Published on July 4th,2010 at 9:15 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Video Server Upgrade and HTML5

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Video Server Upgrade and HTML5

When I started the let’s Visit Tokyo series, I did not imagine that it would catch so much interest, and to be frank with you, this take me a lot of me free time, almost my whole Saturday, but after reading each and every of your comments on this Series, I still find the force to go and shoot video for you, even if right now in Tokyo it is extremely difficult and this mainly due to the huge amount of humidity outside and the horrible weather we have (cloudy, light rain…).

Anyway, today we won’t publish anything, since we are in fact busy on upgrading our Video platform to HTML5 and unleash the power of not only the Let’s Visit Tokyo Series on your iPhone/iPod or iPad, but also all upcoming Video made for AkihabaraNews, NihonCar and ManualGear.

So normally, next week if everything goes according to plan, your next Let’s Visit Tokyo Video will be HTML5 powered… Stay tune.

On a side note, if you or your company need a professional Video Streaming Solution with HTML5 support… Don’t hesitate to contact us, our FullXP Video platform is “open for business” ;-)

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  • Leif

    Thanks for your time and work…and now I feel guilty :(

  • Aaron

    Congratulations on being on the leading edge of technology!

  • chris

    Thank you very much for all your work so far. I really love the videos. I can’t wait for the upgrade to html5. Flash is just painfully slow on mac and linux.

  • Josef

    Good work, keep on going, looking forward for the next Videos, like it. ;-)

  • JoeRikas

    4 Heavens sake you cont. this great series-many thx again

  • Fernando

    Excellent!! Just wonder what camera you use for the videos, can you tell me?

  • Paul s

    Thank you! I love your Tokyo series! I haven’t been in Tokyo for over 50 years, and I find the photos of Tokyo, and Japan’s growth exciting and vibrant. I was with the U.S. Military Police, stationed in Sendai, but I went to Tokyo to visit as often as I could. I visited many of the places you have shown – temples, the Diet Building, the Imperial Palace, and many other places.
    Hurrah for Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo Beers – they are the best!

  • Chris

    As always, your videos are excellent: simple, yet they convey so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking the time to do this.

  • Rodrigo

    Though I didn’t comment before, I love this series and hope you can continue to provide us with such nice visits every week. Thank you!

  • Matt

    Hi i would just like to say thanks for what you are doing, I really really like the videos you shoot and I just love how they are shot. the videos first drew me to ANews and now check the website daily.

    thanks again :)

  • David Simon

    Hi, I found your site through and I just love it. Thanks for taking me around Tokyo in hi-res. I am in Indonesia and there’s so little chance to see this beautiful city. Thanks again. Your hard work is not unnoticed.



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