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Hitachi-LG unveiled the “HyDrive”, an SSD/ODD hybrid

Hitachi-LG Data Storage

The new Data Storage solution by Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) Inc, dubbed as HyDrive, is an optical disc drive (ODD) with embedded solid state drive (SSD). This combo promises you above all faster booting, shutdown and application loading via using the entire SSD as a cache by the HLDS filter driver and having Windows and Microsoft Office applications installed and the remaining capacity serve as a cache, according to the company. There is also smooth playback of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray media and even discs even in poor condition due to scratches and fingerprints promised among the benefits.

For this 1st-generation HyDrive the SSD capacity is either 32GB and 64GB while the speed is SATA3.0Gbps. And HLDS’s partners ASUS and Moneual will be launching Eee Top nettops range and Family PC 102 series respectively with built-in 1st-gen Hydrive this year in August.

The second generation of Hydrive will integrate larger capacity (up to 256GB) and twice faster ( SATA6.0Gbps) SSD. The mass production for the second gen. Hydrive is scheduled to start in March 2011 and ASUS already planning to use it in their ASUS N61DA notebook.

Taipei, Taiwan, 31 May, 2010
Hitachi-LG Data Storage Inc. (HLDS), a global leader and technology innovator in optical disc storage (ODD), today announced HyDrive, the world’s first solid state drive (SSD) embedded ODD. HyDrive is going to be available in August 2010, installed on the Family PC MN 102-O from MONEUAL.

HLDS will ship HyDrive with other PC OEMs from March 2011.

The SSD capacity will be 32GB and 64GB for the 1st generation and up to 256GB with the 2nd generation, which will be ready for mass production in March 2011 and have even faster SSD performance moving from SATA3.0Gbps to the SATA6.0Gbps interface.

HyDrive performance stands to reach its full potential on performance notebooks such as the ASUS N61DA, delivering data handling capabilities currently unavailable to consumers worldwide.

HyDrive enables a total storage solution on the PC using the advantages of three storage device types conventional hard drives, solid state drives and optical drives – without added space on the motherboard and modification of system architecture limited to replacing the existing ODD. Only HyDrive enables this through an identical framework to that used in conventional ODDs.

HyDrive offers hard disk drive (HDD) performance boosting in two ways.
One is through using the entire SSD as a cache by the HLDS filter driver. The other is by having Windows and Microsoft Office applications installed and the remaining capacity serve as a cache.

Having 32GB of SSD suffices in accommodating Windows and Microsoft Office applications, offering consumers the enjoyment and stress-free experience of PC usage with pure SSD speeds.

HyDrive also enables a smaller PC foot print (7-9”tablet PCs such as the Ultra Mobile PC, for example) by removing the HDD or SSD from the motherboard and just having HyDrive with its SSD as primary storage.

HyDrive can offer users 30-60% faster booting, shutdown and application loading on the optimized hardware of the ASUS N61DA.

Other great features have been developed for a combination of ODD and SSD benefits, such as robust media readability which differentiates readability and playability of data, audio or movie discs from other ODDs in the market, using the dedicated burning feature. It provides smooth and seamless playback even of discs in poor condition due to scratches and fingerprints.

Much more to come with the next generation HyDrive

HLDS have been working with their partners AMD, ASUS and MONEUAL to achieve a successful market launch.

“AMD’s latest 8-series chipsets have both the required hardware and driver support for HyDrive, including SATA port multiplier support, which enables combined optical and solid state functionality in the HLDS HyDrive”, said AMD’s Niles Burbank, Senior Product Manager for AMD’s Platform Solutions.

MONEUAL will deliver the very first launch of HyDrive through their Family PC MN 102-O in August 2010, showcasing home theater quality performance. HyDrive is capable of playing back CD, DVD and Blu-ray media, and fast booting and application loading with 32GB SSD.

ASUS plans to launch the 1st generation HyDrive on their Eee Top range, and the 2nd generation HyDrive global debut on the N61DA notebook after testing HLDS samples.

HyDrive is a trademark of Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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