Published on August 11th,2010 at 1:03 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Another iPhone 4 Bug? The “Ghost” Q Icon.

Another iPhone 4 Bug? The “Ghost” Q Icon.

This morning, our beloved assistant Maki, came to us with a rather unusual bug on her Shiny new iPhone 4 with a “Ghost” Q icon on the upper left corner on the screen.
After checked with Maki what she could have done to get this rather unusual icon there on the top left of her iPhone screen, she just told us that she was typing an email before putting back into her bag her iPhone 4, and when she arrived at the office this morning she found out that a Q icon was stuck on her screen.

We took a quick (Q for quick?) Screenshot of her iPhone, before trying to play with the phone itself. While the Q icon was not responding to any finger input, it disappeared just after we reseted the phone… Not sure that this is all about, but with the 4 iPhone 4 we have here at the office this is the first time we’ve seen this, but what about you guys? Did you ever seen this kind of behavior before on your iPhone 4?

PS : This phone is still running iOS 4 and not the latest version 4.01, and has not been Jailbreak

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  • henry roth

    it looks like the quicktime logo. she might need to do a hard reboot.

    • Sabby

      Yeah that happened to mine once after typing a text I exited out and the ‘q’ from the keyboard was just lingering there. Did a soft reset and it was gone.

  • Ballmer Schmidt Jobs

    Just a software glitch. It’s not likely a big deal.

  • http://Website seki

    was it also there in landscape mode (ie rotate the phone and it still showed?) if so then its part of the underlaying OS.
    No I’ve never seen it.

  • Ash

    I’ve been getting it sporadically this evening which prompted me to google it and found this. I’m glad I’m not alone in this ‘Q’uandry, but it makes me wonder what is up. Mine just comes and goes…

  • Ayesha Love

    I am experiencing this now. I soft reset my phone & it disappeared but has kept returning & is driving me crazy! I’ve reset my phone several times with the same result.

  • Lashonda

    I notice this sometimes too in my texts, then I reset it and it goes away. Have you guys figured out the problem? Could the phone be hacked?

  • Rebekah Ambriz

    YES, ah finally someone else with the same problem. That happens all the time, and not only does it appear on the top left hand corner but in the middle of the left hand area as well. It’s annoying…if you guys find out how to make it go away, please let me know.

  • K

    It just happens to me for the first time. What the hell???

  • Lindsay

    I’ve had this happen twice. It mostly just makes me laugh. :)

  • Noey

    Yup, just happened to me, only when I open text messaging(top left corner)

  • Beltane

    It happened on my 4g touch around 11/19/10 and went away after syncing.

  • Sarah

    My phone has it… it’s constantly there and the biggest pain in my @ss…

  • http://N/a Harry

    Yes I just got this “Q” at the top left of my screen , but it only shows up on messaging , I have reset the phone yet but I will do shortly, I was googling it to see how to fix it but I’ll try reseting , thanks

  • http://Website seki

    have the people who have seen this upgraded to iOS 4.2 yet?
    be interested to know if its still there once thats happened.

  • Richafix

    I think this is somehow related to the “search” screen and the emicons. If you get it again, try going to the search screen (first screen all the way to the left) and switch from text to emicons and it goes away. I do have an iPhone 4 with 4.2 and I did get it but this cleared it away and now I can’t get my “Q” back.

    • xwacky

      I just got the ghost Q icon. Just like you said, I got it when I accidentally entered “Search” screen when the keyboard switched to emoticons, also accidentally. I followed your instruction and voila! It’s gone now. Thank you.

  • Michele

    I have it too…odd, odd phone.

  • caulin

    it is related to emoticons, for me. any time I use the emoticons app I downloaded the Q pops up and at time lingers. it doesn’t matter though!

  • Ty

    Wow this often!! ;0) I’m glad it’s not just me!! Thanks for all the input

  • Travis

    Just happened to me just right now… I have no clue what that was.

  • Big Rich

    I just got this running the latest upgrade found out i had
    some random text in the search screen (swipe right at home screen)
    deleted the text and now it’s gone but if you press q up it pops
    again everytime you press it so I’m guessing it’s just an annoying

  • Echo858

    Running iOS 4.2.1 and I have the infamous “Q” icon as well. Mine is stuck on the upper right hand side which in SMS text landscape mode. It disappears in portrait, but in landscape, it partially blocks the EDIT button. Sometimes in portrait, it’s further down and blocks the SEND button. Soft reset always makes it go away without issue. I can usually bring the Ghost Q icon up by switching between text and emoticons and then transition between portrait and landscape. It looks to be the leftover screen image of the Q key from the text keyboard and it gets stuck on screen. Probably a portrait/landscape transition glitch.

  • Michaela

    Mine does it too! randomly comes and goes. Sometimes i can only see half of it… making it look like the Christian fish… sketchhh

    • Josh


  • jamie

    yeahh! my iphone 4 just started getting that same exact q in the left hand corner on the top.. i turned my phone off and turned it back on and it’s gone? i’m sure it will come back though… i am going to try to sync it maybe that’ll help..

  • telly

    This is weird??? My iphone 4 is doing the same thing. It only appears when I am in video/picture mode, or while I’m viewing my photo album.

  • Frank

    I got this Q, with brackets on each side, ie (((Q))) in the middle of the screen which had turned black. A very big Q. And a voice speaking French, very low. Now, I live in Sweden, everything is in Swedish mode and I bought my iPhone 4 one month ago, it is updated to 4.2.1. I thought it was possessed or something…….

  • Whippador

    It’s been coming up in only my Safari screen. It’s driving me insane!!!!

  • Whippador

    It’s been coming up in only my Safari screen. It’s driving me insane!!!!

  • Alporders

    I get the “Q” in Messages. I just got my iPhone 4 last week so I’m thinking about taking it to the Apple store.

  • Laurend3311

    I have the same exact thing. It has been in the upper left hand corner, just like the one in your screen shot, for about a month now. It doesn’t seem to be causig any problem, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all for that matter.

    The onlything that’s different from your description is that mine appears in text messaging. Anything that has to do with texts: all of my conversations, when I’m in a specific conversation, when I go to add an image or video through the text, and when I view an image in a text.

  • Pennyphoo2

    I have the q!! What the hell???

  • Soccerljfe

    i have that too ..

  • Aaa

    i have it also in my Ipod Touch 4 :(

  • Mark D

    It happens when you are typing and at the same time, you switch keyboards.

  • Aislinglillis

    I discovered the same ghost Q on my iphone last night. I had updated software and synched my phone with computer earlier in the day…it appeared out of nowhere a few hours later. Similarly, the Q reacted to nothing, but when I learned it was a bug I turned off phone and hey presto, the Q disappeared. But is this something to worry about? Has my phone security been compromised in some way?

  • Arenshaw

    Just happened to me for the first time.. while I was texting.. I think it has to do with the emoji keyboard because I switched over to that and hit something real fast (don’t now what) the keyboard changed and the Q appeared! :o

  • Kathyj1217

    I have the same problem and my I phone 4 and worry if I reset it that I will lose all my stuff on my phone.

  • Katie

    I was just on safari and saw something weird so hot my home button and it sits inthe left corner. This is so strange.

  • Scarlette

    I just got the iphone 4s.
    It seems when I text my contacts are either recieving the text twice and or once from text and once from my email, even though I’m texting.
    Any ideas

  • Bumbleclot

    If this problem is at all linked to emoji, try disabling the emoji keyboard, delete the emoji app, then turn emoji keyboard back on. Once the keyboard has been used in your device, the app is not required for it to be used, but it caused problems for me until i stumbled across this fix.



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