Published on July 28th,2010 at 1:17 PM
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[Hands-On] Officially Official, Panasonic announces two 3D & 2D Full HD Camcorder in Japan

[Hands-On] Officially Official, Panasonic announces two 3D & 2D Full HD Camcorder in Japan

Two days ago we received a huge number of tips regarding this new HDC-TM750, Panasonic first consumer 3D Camcorder , and “Voila” this is now official, and the good news is that Panasonic is planning to release this new camcorder August 20 in Japan. But the surprise comes from another 3D Capable model only schedule to be sold in Japan, the HDC-TM650.
Both Camcorder will need an additional 3D Lens, the VW-CLT1 to be capable to record 3D Video. Otherwise these 2 Camcorders will record normal 2D Full HD Video. The 3D Lens will be offer as a bundle on the HDC-SDT750 Overseas model only.

Update: Panasonic just informed us, that this Camera once in 3D mode will only record video 960×1080 and cannot be called in this case Full HD. Panasonic use here the “Side By Side Technology to record HD videos, technology which is inferior to the native Full HD recording one.
Also The HDC-SDT750, and overseas model, unlike the Japanese model does not include any internal memory. Finally please also note that the Japanese package doesn’t include the 3D conversion lens, while the overseas model will be sold WITH the 3D conversion Lens

Our Camcorders is in fact a regular 3MOS Full HD camcorder with Hybrid O.I.S, with a 12x optical Zoom, a 18x iA Zoom and finically a 120x optical zoom. Comes with a 3” Wide monitor, 5.1Ch Audio recording, 96GB of internal memory, SDXC Support and ca record video both in 1080/60p or 1080/60i.

Our Camcorders is also a regular 3MOS Full HD camcorder with Hybrid O.I.S, with a 12x optical Zoom, a 18x iA Zoom and finically a 120x optical zoom. Comes with a 2.7” Wide monitor, Stereo Audio recording, 64GB of internal memory, SDXC Support and ca record video both in 1080/60p or 1080/60i.

If of course we already asked Panasonic to send us a sample, what we have seen today is quite impressive and we can’t wait to get our Sample to review!!!! To put things into perspective, the result is ALMOST as good as what you can see RIGHT now in Theater with 3D Movies… Impressive!

Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corporation, an industry leader in Full HD 3D and HD TV technology, unveiled today the world’s first 3D camcorder for consumers1. The HDC-SDT750 camcorder allows anyone to create powerful, true-to-life 3D images by simply attaching a 3D conversion lens that comes with the camcorder. Even without the 3D conversion lens, this innovative camcorder offers many ways to take home video recording to a new level with a wide range of sophisticated features. The camcorder will go on sale in Japan on August 20, to be followed in other countries in autumn of this year.

At the vanguard of 3D technology, this year Panasonic launched its Full HD 3D VIERA plasma TVs and 3D Blu-ray DiscTM players for homes as well as the world’s first professional 3D camcorder. The development of a consumer camcorder capable of 3D recording is a natural next step for the company.

Incorporating Panasonic’s broadcast technology, the advanced 3MOS System SDT750 camcorder lets users easily create their own 3D movies, something that previously only professional image producers had been able to do. Combined with a VIERA DTV and Blu-ray DiscTM player/recorder, the SDT750 camcorder makes it possible to save precious memories of friends and family in vivid, lifelike 3D images, thereby further expanding the world of 3D enjoyment at home.

Even without the 3D conversion lens attached, there are many ways to enjoy the SDT750 camcorder. The 3MOS system with improved noise reduction (NR) technologies records dimly lit images in greater beauty than ever before. Other sophisticated functions include 1080/60p for NTSC or 1080/50p for PAL recording (Full-HD 1,920 x 1,080, 60 or 50 progressive recording)5 for ultra-smooth images, iA (Intelligent Auto) mode5 in the new HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilization/Optical Image Stabilizer), and a wealth of manual functions controlled by a manual ring for easy, creative shooting.

The high-sensitivity 3MOS System provides an effective motion image pixel count of 7,590,000 pixels (2,530,000 pixels x 3). And even with this high pixel count, newly developed technology increases sensitivity, and further-evolved NR technology achieves bright images with minimal noise when shooting under low light conditions. This maximizes the 3MOS features of excellent color reproduction, high resolution and rich gradation, and lets the user capture vividly colored images in both bright and darkly lit places.

Recording in 1,080/60p for NTSC or 1,080/50p for PAL5, the SDT750 camcorder produces richly expressive images, with none of the detail loss and flickering of the conventional 1,080i (interlace) recording. In addition, the iA function, which was highly popular on previous models, makes it easy for anyone to take beautiful videos. The SDT750 camcorder also newly incorporates the HYBRID O.I.S. system to bring clear, beautiful HD image quality to telephoto shots as well.

Via Panasonic
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  • AL

    Can you use the VW-CLT1 lens on other Panasonic HD camcorder ( SD5 and/or SD7)?

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      You could but apparently it may not work


    Can you use the VW-CLT1 lens on other Panasonic HD camcorder hdc-tm700?

  • Pat

    The lens converts the images from the two lens into a side by side image (with the horizontal dimension compresssed which the camcorder records. The SD700 could do this provided the plane of the image from the lens is in a position where the SD700 can focus it. When the side by side video is played into the right kind of TV it converts each of the two images into a full image a displays then sequentially.

    • Simon

      Ok, so if I understood the VW-CLT1 is applicable also on the TM700 an SD700 without any other to do. It’s correct?

  • Pat

    I have not had the opportunity to see the lens so I cannot be sure but in principle the VW-CLT1 should fit on a HDC-SD700. The question then is whether the HDC-Sd 700 can focus on the image produced by the VW-Cl1 lens. The T3 website

    says the following

    “We need to be clear straight away, Panasonic wasn’t demonstrating the SDT750, unfortunately that’s not quite available yet. Instead we were treated to a demo from the Panasonic HDC-SD600, a unit of which has been specially adapted with 3D software and crucially a 3D lens”

    That suggests that the lens would work with the SD700.

    We will not know for sure until it is released.



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