Published on February 10th,2010 at 4:38 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

LG to release its Lollipop 2 this Week-end in Korea

Also known as LG-SU430, KU4300 and LU4300, LG’s latest cute clamshell phone Lollipop 2 will hit Korea this Week-end.
Targeting a more young and female oriented population, LG brings to this new Lollipop 2 a 2.5 time more hidden LED (hidden under the phone lid) with now 220 LED in totals, giving you the possibility to “Pimp” your phone at will with your desired graphic or animation, as well as having specific animation for your SMS, e-Mail and calls. Other Features includes 5 different “Cute” themes or skins for your GUI, the usual DMB TV tuner, Camera, GPS…

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LG to release its Lollipop 2 this Week-end in KoreaLG to release its Lollipop 2 this Week-end in KoreaLG to release its Lollipop 2 this Week-end in KoreaLG to release its Lollipop 2 this Week-end in Korea
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  • bigbang_love

    oh my gosh! i like it! how i wish it would be available in america as soon as possible…..very cute…^^ like to have one…the pastel pink one

  • Rayanne

    I cant wait for it to be shipped to Singapore! Love the pastel pink one too!

  • Lisa

    I prefer the old colours better, they are brighter and more cute

  • Lolli-Cream

    They went easy on the colours to make it cheaper but people still want it for the number of LEDs it has. Probably the same reason why the secret light is now just 6 bigger LEDs on the phone casing.

  • nicole choi

    hi! i’m asking everybody and i look everywhere and i cant find where to buy this lollipop 2 lg < and i not exactly in korea, i live all the way in usa so i cant buy that phone,
    please anybody tell me where to buy this phone online!

    • ecalee

      lollipop2 won’t be out in the US until at least next year since it just came out in korea

  • doinky

    hi! i love the color and the features of this phone. can i ask if this has a wi-fi? is this available in the Philippines?

  • sykes

    huuu…so damn cute..the LED is cool..i’ so loving it!

  • Cindy

    Hi, i’m from australia, and i just wanted to ask how can I get this phone ?
    anyone know the online ordering website?
    n how much does this phone cost?

  • nathalie

    Someone know websides to buy that cellphone T^T

  • Lior

    man i really love the lollipop 2!!! im getting the 1st one soon, but i wish they had this one in America!!!

  • Fani

    I REALLY want this phone, but my parents will probably just get me the first version because if you buy this online the prices is waaaaay too high ($550 unless you have good bidding skills D:). But it’s so cool!

  • Mariela Hernandez

    I Have good news for americans who want this amazing phone.
    they sell the lollipop 1 at walmart but here the catch the carrier is T-mobile yeah gay.
    i receantly saw it their and i literally screamed in the store as my heart melted yeah >.<
    america is too slow on phones all american phones are ugly

  • sara

    i like it soo0OO much ! ! i wish it in malaysia market .. but there is no white colour of it ? ! i’m deadly love it in white ! !

  • sslee

    when will this be available in the Philippines?? They already phased out the first lollipop, i really really want this phone!! T_T

  • Eric

    I think Lollipop 2 is not available yet…But for 1st generation Lollipop you could buy it online from AliExpress or YesAsia. It costs approx $200.

  • tae young

    be careful of that american version of the lg lollipop. i bought my lollipop from hong kong and was pleasantly surprised with the menu screens, icons, key noises, etc. in a good way. i was at a mall and saw a t mobile stand with MY PHONE ON DISPLAY. looking further into it, the homescreens, icons, and all the stuff that made the lollipop SO cute was all gone. basically, you’d just be paying for the LED lights. i’ve seen the lollipop 2 being sold unlocked but seriously, it’s over $400 and homegirl don’t got that kind of money.

  • xeenichin

    is there any difference between the features of lg lollipop 2 su430 and the other lg lollipop 2?



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