Published on March 28th,2010 at 1:40 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Den-en-chōfu

Let’s Visit Tokyo - Den-en-chōfu

Den-en-chōfu is Ōta -Ward one of most expensive residence area, and most probably the most expensive one in all Tokyo. A few minutes by walk from where I leave, Den-en-chōfu does strike you as really amazing at first but when you begin walking away from the train station you will stumble upon some huge properties, with among them, the actual Japanese Prime Minster Hatoyama… And if you want to go and check one of his family estate (His Grand father, Shorijo Ishibashi, was Bridgestone tiers founder), just walk away from the main train station until you will find some cops…

Praised by Japanese, Den-en-chōfu, has nothing out of the ordinary and in fact, Den-en-chōfu look quite similar to many other area around Meguro or Ota Ward, but its “concentration” of politicians, Stars and famous sport players make it unique and expensive.

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Let’s Visit Tokyo – Den-en-chōfuLet’s Visit Tokyo – Den-en-chōfuLet’s Visit Tokyo – Den-en-chōfuLet’s Visit Tokyo – Den-en-chōfuLet’s Visit Tokyo – Den-en-chōfuLet’s Visit Tokyo – Den-en-chōfu
Let’s Visit Tokyo – Den-en-chōfuLet’s Visit Tokyo – Den-en-chōfuLet’s Visit Tokyo – Den-en-chōfu
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  • Sorin

    I wonder, how much is the house costs in such a place?

  • Daimaou

    An average of 100,000,000.00 yen which about the same as where I live.

  • Loco

    What a peaceful place.

  • Mark in Boston

    I so much look forward to your films, and this one was especially enjoyable. It narrates itself and offers perspectives that brought me right to the scene. The sakurabon were especially a nice ending.

    Compared to here in Boston, a few of those homes would be considered very expensive. One of them reminds me of a residential architecture that is called “deck house”, with tall windows and an open feeling.

    Anyway, thank you for making this effort. It is very much appreciated!

    Please consider more scenes with rain. I could watch and listen for hours. :)

  • wowowcat

    The imperial palace in Tokyo is obviously not for sale. However, if it were avaiable for
    sale on the real estate market, how much money will it sell for? (in Euros or US Dollars)

    As usual, this is an excellent video, even for those of us who’ve never been to Japan.

    What kind of software do you use to re-encode(or down-convert) the original videos that
    you shot?

    THANKS! :)

  • Josef

    Nice Video again. I am looking forward for “Springvideos” from Tokyo, must be a wonderful time there. :-)

  • rado

    thank you, we really appreciate these videos and hope you can go on with them, the opportunities are endless:

    Mitaka (around Ghibli Museum)

    Okinawa :)

    domo arigato ^_^



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