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[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.

[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution.

And here it is, the impressive dual screen and “keyboard-less” Toshiba Libretto W100 is now, yes just right now available in Japan, and for this occasion, Toshiba was kind enough to invite us at their HQ near Shinagawa to get a closer look to this new Libretto.

We are sure that you all recall last month announcement, where Toshiba revealed for the first time their Libretto W100, targeted at 120,000 Yen here in Japan, our new Libretto, Toshiba’s pinnacle of computing portability, comes with some rather interesting specs in a surprisingly compact body.

In Just 202×123×25.4mm and for only 699g with its standard battery, the W100 feature an Intel Pentium U5400 @ 1.2GHz, 2GB of RAM, 62GB of SSD, WiMax, Bluetooth, WiFi, a 1.02Mpix Camera, one USB 2.1 port and two seven inch WSVGA Display with LED Backlight. And to this a SD Card reader, an Headphone Jack and 2 control button placed around our computer lower screen and you know pretty much everything about our W100 configuration.

Light and covered in a black brushed aluminum finish, the Libretto W100 feel just right in your hands and continue Toshiba’s quest for quality and performance. Being the first Dual Screen computer made by a major company, Toshiba had to take a slightly different approach in order build-up this new W100. Usually, a PC Manufacturer will tend to place the computer motherboard, CPU, RAM and SSD, below the “Keyboard” area and place the battery wherever empty space was left for it, here and due to the compact size of this Libretto and its “Book” like design, Toshiba decided to place all these components behind the upper screen and dedicated all the space below the lower screen to the battery. This rather odd choice was motivated by two major reasons :
- First, and for most, the unique design of the Libretto W100 was making it impossible to place the Motherboard under the lower screen and being capable at the same time to design an efficient airflow to cool down all components. Designed as a notebook, there where not enough “space” between our computer casing and surface you may lay it on to efficiently cool or PC and create an optimum airflow to evacuate the heat from the W100 CPU.
- The second reasons comes directly from our computer needs in power, and providing enough “Juice” to two screens at the same time and to a “greedy” but powerful CPU like an Intel Pentium U5400, Toshiba had to make sure that they would have enough space for the largest battery possible, and decided to use all the space left below the lower screen to this attention, making ultimately a very well balanced computer with weight heavenly placed on both screen.

A Question of Choice.
If the obvious comparisons to some kind of e-Book reader is easy to make due to our W100 unique dual screen design, Toshiba’s concept however is not to revolutionize the e-Book industry with this new Libretto, but rather to bring a new kind of versatility and approach to computing. 
Based on this basic philosophy we know understand better Toshiba’s choice to go for a greedy, yet powerful CPU like the Pentium U5400 from Intel.
More powerful than an ATOM CPU, the Pentium U5400 will provide enough calculating power to use the Libretto W100 like any other real laptop of this size on the market. This in mind it won’t come to a surprise that the W100 will only offer you around an hour of battery life at maximum CPU Speed, brightness and using WiMax for example, and if you really want more “juice” you will have to get one of this enhanced battery to get at least 2 to 3h of battery life in the same conditions (Toshiba officially announce up to 2hrs of battery life with the Standard battery during their in-house laboratory test).

Dual Screen wonder.
This said, the Libretto W100 main point of interest is without any doubts its dual seven inch WSVGA LED Backlight screen, that are both coming with capacitive technology (multi-touch) and haptic feedback.
Only offering screen 2 orientation modes, this due to the unique cooling design of our computer, both screens are however quite responsive and accurate with maybe some difficulties to reach icons and menus icons on the edge of each screens, and the choice of using haptic feedback on each of our 2 screens make it even easier to use one of the 5 Toshiba virtual Keyboard or either its virtual mouse or keypad.
To make sure that you will get the right keyboard for the right needs, Toshiba decided to design 5 different QWERTY keyboard just for you with one dedicated to be only used with two thumbs while holding the W100 in your two Hands.
On top of that Toshiba also included a nice touch interface with a dedicated home menu allowing you to interact quickly with your device with just 1 finger and swap between application or resize each windows you may have open on your W100.

Maybe a bit pricey, the Libretto W100 is a pure technical marvel, and being the first dual screen fully capable computer comes at a price, some may even complains about the “poor” battery life span of the W100, but once again, this Libretto is the first device like this ever made and like any pioneer there are room for improvements and Toshiba is fully aware of these facts and hope, if this W100 match Toshiba’s sales expectations, to maybe comes with an improved model in the near future.
Now, as far as we are concerned and if we only had an hour to play with this new Libretto we are convince that Dual Screen portable PC is the future of computing and we are glad that finally someone, here Toshiba, had the courage to release the first true Dual Screen computer.

Via Toshiba
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[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.
[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.[Preview] Toshiba Libretto W100, a digital Evolution, With Video.
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  • boofay

    This Libretto looks gorgeous but 1/2/3 hrs max for a portable? Lenovo has a mobile media base for their ThinkPad X201 tablet. Libretto can come up w/the same concept and turn that media pad into a battery pad extending use to at least 5 hours or maybe they have it but we just don’t know all the details yet…….

  • Peter

    What is this Libretto W100?

    no, it is too small, I would rather select a 12-inch or 15-inch notebook.

    no, it is too spending in my money.

    no, it is a poor batteries life and a postiche thing for a secondly screen.

    My God, it is a highest pricing’s e-book and a worse batteries life, would you want it?

    Toshiba is a famed manufacturer in Japan’s notebook industry, however Libretto W100 is bewildering, although many of the technical means obtain applied. What is a marketable target as the Libretto W100?



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