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Pioneer new 4 Channel Mixer DJM-2000 will rock your world

Pioneer DJM-2000

Let’s says that you are a professional or occasional DJ and want to get the best of your tune, a Mixer is definitely the very basic stuff you need and in this world Pioneer is by far one of the most popular choice. And today our manufacturer announced the DJM-2000 in Japan, featuring PRO DJ LINK, it will be capable to connect and communicate easy with other Pioneer products including the CDJ-2000 for example as well as having a 32-bit D/A converter and 24-bit A/D Converter with a 96kHz-sampling rate.

Our DJM-2000 sports 6x RCA CD/Line Input, 2x Phone RCA Input, 4 Digital Inl Coaxial Input and the Usual MIC one. And as far as the output is concerned, we have 1 RCA and 1 XLR Master Out, 1 Booth Out, 1 Rec Out via RCA, 1 Digital Out (Coaxial) …

The art of DJing is now in the digital age, and the next generation of DJ mixers needs to keep pace with the CDJ revolution. Our DJM-2000 truly does that.

The brand new DJM-2000 is our most powerful performance mixer and is the perfect match for the new industry-standard CDJ-2000 digital decks.

With an innovative touch screen and arsenal of remixing FX, the DJM-2000 forms the ultimate club mixer. No less than six individual effects processors lay the foundation for hundreds of music manipulation combinations, so a DJ can always create their own unique sound.

The new DJM-2000 takes advanced features – thought only possible in software – and reinvents them in the physical world. Its intuitive layout will feel natural to existing Pioneer DJM users allowing creativity to flow whilst keeping its technical complexity under the skin.

Renowned DJs assisted in development

The top of the range new mixer has been developed with the help of a number of international DJs. James Zabiela, Roger Sanchez, Eddie Halliwell, Tom Middleton, the Swedish House Mafia, Paul Woolford, John ‘00’ Fleming and Radio 1’s hard dance darling Kutski have all tested out the DJM-2000 at various stages of development – giving it the ultimate stamp of approval.

The DJM-2000 mixer, in conjunction with the CDJ-2000, offers a new performance orientated platform for the increasingly futuristic artform as the next ten years unfold.

Taking the best DNA from our other top end mixers and with other major enhancements, the DJM-2000 represents a new approach to mixing never seen before. It has effectively built in the technology of the EFX-1000, removing the need for an external effects unit along with touch screen technology from the SVM-1000.

The DJM-2000 is the world’s most complete and creative DJ mixer. It’s the essential mixer to get the most from the new CDJ-2000, and offers amazing new creative possibilities.
Come together with ProDJ Link

The ProDJ Link function makes it easy to switch over from one DJ to the next. By connecting up to 4 CDJ-2000s / CDJ-900s via LAN cable into the mixer and two laptops running rekordbox via USB In, the DJs can share music libraries across all decks.

The DJM-2000 also excels with its functionality. While inheriting the basic layout of their club standard DJM series, we have come up with a larger interface positioned perfectly in the middle of the mixer. The very first 5.8” large LCD multi-touch panel allows the DJ to use touch panel effects whilst checking them visually. It also comes with beat effect and INST FX functions, which means the DJ can alter the sound spontaneously without having to connect to multiple devices – allowing for a more flexible and unique performance.

Simplified connectivity

Another highlight of the INST effects is that they are available individually on each of the four channels. They offer more accurate control of filters, and the Hi Mid and Low EQ on each channel can be switched to make them Isolators – giving the DJ more choice.

The CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900’s HID control of DJ software allows virtual decks to be manipulated without time-code vinyl, and now the DJM-2000 further simplifies connectivity directly to your Mac or PC by having a soundcard built in.

Just as clubs and professional DJs are upgrading to CDJ-2000s, the new DJM-2000 completes the setup, offering a new reliable platform for creative DJ mixing at the highest level.

Via Pioneer
Pioneer new 4 Channel Mixer DJM-2000 will rock your worldPioneer new 4 Channel Mixer DJM-2000 will rock your worldPioneer new 4 Channel Mixer DJM-2000 will rock your world
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  • discostudio

    We are so excited about this mixer. The Pioneer DJM2000 is a great step forward for pioneer’s digital product lines and we can’t wait for the release date!

  • saviour

    i nend a dj2000



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