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Samsung unveiled Multi-Display package with award-winning monitor

Samsung SyncMaster MD Series Monitors

Based on AMD Eyefinity technology, Samsung offer us a customazible multi-display package including their award-winning (CES Innovations Award) MD series MD230 monitor/s, cables and a mounting stand.

The 23-inch monitor features ultra thin bezel at 7.6mm on left and right side, a 1920x1080p (5760×2160 resolution in MD230X6) HD display, 3000:1 static contrast ratio, full 178 degree viewing experience, Analog, DVI and Display ports and 8 ms response time. For a multi-display setup (either landscape or portrait configuration), you can either buy a bundle of 3 or 6 monitors and you will need an AMD Eyefinity card.

No word on pricing but it will be available worldwide in June this year.

Press Release

2010 05 13—Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced today that it will be launching its award-winning Samsung SyncMaster MD Series Monitors around the globe in June.

The 23-inch monitor, a CES Innovations Award winner, is designed specifically for multi-screen computing.It is offered to consumers as a single monitor, or in bundles of three or six with a custom stand. It is designed to meet the needs of power gamers, as well as business users with multi-screen desktop set-ups. It was developed using AMD’s ATI Eyefinity technology to bring an affordable big screen solution to the home or office desktop.

“With ATI Eyefinity technology, AMD took the first step in delivering a truly immersive multi-display environment for video game and productivity enthusiasts,” said Matt Skynner, vice president and general manager, AMD Graphics Division. “By partnering with Samsung, we are able to combine our technology with Samsung’s cutting-edge displays to create the ideal large viewing experience for computer users. The thin bezel design and image quality of the MD Series is a perfect match for ATI Eyefinity technology.”

The Multi-Screen Experience

The MD Series has ultrathin bezel at 7.6mm on left and right sides – 1/3 the size of a conventionalmonitor – allowing images to seamlessly extend across multiple displays without disruption from the bezel.It is the first monitor to bring a 5760×2160 ultra high-definition display to the consumer’s desktop and along with the 3000:1 static contrast ratio is ideal for gamers looking for a high-quality picture and a commanding view of the in-game experience. It also creates a seamless view for multi-display set-ups in a business setting. Using Samsung’s exclusive stand, the configuration and composition of users’ setup can be changed to users’ preference. Whether users are in finance, design, programming or engineering, the flexibility of the set-up in multiple portrait and landscape configurations increases their productivity.

“Samsung’s legacy of producing the highest quality front-of-screen viewing experience is exemplified by this technical innovation,” said JinHwan Kim, vice president of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Our image quality, combined with our narrow bezel, creates an unparalleled desktop viewing experience for a variety of entertainment and productivity applications.”

A Customized Multi-Display Package

Previously, computer users in need of a multi-display system were forced to buy monitors, stands, and cables separately, costing significant time and money. The MD series packages come with everything users need to start using their multi-monitor setup, with all monitors, stands, cables and controllers included in the box. All users need is the MD series package and an AMD Eyefinity card in order to get the best multi-tasking and gaming experience available.

Configuration Options

The monitors can be set up in almost any multi-screen horizontal or vertical configuration using up to six units, including:
· Single monitor without stand (MD230)
· 3×1 landscapeor portrait (MD230X3)
· 3×2 landscape (MD230X6)

The MD Series is available through Samsung reseller and distribution channels today.

MD230 Monitor Key Specs

· Sold in groups of three or six with a mounting stand
· 1920×1080 resolution each; 5760×2160 resolution in MD230X6
· High dynamic contrast (150,000:1) and static contrast (3,000:1) ratios
· Full 178 degree viewing experience
· Analog, DVI and Display port input
· 8 ms response time

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Samsung unveiled Multi-Display package with award-winning monitorSamsung unveiled Multi-Display package with award-winning monitor
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