Published on April 9th,2010 at 4:18 PM
By >Akihabara News Team

iPhone OS 4 unveiled, Wrap-up

iPhone OS 4

iPhone OS 4 was unveiled yesterday in a ‘Developer Preview’ event with various new features introduced, including the long-awaited “Multitasking” function.

Before we go ahead providing you with a wrap-up of all the info that is available, let’s start with informing you that it will be available for iPhone and iPod Touch this summer, whereas for iPad we will have to wait until Fall. Another important notice is that this OS will work with its full features only with iPhone 3Gs and the nex gen iPod Touch. While iPhone 3G, original iPhone and the older iPod Touch models will be able to download it, they won’t be able to support some features including Multitasking.

Here are the main highlights of the iPhone OS 4 Preview:

1) Multitasking: Once you double press the home button, an application dock composed of the recently used apps will show up. You will be able to switch among them whenever you want. So just as it sounds, it is not the exact same type of multitasking you get on your desktop but it is rather multitasking-on-a-smartphone version. Here is an introductory video of how Multitasking works on iPhone to give you a better idea:

2) Folders: Instead of having pages and pages of icons, you will be able to keep as many apps as you want in Folders. No more mess-up, no more toil, simple and neat.
3) Merged Inbox: Finally you can have a unified inbox, switch between inboxes, sync to more than one exchange accounts, in-app attachment viewing and so on.
4) iBooks: Import from iPad. Made available on iPhone and iPod Touch. Wireless synchronizing of books between platforms.
5) iAd: Mbile ads appearing in the form of apps with rich media such as videos.
6) SDK Beta available: iPhone software development kit (SDK) Beta is available for developers over the iPhone Dev Center.
7) Game Center: A.k.a Social Gaming Network. Akin to Xbox Live type of games, casual and multiplayer.
8 ) iPhone Spotlight: Web and Wikipedia search directly from iPhone Spotlight
9) 5x digital zoom
10) Bluetooth keyboard support
11) Wallpaper of your choice

If you would like to watch the keynote speech of Steve Jobs, jump on the link:   Apple events

You can refer to these links for reference and details:


Apple iPhone 4.0 introduces game center: Social Gaming Network

Apple iPhone introduces multitasking


iPhone 4.0 the best new features

For comparision of iPhone OS 4 with  iPhone OS 3.1.3, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile 6.5.3:

Engadget:  iPhone OS 4 versus Windows Phone 7: the tale of the tape

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  • Chris

    Realise a software update by an American company is an important news story for site that covers Japanese and Asian hardware… It is not like I can’t get this information elsewhere. Where as those pesky people at CNET are always covering Doraemon fly toys ;)

    I do love your work, please keep it up, but man I don’t need to read this from every news source.

    • Connie

      wait…. where can I read more news about Doraemon fly toys??? Please post link! THANKS! :)

      By the way, in this afternoon’s CNN news, the new iPhone OS4 news came before all
      other news…. even the health care reform update and yesterday’s 7.5 earthquake….

    • Chris
    • Bruce

      I’ve never understood people who can’t skip over articles that don’t interest them.

    • Chris

      What’s so wrong about commenting on the fact that this article is a bit off topic? How else should I communicate my opinion? AN isn’t a general tech site, where else would you get Asian Babe of the Week or Visiting…

      Personally I have read a wee bit about iPhone OS4, mainly on general tech sites like Engadget or OS sites like OSNews. I really wouldn’t mind if there was a juicy bit that was for the Asian/Japanese market. Support for digital wallet or somesuch. But there isn’t.

      I haven’t skipped this article because it seems so out of place. Nihon Car created Manual Gear just for western car news. That’s great. If there was a Tottenham Court Road News for western tech news, I’d probably visit that to. There isn’t.

      So my question stands, how is this news from Akihabara?

      I realise your angle though, I hate Trolls too. I know that isn’t what you were saying, but there is blurred line. Especially when you ask for comment. Maybe I am thinking things too far and I should as you suggest walk on by. I guess would like to think myself less a troll skulking under a bridge, but some sort Tanuki poking things saying ‘what’s this for?’

      Sorry I’ve rambled on like maniac, I have a cold and I took some throat sweets and now I feel a bit odd.

  • Connie

    You mentioned OS4 is available for “…the nex gen iPod Touch…”

    Just wanted to clear it up a bit… there is no “next gen iPod Touch” :)
    Gave me a big of fright, as I just bought my 64GB iPod Touch yesterday.

    There are 3 generations of iPod Touch. According to Apple’s website as of April 8,
    the OS4 will only be available for the 3rd generation iPod Touch, which only includes
    the current 32GB/64GB models, which were released back in Sept 2009.

    • Sakaphoto

      At least, the iPod touch you have is fully supported by the upgrade. It’s too bad that you’ll probably have to pay for it after only a few months of use. Of course, you can ignore the upgrade but there seem to be quite a few goodies.

      I think Apple have done a decent job on new functionality, but I’m sad that my second generation iPod touch is too weak for multi-tasking. November 2008 doesn’t seem that far back.

      I’m hoping that, along with Bluetooth keyboard support, they added Bluetooth headset support since my Motorola S9 headphones also can be used as a headset, except on iPhone/iPod touch.

  • davibobby

    It’s said that it will add support for new languages, such as catalan, which has been demandedby the apple user community in Catalonia for 2 decades on apple products.

    • Pat

      many have also been demanding that Apple start supporting Klingon language
      on its products(including Macs, iPods, iPhones, and now the iPad)

      tlhIngan maH!!!!!!!!!

    • Baratech

      Catalan language, Great !

      I can’t wait for the OS4 for my iPad.

      Best later than never



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