Published on November 30th,2005 at 2:55 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Robot or Human? Here’s ACTROID

We talked about the information robot this morning, and that one looked like a Japanese receptionist sat on a chair behind a counter… and it’s quite easy in that way to hide the robotic parts. So what if a couple of Japanese take it a step further? this is ACTROID, a true human-sized android. Even though it cannot move (it’s glued to the floor), it’s still very disturbing. From a distance, it could really be confused for a real, flesh and blood human being. The future is approaching… really fast!
Tomorrow we’ll bring more news on other very cool robots (that look like real robots too) and plenty more videos too!

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  • Anonymous

    This robot is great, first good step in the right direction.
    Robots like this can help many groups of people from
    old to young, rich and poor, mobile, not mobile.

    In the future, let’s hope she can move, walk and talk

    Thank you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    For a robot, she is hot. Nice legs and those boots and pvc outfit – very tidy. If this is the way of the future for robots, bring it on

  • Daimaou
    skippy said:
    For a robot, she is hot. Nice legs and those boots and pvc outfit – very tidy. If this is the way of the future for robots, bring it on

    Yes indeed ! I prefer this kind of Robot that what they have in Futurama (Bender)

  • Anonymous

    Sure it’s an android, much like a RealDoll is, much like a store mannequin is. What makes this have anything to do with the future?

  • Anonymous

    all that remains is to make her a true action figure with all the Real Doll parts and provide a button to pop the face revealing an LCD for live webcam porn. take THAT Maureen Dowd, now who’s irrelevant?

  • Anonymous

    Blow dolls are a thing of the past me thinks. So where can i order one of these babies!

  • Anonymous

    The biggest problem with having them look like humans is the facial movements. We got a huge spot in our brain that does nothing but read faces.

  • C.N.Guerriere

    The next step is to make her multilingual,movable facial expressions,equip her with wireless webcams and allow her to infiltrate gangs and terrorists;DARPA can do this if they put their team on it!

  • Tiffany

    I believe this is an amazing advancement towards the future overall. Way To Go!
    Kudos to all of you!

  • unknown

    if DARPA uses this as a spy, torture wont make a difference. if you put hydraulics in the robot, it would destroy almost everything. but, yeah i agree, for a robot, it is hot. wonder what will be added next. methinks someone will eventually add a – nevermind. shouldn’t go there.

  • sarah

    I hope that in the near future, she can walk, run and have more humanlike actions and features.


  • Culio04

    I m really impress, but what is the meaning for “actroid”?, Does it stands for something?

  • Sarah

    i hope the Japenese will upgrade her to walk and do other stuff. she speaks english right?

  • Pythia

    All this has happened before. All this will happen again.

  • gbaltar

    Anyone else feel like this is the beginning of the cylons? I hope so, that means we could be close to having humanity quit being stupid and fighting each other.

  • Angel

    Looks like a prototype of number 8

  • Noah

    I vote we name her one of the following things:


    Whose with me?

    • plums666

      nah she will called as Sakura Chan hahaha

  • jaspah

    its a fraking cylon !!

  • Simplevoice

    Maybe we should evolve more as a people and society before we go trying to build humanoid robots. Seriously when human being are starving, living on the street, or being killed by other human beings it is a clear sign that we are not ready as a people for the responsibility of sentient robots.

  • Alexiel

    might i reming you all about bsg and terminator? stop the techs before they stop us!

    srsly tho, i have no idea how thisll end…the technology…

  • Melissa

    I think that this is a good start to the future, but just as long as the robots are not used for evil things, like to control the world or anything, this is a good thing in my opinion. Let’s hope that we can keep on doing this.

  • Organicmatters

    Why do all the geeks keep commenting how hot this piece of plastic/metal is? Creepazoid.

  • Tab

    She REALLY looks like a human web up close

  • mehdifathi

    wwwoooooowwwww! I just can say: wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mehdifathi

    wwwoooooowwwww! I just can say: wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Penis

    I would fuck that

    • R-777_22

      Because you are a robot like her XD so shut it!

  • Cinthia Gonzalez

    SEX TOY!

  • No name

    Why do a lot of people think this robot looks like a REAL human? I can tell that she’s not a human and her face looks alittle doll-like. If she’s going to be the sex toy, don’t be surprised if her skin is not as soft as the humans’ and if she’s cold, not warm.

  • sanz




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