Published on November 2nd,2005 at 7:44 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

The rechargeable batteries of the future have arrived

Sanyo has announced their ENELOOP batteries yesterday. These rechargeable AA and AAA Nickel Metal Hybrid batteries have as main characteristics:

1) they are ready to use as they are already charged. Sanyo seems to have solved the “Self-Discharge” problem (a rechargeable battery discharges slowly when it’s not being used).

2) the batteries are “eco-friendly” and can be recycled.

3) the battery life is greater than a Dry Cell type of battery. Sanyo did some tests and they say that you can take 4.4 times more pictures with their batteries than with a normal Dry Cell battery. They can be recharged more than 1000 times too before they start losing their initial capacity.

Via Sanyo
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  • Anonymous

    NiMH???? Come on.


  • ketty

    Li-ion battey have no memory

  • BetteT

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  • tonkia

    “Sanyo has announced their ENELOOP batteries yesterday”, we need the whole new points

  • tonina

    “problem (a rechargeable battery discharges slowly “, youkada are not eh any more sth inspecial. thx your artical.

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  • Theo

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  • Theo

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  • zillion

    How long can we get this type battery

  • eiko027

    Li-ion battey have no memory, Explosion-proof, most people choose Replacement battery

  • angelina

    the battery life is greater than a Dry Cell type of battery,battery life is very important,long life will be much attractive!

  • Anna

    Sanyo seems to have solved the “Self-Discharge” problem,this would be much better,battery user is worry about this discharge problem.

  • alura

    Cool rechargeable batteries.

  • http://111111a teresa

    I like this post!



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