Published on July 18th,2010 at 2:07 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Melting Edition

Tokyo Hot

Dear readers, I am sorry to tell you this just right now at the last moment but, I can’t take it anymore, I mean seriously it is freaking hot outside and I could not shot anything yesterday… So why don’t we take a break for a couple of weeks until :

1) Things getting better.
2) I just get used to it.

Meanwhile, and if you cannot stand a week without one of our video, I strongly suggest you to watch some of our earlier creation via this link : Let’s Visit Tokyo
This said, I am going back in the fridge where temperature is humanly comfortable.

PS The picture above was been taken a few minutes before publish this news, and yep, I am running the Air conditioning too…

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  • cambio

    wow… that’s hot. here in Argentina, it’s actually cold.(8 degrees when I woke up this morning) but then again, it’s winter here… 🙁

  • Josef

    I will miss the Videos, but can understand, here we have 34 C° and i dont make Pictures outside or Videos. Dont stay too long in the Fridge 🙂

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      I have an Idea for next week so don’t worry guys

  • Umijin

    You are in or near central Tokyo and living the heat island effect. You need to come outside the Yamanote line. It’s 31 and breezy here in Sagamihara.

  • JoeRikas

    I do absolutely understand what u mean, we also had till yesterday a heat period (up to 36 C° with great humidity which most of us cant stand here in Europe.
    btw. I´ve downloaded every single episode of “Lets visit Tokyo” since the beginning, so I´m really thankfull 4 what u ´ve done so far.
    Turn on you AC and chill 😉
    Greets from Austria

  • Glenn Pelupessy

    I really enjoy every episode of “Let’s visit Tokyo”, so I’m a little disappointed that there so new one. But I understand that you don’t want film in that kind of conditions.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Artemis-kun

    I guess everyone’s suffering from these heat waves. Here in Canada we just got through about a week of nearly 50C weather after the humidity.. Like yours, my air conditioning was unable to keep up and my apartment got quite warm. Thankfully it seems to have mostly passed, though daily highs are in the mid 30s still with humidity. Hottest summer in many years!

  • Sorin

    Thanks, we are waiting… ^_^

  • Al

    “Let’s Visit Tokyo” is one of the things I like about your site. After watching the Hamarikyu Gardens download, I made a point of getting there next time I visited Japan, since it look so good in you video. I thought I might of been told not to shoot video while I was there, like yourself but several wedding were taking place and no one said anything. I can understand not wanting to shoot in this temperature. I can’t believe everybody walks around in jeans and jackets and they don’t seem to notice the temperature. So ok with me if you have a break. Any chance of doing a shoot in Ome!

  • Max G

    Awww is it that hot? Last time i went to Tokyo in mid July it was super hot and humid… i loved it!!! you should make a video on what people do when its this hot !!!

  • Cutkillavince

    Same temperature here, so it’s definitely too hot!!!

  • rod

    Its winter here on the gold coast australia, only got to 26c today!

  • sam

    It’s 33°C here in Mexico, the highest we get is 37°C during the summer. Hot and dry! not humid like Tokyo I guess..

    Anyway it makes me sad reading about Canada’s heat wave! I thought the weather over there was supposed to be awesome…unlike us down here.



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