAVIA TVs are leading the way in delivering a real Wow factor – a sparkling window into a richer, deeper more colourful and rewarding entertainment experience that changes one’s perceptions forever of just how good TV can get.

All 3D BRAVIA TVs are supported by a rapidly increasing variety of 3D content, including the latest Hollywood movies on Blu-ray 3DTM disc such as Sony Pict Home Entertainment’s Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs ; sport, music, natural history and entertainment from new 3D cable and satellite channels; even 3D games such as WipEout®HD and MotorStorm® Pacific Rif the PlayStation®3. So it makes sense to future proof your TV viewing by making sure you can join the 3D revolution whenever you want.

With the NX710 and NX810 you’ll be ready to join the 3D revolution as soon as it suits you. Just connect a 3D Sync Transmitter and put on a pair of Sony Acti Shutter 3D glasses and you’ll be able to start enjoying incredibly lifelike and immersive High Definition 3D entertainment.

But even in 2D, these TVs offer you amazing HD picture quality. With Dynamic Edge LED backlighting and Motionflow 100Hz Pro (NX710) or Motionflow 200Hz (NX810), you’ll discover incredibly sharp images, smooth motion, and ultra high contrast.

Watch what you want, when you want
BRAVIA Internet Video puts you in control of a world of online, on-demand video – delivered straight to your television screen with no need for a PC. From Ca up TV to video sharing sites like YouTubeTM and DailyMotionTM, plus exclusive content like the FIFA World CupTM Collection and streaming movies from LOVEFiLM, it’s never been easier to enjoy what you want, when you want – with new content and video channels being added to BRAVIA Internet Video all the And with BRAVIA Internet Widgets you can even find out what your friends are up to with updates from sites like TwitterTM and FacebookTM, view photos from FlickrTM – all via your TV screen.

Transform your living room
Monolithic Design means a new way of thinking about how your TV fits into your living room. It means your television looks amazing even when you’re not wat it, transforming the whole atmosphere of the room around it – what we call On/Off Presence.

It means an amazingly slim screen with concealed, touch sensitive controls so that nothing interrupts the smooth surface finish. It means the use of contrastin luxury materials like glass and brushed aluminium.

And with the NX710 and NX810 we’ve gone even further, with a new, even slimmer design, including a smaller bezel around the TV’s screen. Less border mea more immersive experience, with nothing to distract you from the perfect picture.

To complement the NX710 or NX810, a new optional designer stand offers an even more elegant way to set your TV at the perfect 6° viewing angle. And with sound system mounted in the base, you’re guaranteed not just effortless style but enhanced sound quality too.

Get ready for style and performance
“With 3D capability, the connectivity of BRAVIA Internet Video and stunning monolithic design, the NX710 and NX810 are perfect for people who want both styl and performance from their TV,” says Patrick Naltet, Director TV Business Management, Home Entertainment of Europe.

“More and more people recognize that 3D will play an important part in the future of home entertainment. And with the NX710 and NX810 you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re ready to upgrade to 3D viewing as soon as you decide the time is right.”

Via Sony
Two New Monolithic 3D TV for Sony in Europe and the USATwo New Monolithic 3D TV for Sony in Europe and the USATwo New Monolithic 3D TV for Sony in Europe and the USATwo New Monolithic 3D TV for Sony in Europe and the USATwo New Monolithic 3D TV for Sony in Europe and the USATwo New Monolithic 3D TV for Sony in Europe and the USA
Two New Monolithic 3D TV for Sony in Europe and the USATwo New Monolithic 3D TV for Sony in Europe and the USA
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