Published on February 28th,2010 at 10:27 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.

Tokyo Midtown Let's Visit Tokyo

Been pretty unlucky lately with the weather, once again we have a rainy weekend here in Tokyo, feel like Seattle ;-) . Anyway since I am not too found of shooting video under the rain, I decided to shoot today’s video indoors, in one of Tokyo’s finest luxury shopping mall, Tokyo Midtown.

A few minutes away from the dirty and absolutely utterly unfriendly Roppongi area, where in my opinion only “Wannabe” love to hang around, there is a quite elegant shopping mall called Tokyo Midtown. I personally do not do my shopping there since there are few shops for men, but my wife and I often go enjoy eating at Midtown. There are indeed quite a few nice restaurants there and we really recommend the Italian Restaurant “Botanica” from the Hiramatsu group that also happen to mange all Paul Bocuse restaurant in Japan. Now if you just fancy more basic food, there is also a very nice burger place too!

Anyway if you have some spare time in Tokyo and just want to have a drink, do some shopping with your loved one and enjoy a cozy atmosphere, Tokyo Midtown is the place to be!

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Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.
Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.
Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.
Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tokyo Midtown.
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  • Josef

    Nice Video again. There i a Store in the Video named “Joseph”, nice :-) ph and f is the same here.

  • Richard

    Midtown is awesome! They got a nice 24hour super market there that beats the heck out of convenience stores. It’s not just a mall though its more like a planned community similar to Roppongi Hills down the street. Xerox, and Konami have offices there. Also there is a Ritz Carlton and some condos there too. Not to mention a nice park and it’s across the street from the new national art center which is a pretty cool building itself.

  • XSportSeeker

    The whole place is so clean and clear of imperfections that kinda looks like a 3D rendered scene…

  • Mark in Boston

    It reminds me of a mall in Fukuoka, equally beautiful, clean and safe.

    That water display (with the circular stream) is amazing. Can you tell us how it is done?

    • seki

      sounds like “Canal City” .. yep the water display is pretty cool.
      Midtown looks awesome .. I’ll have to check it out next visit to Tokyo.
      Thanks for the video!

    • Mark in Boston

      Yes, Canal City exactly.

      Fond memories of that city. Was there when the Hawks were playing a championship game and everyone was in a rather festive mood.

      10 years is too long to be away. These videos bring back very nice memories, but being there is far better.

  • Author

    Please do not upload in .mov format, I can’t stand quicktime and feel the quality if inferior.

    • daimaou

      The Quality is without comparisons, et if I agree that MOV can be annoying, DivX is not capable to reach the same level of quality during my several test.

  • chyro

    What a waste to stay indoors, when the Midtown garden is so lovely! Plus Sunday was mostly sunny :p
    Also, don’t bash Roppongi, with Midtown and Roppongi Hills it has some of the most luxurious areas of town. The crappy area is actually relatively small.

    • daimaou

      Yeah, after spending my Saturday working on the Video and some news I wanted to have my Sunday off, after all many of you enjoy a full 2 days off the week-end why can’t I get at least one day ;-)

      Now regarding Roppongi, I am talking about “Roppongi Legacy” not Roppongi Hills or Midtown that just happen to be outside of the “Roppongi Legacy area”

  • Chris

    As always, an awesome video!

    I am curious about something: in your videos, whenever people walk past the camera, most never seem to look directly at you. Are you deliberately trying to be unnoticed? Do you somehow disguise the camera? Or do people just not really seem interested in what you are doing?


    • daimaou

      The later one, they don’t care, or sometimes they even wait until I am done… And no I am not hiding the camera or myself. I am however, always trying to be as less as disruptive.

  • Aseem

    hi… cool video.. which video camera do you use..??

    • Daimaou

      I believe I replied to this questions hunderds of time and to give you a hit I did not use any video camera at all.

  • Ryan

    love the ending – i can totally relate. haha

    • daimaou

      Only in Asia !

  • LoveThisWebsite

    Dear Sir,

    I love your excellent video. Unfortunately, it’s in *.mov format
    which means I cannot play it in my Playstation3.(where I store
    all of my video files on two 2-Terabyte external USB hard drive) :(

    If I converted the original *.mov to H.264 or HD Divx, I can
    play it on the PS3, but there is some loss of video quality. :(
    I’m using a Panasonic AE3000 1080p projector on a 133-inch Da-Lite
    High Power screen.

    All of your previous HD videos of Tokyo play perfectly on my PS3.

    Thanks for sharing such excellent videos with us.

    Laura (originally from Zurich)

    • daimaou

      I did not had the necessary time to make this video in DivX, it took me 4h to export this video and MOV was the fastest for me and provided better quality video.

      Now if you convert in DivX please use Handbreak, this software will give you excellent quality.



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