Published on April 2nd,2010 at 2:35 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

[Hands-On] Sharp’s new mobile 2D/3D LCD is mind-blowing !

Sharp 3D Glasses-Less LCD

Finally I had the chance to enjoy Sharp’s new 2D/3D LCD that does not require 3D glasses. What I have seen so far has been quite disappointing, Sorry Fujifilm, but Sharp’s new technology is REALLY impressive and I cannot wait to have such a screen in my 3DS ! Not only the colors and brightness are good as advertised, but also the 3D Ghost-less Effect on this LCD is really impressive.

Unfortunately our picture can’t do any justice to the work done by Sharp here but you will have to trust us on this one… Simply put, Sharp have succeeded to do what Sony and Panasonic did without the need for 3D Glasses!

Update, with more details and more live photos here after the Jump : [Hands on] Final thought of Sharps 3D LCD screen (Summary)

Via Sharp
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  • Leiwei

    I wonder though… if this Sharp screen can be implemented on larger television-size screens without sacrificing on the 3D quality part. I read somewhere that 3D display has a better effect (better controlled) when implemented in smaller screens, especially when it just has to produce the 3D effect to one individual viewer. But how does Sharp’s technology perform for larger audiences viewing a larger screen?

    Not trying to downplay Sharp’s success (I like many Sharp products- tv, md, stereo), but maybe it’s really just like any of the other 3D parallax technologies available … just that it probably ‘appears’ better because of the smaller screen real estate. Makes you wonder if Sony and Panasonic released small parallax screens would it give the same result. The non-ghosting effect though is impressive.

    • Frank

      It does not work for that purpose. It colors different sides of the pixels differently so that when held at the exact 3 ft distance, for 1 viewer, it will produce the same effect as the glasses.

      It was never intended to be used for TVs with large screens, or for multiple people viewing it from any angle, they never advertised it as such.

      It works for this one purpose and this purpose alone, and does a pretty decent job.

  • Neil

    I saw Sharp with 3D LCD (no glasses) notebook almost 10 years ago – but the public was not ready for it.
    This is obviously an improved version for the ‘Avitar ready’ consumer.
    Sharp has constantly lead with products ahead if their time – way to go SHARP and way to go Nintendo.
    Sharp can easily make full size 3D LCD (no glasses) if there is the demand – and there will be 🙂

    Impressive !

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      I remember these notebooks, they where impressive for the time but the quality was far to be amazing

  • LostDirections

    you know… this would be really cool if implemented on a car navigation video screen.
    imagine seeing the map in 3D…. 🙂

  • 101boywii against censership of posts

    nintendo 3DS thats all we need to know noone mentions the most obvious and best use for this nintendo is going to damage so many with there 3DS



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