Published on March 15th,2010 at 1:06 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Welcome to Akihabara News V5.1 aka ROLF (Code Name)

Just to give you a little update on Akihabara News website development. 3 months after the launch of Akihabara News V5 aka WTF, this weekend we rolled-out the final touch of Akihabara News V5.1 aka ROLF.

ROLF includes 18 different little improvements and tweaks of WTF. Most of them are just beneath the Skin of Akihabara News design but there are some others that are in fact visible to the naked eyes and immediately useful for you.

1. A New Highlight Module.

At Akihabara News we like the idea behind the Highlight and the Featured Post, where we provide you a selection of the 6 most important news of the day in a single windows directly available from the top of the page. This gives for the busiest people among our readers the chance to quickly get what is hot right now!
Introduced with WTF, the ROLF version is better-built and offers a better design with the basic information related to the news.

2. Hot Archive.

Hot Archive is a module made to display the 4 most popular news in the past 2 weeks, basically the more the people read a specific news, the better the chance of this news to be published on the Hot Archive section. Although this is not really new and had been introduced back on WTF, due to the amazing popularity of both the Asian Babe Fight of the Week and the Let’s Visit Tokyo, the Hot Archive was just struggling to show other kinds of articles related to the core business of the Akihabara News. So from now on, only the News affiliated to Electronics will be displayed on the Hot Archive section.

3. Rest of the News.

The front page of Akihabara News is divided into 4 sections, with the first being the Highlights, then the Featured Post, the Latest News (10 news in total) and the rest of the news at the bottom that were initially divided in 2 with a Thumbnail section and Text only section.

Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, we just get ride of the Text in part in the “Rest of The News” by replacing them with Thumbnails.

4. Better Previous and Next Post navigation in Each news.

We finally fixed an annoying bug in each of our news or review where the text “Previous Post” and “Next Post” have now their matching Thumbnails and Title below them. So now before clicking either on each of the Previous or Next Post you will know exactly what kind of News you will find.

5. Enjoy better each comment!

Comments are not only important for us, but for you too. So we added 2 features, with the possibility to subscribe to the post comments via a dedicated RSS Feed, or to get alerted each time someone is replying to what you have written.

Final Word

This said, we hope you will enjoy ROLF (Akihabara News V5.1) and do not hesitate to continue sending us your feedback. And rest assured, some major improvements will come soon (Around May). This Major update Akihabara V5.5 or XD… implements many little things that you have asked for. So yes, your feedback is important to us !

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  • Tim

    This is a really nice update, the interface looks much better. :)

    • daimaou

      Thanks Tim

  • D.

    but will there still be an Asian Babe fights of the week ?

    seriously though: nice work ;-)

    • daimaou

      Hehehe don’t worry you will still find them on the bottom right of the page and each week-ends !

  • Iron

    Very nice guys, it’s getting better and better!

  • Precea

    Thanks :) Don’t forget to give your feedback (this thing is too bad, or I want this thing, etc)

  • Bruce

    Only having electronics covered in the Hot Archive is nice. That section used to be pretty distracting.

    The highlight module is a good idea, but it has some rough edges. Some quick observations:

    - It wasn’t obvious to me how to get a list of highlights. I only figured it out while preparing this comment.
    - It would be nice to be able to pause on a highlight.
    - When selecting a highlight out of the list at the top, the transition should be much quicker than the default transition. If I click, I want info – I’m not wanting to ooh and ahh at jQuery fades.
    - Once a transition starts, if you click ‘next’ you end up double-transitioning and skipping an article. Maybe clicking ‘next’ should be ignored for at least the first half of a transition?

    Overall, I like your site design.

  • r3demon

    It’s true, highlights are a very good idea, but its not obvious how to get there. Highlights should be showed by default.

  • BakaDaruku

    YES!!!! I can middle click the highlights!!!!!




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