Published on July 1st,2010 at 5:33 PM
By >Akihabara News Team

Toshiba’s Blio-based “Book Place” e-book store to launch soon

Toshiba Libretto W100

Toshiba put a teaser page of their upcoming Book Place e-book store announcing the launch in the coming weeks. Based on Blio e-reader software, you are promised to have access to thousands of e-book content in  full-color , to be able to read either in full book view or text-only, to have such options as adding text or voice notes, and translation to or from English on your PC.

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  • Peter

    Feeling on Toshiba released Libretto W100.

    Toshiba has already released an UMPC, its touchscreens are a pair in two 7-inch, but it is not an exciting thing.

    For some time, I had disappointedly seen Japanese UMPC, if it was compared to Korean UMPC, like Samsung Q1u, Q1up, Viliv X70ex etc… I think that Japanese should go to do better.

    The Japanese UMPCs were a same type —— top cover LCD + Keyboard underside, without an exception, these are obviously Notebook traces, no innovation, it is a rock-bound way of thinking.

    We have known, Japan corporation’s computer were selling into worldwide market, even like Kohjinsha (工人舎) was also included. Japanese manufacturers should bear in mind, ———– Japan’s corporation to be facing the global customer, and not only Japanese customer. Also, Japanese manufacturers need competing with Samsung, Dell, HP, or Thinkpad (Lenovo), etc…. in the worldwide market.

    Unfortunately, a ruthless fact over there, —— on the overseas market, the computer market’s share of Japanese companies is declining badly, 2010 vs 2000.

    I dream of a Libretto W100 like this:
    1. the second touchscreen is taken a demountable way (can freely switch into a single screen UMPC of 7-inch), which would be a better thing in the multi-application of the smart way.

    2. the UMPC needs to be added a HDMI input port (not only an output port), makes that UMPC is also able to serve as a mobile monitor of 7-inch, which its computing system can be suspended during a monitor mode.

    In the market, not only because of the 7-inch mobile monitor was very lacking, also followed to enhance for the application value in the UMPC, and the customer would get more convenience, makes the UMPC resource goes to win the multi-purpose in wider, it is needed.

    3. Another mobile processor —- Atom n550 will be worth to wait.

    About the UMPC’s application:
    Usually, in office or home, I would not use an UMPC . At indoor, like office, home, meeting-room, I take using with a desk-PC or notebook, and not an UMPC.

    UMPC = ULTRA MOBILE PC, it is mainly for the mobile use, especially outdoors, so that it should not simple to imitate a notebook’s manner.

    At outdoors of many time, I was stood of a side of a tripod to operate the camera and UMPC, but not sit a chair, no desk, no chair.

    When in the outdoors, you could be needed to stand-up and both hands took holding an UMPC to operation, which not sit a chair, apparently this was not an indoor familiar way —- that you have sat a chair faced desk. I think that manufacturers need to consider this situation at an UMPC of designed, it is an ULTRA MOBILE PC, but not simple to imitate a notebook!

    UMPC, ——— It is a slightly larger Handheld Device, a distinct type in PCs.

    PS. some bad points,
    not only this Libretto W100 is no HDMI output port, and without any port to connect an exterior monitor. If you went to travel into a hotel-room staying, over there got a HDTV (or a monitor) to be a HDMI input port of available, unfortunately your Libretto W100 is unable to enjoy on a large screen.

    Also, the battery life is clearly a trouble on this Libretto W100:
    a processor of the TPD 18-Watt + two screen of 7-inch = got a poor battery life.



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