Published on May 21st,2010 at 7:57 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Welcome to Akihabara News V5.5 a.k.a “Access Denied”

Welcome to Akihabara News V5.5 a.k.a “Access Denied”

I know, I know I promised you a new and refresh version of Akihabara News V5 design a few months ago and actually we were supposed to launch the V5.5 a.k.a “Access Denied” earlier this May, but due to some urgent work that required our attention elsewhere, we have had to postpone the development of Akihabara News until today.

So, what’s new besides some basic design tricks???
Well, first let me explain you why we decided to give Akihabara News V5.5 the code name “Access Denied”. This is actually just an “internal” joke here at HIC among our team of developers and editors and also it is my favorite line from Richard Kind in Spin City. And “Voila”, you got all the meaning behind this “Access Denied” thingy.

But let’s just be serious for a minute, if you are not seeing everything in new on AkihabaraNews, either hit F5 like a madman/woman or go and check your eyes.

What’s New?
– A Smaller/lighter header, giving us more “space” above the fold.

– A new ‘Feature Post’ Block (New design).

– The option to chose from the HP the kind of news you want to access thanks to the “Category All” and “Type All” dropdown. (there are still a few cosmetics issue on these dropdown that we will fix ASAP).

– Smaller font for titles

– The “News Feed” Block. Placed above the fold, it will give you direct access to our latest news without the need for you to scroll. Yep, apparently some of you are not too fond of scrolling.

– A GeekStuff4U Carousel, where you will find the latest or hottest products from

– Re-designed “Latest Comment” and “Hot Archive” blocks.

– A “Let’s Visit Tokyo” Block. Apparently a lot of you have been asking us to give you the possibility to access to the latest “Let’s Visit Tokyo” videos/news from the HP.

– A “Job Offers” block. If Akihabara News is recruiting, we will let you know what kind of candidate we are looking for just right in this block.

– A New “Job” applet in order to find a Job in Japan powered by

– A “Message” Block alerting you of the latest “Issue” we may have with the website or letting you know if we are in Japan on Public Holidays, or whatever there is that is important that we have to share with you.

– A Twitter block, where Akihabara News team of Editors and developers will share with you their thoughts and other comments.

– A new “Our Friends” Block with their latest News (Via RSS).

– A newly designed “Poll Question”.

– A newly designed “Akiba Babes” block.

– A new “Comment” block and design.

And well, that’s pretty much it. I am sure we may have missed some bugs, in fact if you are using IE or forced to use IE, you may notice today some little design bugs or CSS positioning problems, we are aware of them. However, feel free to use the comment section below to share your thoughts on today’s design and changes.

Daimaou – G-A.G

Category Announcement
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  • Endalia

    I really like the new look 🙂 But the top part (header is buggy I think) doesn’t look good for me and I’m using Chrome. And the Geek carousel is in the header when I click on a post. Looks fine on the front page.

  • Endalia

    Nevermind, now it looks all good 😛

    • Precea

      Yes you have to refresh the page with f5.
      Your web browser have a cache, and the first time, you can see the new design, and a part of the old design.

  • Orangebubonic

    Whatever you call it, its still an awful design,…
    try to wrk with a designer…

  • Sorin

    Well done. At last we have get rid of that bulky uleless flashing news block ontop, which was forcing us to read what it was showing insetad of what we want to.

    • Precea

      Hum, we have this until … the version 5.0 or 5.1, so, I just don’t understand :/

  • seki

    over all very good .. on the article pages (like this one you probably can do without the Adsense at the top .. as you have it in the Side-bar.
    I do think a colour change for the Akihabara News / HIC Title-bar would be a good move too. Its the first thing you see .. You’ve lowered the colour use in the rest of the layout so the temperature of that Title-bar is a bit strong.

  • Aaron

    Improving, but PLEASE get rid of that Samsung banner floating at the bottom of the screen. It makes me feel like putting an ad blocker on my browser.

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      Let’s put it simple, no ads, no Akihabara News, people who are using an Adblocker are (right now) limited in viewing Akihabara News, and we will soon make almost impossible to surf Akihabara News if you use an Adblocker.

      Remember, Ads is what are paying our bills and helping us to add contents, so either you accept ads or either you will have to start thinking of paying a monthly fee to visit website in the future.

    • niels

      Let me know when, so I know when I can stop looking at the site at all.
      I have no need for extra tracking cookies and other drivel on my screen.

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      Always nice to see people who like to support the website they like to read… I sometime wonder why we are still doing our job

    • niels

      Because you think it’s great fun to do and the sales from Geekstuff4u?
      I don’t mind those adverts and would never block those.
      If I didn’t visit Japan up to 3 times a year, I’d probably be a steady customer of that site.
      However, please just go ahead and continue to do what you want to do with adverts and blocking people who disable them. This is your company’s site and you should do what you feel comfortable with.
      I fear this is the wrong way to go about it; but time will, of course, tell.
      I have a serious issue with these tracking cookie companies that mostly syndicate the adverts displayed on sites. I only block these sites. If you don’t use these sites, your message would reach a much larger audience and you would consider their privacy, as in my opinion. you should.

  • xem0

    I’ve been a reader of Akihabara News since 2004 and I am continually amazed at the quality of the content and the site itself. The new design is clean, concise, and uncluttered – very nice. I look forward to the next 6 years!

  • Pollux

    I had a big laugh on the spin city thing, cause I just recently rewatched the last season of Spin City, and it still makes me laugh like on the first day, chapeau bas for such good references 😉

  • London BOB

    Much much better!

  • Stjepan

    I miss the old big head 🙁 But, I like the new design 🙂 On the front page you have Featured Post’ , I think that ‘ should be before Featured too. And don’t pay attention to “I hate ads” post. I have a subscription-based website, you have ads, everybody must find the way to get some money, and those who want everything for free should realize that there’s no free lunch. OK, I went a bit deep – I like the new design! :-))

  • japanopoly

    FYI, does not work with Firefox (company limits me to this or IE6). Worked fine before the latest update but now only the top banner and newsfeeds down the right show. Adblock is installed but disabled on



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