Published on April 16th,2010 at 3:54 PM
By >Akihabara News Team

Toshiba to unveil iPad rival Android and Windows tablets

Toshiba Tablet

While Apple have been enchanting people with iPad even long before its launch, it seems Toshiba were not just being spectator and in fact working hard on creating iPad rivals.

Although there is not much insight into the detailed specifications of the products, what we know is Toshiba will launch two tablets before the end of this year, one Android running 10-inch tablet and one dual-screen Windows 7 running tablet. The Android tablet will have a lower price tag whereas Windows Tablet would be high end.

Joo Joo tablet, HP tablet…and soon Toshiba tablets. Above all, I am especially curious if Toshiba will manage to do what the others have not yet been able to, that is, to beat (catch up with) iPad in terms of touch-screen responsiveness.

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  • noel

    i’ve tried this one in the picture, it’s smaller, bulkier, heavier than the ipad. Not very responsive and the interface is clumsy. It’s like a car navigator with more functions.

  • scrambler
  • confusedapples

    iPads are like convertible cars. Nobody really needs one. You can’t carry a lot of
    cargo or groceries, kids, friends, doesn’t run very fast…. hot and humid if you’re
    stuck in traffic with top down… not to mention the noise even when the top is up.

    on the other hand, everybody wants a convertible. the only problem is that convertibles
    are almost always more expensive.

    what Apple has done was creating a device that everybody wants at a somewhat reasonable
    price($500 to $800). iPad are slow…. holds very little storage capacity… doesn’t
    run all your favourite software…. somewhat bulky… but it is a very fun and sexy
    toy…. not something that you need for work or school.(which is actually a good thing)
    last but not least, iPads are perfect for killing time. I dare to say that 85% of the
    time people spend on the iPad is for pure recreational purposes.

    other companies like Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, etc…. they just don’t get it… they want
    to create a tablet that’s “better” than the iPad…. better hardware is easy to achieve,
    but a better user experience is hard to do…

    • Sakaphoto

      Actually, iPad does run software I want to use. OmniGroup are porting all their productivity and business software from Mac OS X and Apple have office software. The games are a bonus.

      What stops me is that iPad isn’t powerful enough in its first generation, just like the first generation iPhone and iPod touch. It’s taken Apple 4 generations to get what’s a really desirable platform for iPhone/iPod touch and it might take that long for iPad.

      Sure, these other companies will arrive at something useful and people will buy them just to not have to buy Apple products but who has a better interface? By the time the others are somewhat appealing, Apple will be onto the second generation, yes?

    • Ami

      Well, problem in this world is, every one is making 4X4 and when apple comes out with a sleek, beautiful, adorable and desirable convertible every other company in world think.. ohhh.. we should also make a convertible AND it must be better then Apple.
      It happened with iPhone. Every other company has, almost, affordable touch phones after release of iPhone and every other company has just one goal, how to beat the “iPhone”

      Now, it’s happening with iPad. every tom and dick now want to come up with some thing like iPad and to beat apple.

      All of them missing just one point.. They had missed the bus as this is market of surprise. Some one coming with innovative idea will win, rest of them just follow.

  • Noel

    That’s not really true mr confusedapples. There’s so much hype around apple these days you should wait and see so many applications comming for the ipad that you’ll never see in other pad’s. As daimahou said, there were pads for many many years… so what? iPad and the concept behind it is a true paradigm shift that happens once every 5 or 10 years. It’s like the iPhone: mobile phones will never be the same again.
    If there’s one company to check is google with it’s bladerunner pad



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