Published on December 5th,2005 at 8:05 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

The Japanese Segway PMP-2

We presented the Japanese Segway about a year ago, and with the original US one, there were plenty of ways to break some body parts, but with this Japanese one it was even worse. Note the remote control for the speed and stop on this PMP-2…

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  • Anonymous

    …technology to balance without even handlebars, and they couldn’t make the remote wireless? Lame!

  • Anonymous

    He looks really happy with it!

  • Anonymous

    The button isn’t for speed and stopping.

    It’s for turning.

    Speed and stopping are based on balance. On two non-tandem wheels, speed and balance are two facets of the same function. You can’t split speed to a different controller and maintain balance with a human figure.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, guys, that button is an emergency off (EMO) switch, very commonly used on dangerous machinery.

  • Cyclotron_burst

    I dont think they could pay me enough to ride on one of those things. I would be afraid that someone would jump out in front of me and I would go flying off and land on something uncomfortable

  • Daimaou
    Cyclotron_burst said:
    I dont think they could pay me enough to ride on one of those things. I would be afraid that someone would jump out in front of me and I would go flying off and land on something uncomfortable

    You don’t like adventure ?

  • Cyclotron_burst

    lol…..Adventure, Excitement…. Jedi Crave not these things

  • Eric

    I live in tokyo and I think I can understand the mentality behind this unit…here’s my guess.
    Everyone has commented on “flying off” …here in tokyo you probably wouldn’t be driving as fast as you could in the west, streets are very crowded with people all the time. Imagine trying to get around the street like it were new year’s count down in NYC. The handle bars will get in the way.
    Further more we have a great train system here, and trying to take a larger segway on the train would be a pain, up and down stairs, etc. If this thing is not too heavy it would be much easier to pick up, train, and get out and take off again.

    I’ve never seen a segway on the streets of tokyo..trains run everywhere, or people bicycle.

  • MarcT

    Segways aren’t legal in Japan – see wiki article.

  • EEE

    the remote is actually a kill switch. He holds it in his and in case the device decides to go crazy and mown down the crowd

  • WaterPurifierTips

    looks doable but definitely not as refined as the ones we see now. Perhaps no handle bar is a good thing in design, since it’s more portable…but i’m not sure how good this unit is with the balance and all…could be so hard to use that you might as well just walk! lol

  • Peopleunit

    …sorry, I hate standing up.

    …sorry, no hitch-hikers.

    …sorry, this building is not ADA compliant.

    …sorry, Murphy’s Law is snickering.

    …sorry, that German Shepard chasing you thinks you’re dog food.

    …sorry, my grandma can probably out run you.

    …sorry, its raining.

    …and snowing.

    …sorry, no cup-holder.

  • Boggin

    What the hell does his name tag say?

  • http://Website seki

    I’d like to introduce the concept of the TRICYCLE right about now..
    If I was Apple I’d probably try to patent that.



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