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[Review] BenQ E2420HD Full HD LCD Monitor

BenQ E2420HD

In the world of LCD Full HD monitors, consumers have seen many changes, both in terms of price, in terms of features, or even in terms of design. In 2009, major manufacturers even started to produce new kinds of monitors capable of displaying 3D images. But these screens will probably cost one arm and one leg for a long time.

Moreover, according to the results of our poll question (1066 votes) only 3% of You are ready to invest in a 3D-capable display… And even 53% claim not to care about 3D at all…. Yep, even if since last year we’ve always been talking about 3D displays, most of you seem to prefer a basic LCD screen. And actually we just tested a 24 inch LCD screen from BenQ, a Taiwanese company, with the E2420HD.

Yes, you’re right, this screen is not really new (Introduced one year ago), but since Martin Moelle, BenQ Japan’s Managing Director, has kindly gave us a test sample (because I was looking for a gaming monitor), we decided to give you our impression regarding this fully-loaded 24-inch LCD screen.

BenQ E2420HD specifications
• Display technology: LCD
• Screen Size: 24.0 inch
• Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
• Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
• Brightness: 300 cd/m2
• Response Time: 2ms (GTG)
• Viewing Angle: 170 (Horizontal) / 160 (Vertical)
• Interface: D-Sub (x1), DVI Input (x1), HDMI Input (x2), Headphone Jack (x1), Line In (x1), Line out (x1),
USB 2.0 (x4)
• Audio: 2 speakers (Stereo)
• Price: 21 800 yens, or 175€

First Impressions
Last year, for the BenQ’s monitor press conference, we said that we were impressed by this new display series coming from BenQ. Nicely designed, fully-loaded, with sharp colors, the E2420HD was definitely something we would try.

Once out of the box, the screen immediately makes good impression. Compared to old BenQ’s model, this new series comes with stylish Glossy black Plastic Bezel that measures 179mm on the side. BenQ’s Designers seem to have taken some time to build something really good. The LCD panel is matte that’s something indispensable today to fully enjoy your movie, or games. And thanks to a standard VESA mount you will also have the possibility to mount it on your wall. The display can tilt vertically, but unfortunately you will not be able to adjust the height of the screen.

As we said earlier, the E2420HD is fully-loaded with a nice interface that includes 11 ports: an USB Hub with 4 ports, two HDMI ports, as well as DVI, D-Sub, and three audio connectors. This screen is ideal to hook up two HDMI sources (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Blu-Ray player), as well as External HDD to enjoy your movies. Most of connections are located on the bottom of the screen.

Regarding controls, they are located on the right side of the screen… To be honest, this is not the best placement we could see. To navigate in the menu, you will have to use 5 different buttons (Auto / Menu / Up and Down / Enter). Actually, at first, it’s a little bit complicated to understand how to use each buttons, in particular with up / down button that could be used as right / left button. However, you will have the possibility to perfectly adjust your screen features. You will be able to manage the brightness, contrast, position, color tone, or to choose different presets (Movie, Gaming, etc…). Each preset will change color temperature, brightness in order to give you the appropriate image.

Everyday Usage
Ideally, this monitor has been made for watching movies (Blu-Ray), or playing games with your Playstation 3 and Xbox. It comes with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, and provides an aspect ratio of 16:9. Actually, Martin Moelle advised us this monitor since I was looking for a display in order to perfectly enjoy my Playstation 3.

The E2420HD achieved a brightness score of 300 candelas per square meter (cd/m2), which is actually the average, and provides a contrast ratio of 1000: 1 with a dynamic contrast ratio going up to 50000:1.

For our test, we hooked up the BenQ E2420HD to the Playstation 3 in order to see what the monitor had to offer regarding games, and Blu-Ray movies.

For the gaming part, we tested FIFA 2010, as well as Call of Duty: Modern warfare 2 (Sorry, Daimaou doesn’t pay me enough to get better games!). And performances are far from being bad. I would say almost perfect, with sharp image, smooth motion, and no visible ghosting.

Playing Modern Warfare 2 is pleasant. The Sighting cross mark is accurate with no noticeable lag.

Regarding the color quality, the BenQ E2420HD seems to be better than a LG FLATRON Wide LCD W2753V, offering brighter image…

Drawbacks concern, the gaming mode available on this display is actually totally useless. While the normal mode was enough and was providing vivid image, the Gaming mode gives you too spicy and aggressive images bursting your eyes in a second.

Regarding the Blu-Ray movies part, here again we have something really nice with sharp image, and a good colors balance. The black are appropriately dark. We tested the screen with different Blu-Ray (300, Casino Royale…)

The contrast ratio is quite good, while Dynamic contrast ratio works well. Actually it’s well darkening the scene.

However, the major drawback concerning the movie part is about the viewing angle. While the Left / Right viewing angle is normal, the Up / Down part, which is of 160 degrees is not really good. Actually, in my configuration, I am used to watch movies from my bed with the monitor put on my table located at my feet… I have to admit that it’s not the best position to enjoy your movies. But compared to the LG Flatron Wide LCD W2753V, or the BenQ M2700HDS, it’s not that bad. I would say even better than the LG One. Indeed, you will still able to enjoy your Blu-Ray without any major problem.

Lastly, when you use your E2420HD via DVI, or D-Sub port, with a notebook, it provides quite descent image with clear text, and vibrant colors.

- Stylish, and slim bezel
- Nice colors, vivid image, no noticeable lag (for gaming part)
- Solid, robust and well built
- Nice Interface with two HDMI ports, USB Hub (4 ports)
- Full HD
- Price

- Viewing angle (Up / down)
- Not adjustable stand
- Useless Gaming mode, Video Mode

We were impressed during the Press Conference, and after the review, we are far from being disappointed. Actually, we highly recommend this screen. For that price, it will be difficult to get something better.
With a nice 24-inch LCD Full HD screen providing you a fully-loaded interface (2 HDMI ports, USB Hub, DVI / D-Sub ports…), you will really be able to enjoy games, and Blu-Ray movies.

The major issue concerns the viewing angle… You’ll really have to be in front of your screen to be able to enjoy colors, and a good image quality. However, this won’t be worse than most of the 24-inch displays available on the market…

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[Review] BenQ E2420HD Full HD LCD Monitor[Review] BenQ E2420HD Full HD LCD Monitor[Review] BenQ E2420HD Full HD LCD Monitor[Review] BenQ E2420HD Full HD LCD Monitor[Review] BenQ E2420HD Full HD LCD Monitor[Review] BenQ E2420HD Full HD LCD Monitor
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