Published on March 31st,2010 at 5:40 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

I had my first “iPad” in 2003…

MobiNote EP8403

Seriously why did it take 7 years for Apple to launch an iPad while in fact back in 2003 I had a MobiNote EP8403? Sure the EP8403 does not feature a Multitouch screen, but I had at least a touchscreen, there was no GPS/3G/WiFi on this MobiNote, but it had a PCMCIA slot a USB slot and even a stand…

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I had my first “iPad” in 2003…I had my first “iPad” in 2003…I had my first “iPad” in 2003…
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  • Scott Kindorf

    Daimaou – If I remember correctly, if you put a WiFi PCMCIA card in that unit that it *should* have WiFi connectivity. On the version of WinCE on that, it might be a little bit of a kluge to get it to work properly, but it would be worth a shot.

    • Daimaou – G-A.G

      Yep ;-) 3G, PHS (Needed a Cab Driver for that one), GPS as well I tried it before

  • Warai

    Similar form factor but as many people have pointed out a tablet is not just about form factor, it is about the interface. Something this device fails to provide with it’s Windows CE mouse and keyboard UI. I can only imagine browsing around this thing would be a rather slow and painful process. I am really looking forward to the new UI paradigms that will surely be flooding the market along with the onslaught of devices in this form factor.

  • Steve Jobs

    This is heresy! Nothing exists until I say it does.

    • Chen Cin Lung

      Seriously why did it take 7 years for Apple to launch an iPad while in fact back in 2003 I had a MobiNote EP8403? Sure the EP8403 does not feature a Multitouch screen, but I had at least a touchscreen, there was no GPS/3G/WiFi on this MobiNote, but it had a PCMCIA slot a USB slot and even a stand…

    • Chen Cin Lung

      Hahaha, a great comeback. But seriously, Apple made the fist tablet computer long before windows did. It is still in monochrome and amazingly can recognize the handwriting style. My classmate brought one into a class and wrote her notes just on the tablet like she would in regular paper.

      Simply amazing for old tech. Btw, please disregard the old reply, somehow I made a mistake posting the comment.

  • Hobs

    Everyone seems to think that if you manage to make a computer that fits behind a 10″ screen that makes it an iPad. Well the success of these devices has demonstrated very clearly that that is not what the story is about.

    I can’t imagine using that thing you had with WinCE. No wonder it went to the history of computer flops.

  • rado

    because the idea had to be refined, the software had to evolve, the technology had to be just right?

  • Steve Jobs

    Oh… Really… You haven’t realized yet? We only produce things to get your money, nothing more for…

  • boofay

    i can’t wait 2 buy a chinese i pad for $20.00

  • Bill Gates

    We at MS are completely selfless, we just want to put a computer in every house, and make damn sure that each and every one of them runs MS Windows, MS Office, MS Internet Explorer, MS… But we do it out of our kindness.

  • Yoda

    A laptop lacking keyboard with a crippled desktop OS does not a tablet make. Hmmm?

    • Happler

      But a phone enlarged to a laptop size, still no keyboard, and now without a real OS is a tablet?

  • Steve Jobs

    We can make iPad batter than a a laptop and a way better than a newspaper… better than everything but… of course! you’ve got it! for extra charge! =) Yep! I am rich! =)

  • Kerensky97

    I’m suprised that you still have yours.

    I never went that big but I still miss my Dell Axim x51v. If it just had 3G phone capabilities it would be far better than many of the smartphones out there, and it’s half a decade old.

  • K

    hahaha… and…. why it didn’t revolutionize the world??… well, on simple answer… the logo in the middle of the screen says it all… hahaha

    • Happler

      red Kool-aid, Blue Kool-aid, in the end, it is all still kool-aid.

  • Tran

    Developers, Developers, Developers to quote the Microsoft mantra.

    Windows CE up to v6 is not a touchscreen OS, it was designed around the inputs of keyboard,mouse,stylus and the lack of applications reflected that. Poor UI design and poor applications made sure WinCE never went anywhere.

    Thanks to the iPhone Apple have built up a large library of applications that work for a touchscreen device and therefor made something like the iPad an actual viable product.

    Sure any company could have launched a similar product but they would have been doomed from the start, the iPad is by no means a guaranteed mainstream success (see AppleTV/Cube) but it stands a better chance than anything like the MobiNote EP8403 ever did.

    Speaking as someone who has zero plans to ever buy an iPad.

  • BeanyandBrooke Guzman

    Do those tablets have ANY value? I purchased one at a yard sale for $5 bucks. I thought i’d grab it since it looked kind of cool.



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