Published on March 14th,2010 at 10:07 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu Gardens

Hama-rikyu Gardens

Close to Shiodome City and stuck between Tokyo Bays and a wall of tall buildings and Hotels there is huge garden built on reclaimed landed, the Hama-Rikyu Gardens.

If I agree that such garden is a breath of air in the center of Tokyo and its proximity to the Tokyo bay is a plus, I however do not particularly like the place, unfortunately due to its location and its many little pounds and area for to enjoy a nice picnic with friends or with your loved ones, this park suffer from being “over” visited by tourists (not only foreigners) and the crowd is unfortunately not so gentle with the fragile equilibrium of this place. Pity indeed since the overall scenery is fantastic and sometime breathtaking.

Now for the History this park has been inaugurated in April 1946 but was in fact created in 1645 the younger brother of Itesuma the 4th Tokugawa Shogun as a beach house, and then been modified by other shogun.

If there is only one place you should visit on this park, it is I believe the Bakajima No Ochaya, or the Tea Store (Café) of Nakajima, build on the a tiny island in the middle of Shioiri-no-ige (The Shioiri pound, or small lack), you will then be able to enjoy some traditional Japanese tea with mochi in a very unique place.

On the Side note, I catch a cold, actually my daughter catch it first then gave it to my wife who was kind enough to give it to me… So I was not in my best to shoot this video… And yes I need to get a better Mic for my 5D MK II and a Fader ND Filter too… I really need to upgrade my gear but also need to get the budget for that… :(

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Let’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu GardensLet’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu GardensLet’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu GardensLet’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu GardensLet’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu GardensLet’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu Gardens
Let’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu GardensLet’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu GardensLet’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu GardensLet’s Visit Tokyo – Hama-rikyu Gardens
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  • Leif

    Thanks for another great video. Hope you feel better soon

    • Daimaou

      Thanks but I’m not really satisfied with this video, Will do better next time

  • Author

    Thanks for another great video.

    Will it be possible for you to do a “Let’s Visit Osaka” video in the future?
    (or any other Japanese city besides Tokyo?)

    Thanks again! :)

    • daimaou

      I really would like, but this is more a matter of “Budget” than will.

  • Sorin

    Thanks for the show, wish You and Your family to feel better soon. Can You kindly explain what are those (metal?) strings on the rods, above and along the wooden bridges handrails here and there?

    • daimaou

      This is in order to avoid crows or any kind of birds to sit and defecate on the rods

  • Niels

    If I have the chance, I may do some let’s visit Osaka items in April and forward them to Daimaou. It depends on if I can buy my new Camera on time before I leave for Japan.
    Let me know if there is any interest from the Akihabara team.
    Shooting would not be in 1080 but 720 and I really am a novice in filming. But I would be willing to try.

  • Oleg

    Is it cherry blossom at Tokyo already?! Hayai mono desune…
    At Minami Uonuma / Niigata-ken is still a meter of snow!

    • Precea

      Not cheryblossom, just Prunus :)

  • Mark Richards

    A very nice 12 minute visit. Thank you for taking us to places many may not be able to experience.

    Now, if only the warm air would visit us!

    Please get well soon.



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