Published on January 31st,2010 at 3:02 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Today’s Let’s Visit Tokyo missing due to poor Video quality

Hi everyone, I am sorry to announce that we will have to skip this week let’s visit Tokyo video… Actually I did shoot a Video last night but once I exported the whole project the result was astonishingly bad. Who’s to blame? Well myself of course as well as my choice of Camera…

Last night I wanted to shoot a video with the Canon 1D Mark IV and test its “night” capability and used the 720/60p mode… And my mistake was to first shoot in 720/60p for 2 reasons.

1) Like the 7D, the 1D Mark IV 720/60p mode is utterly useless due to the moiré effect. Yep Canon did not even fix this on the 1D Mark IV
2) I like the 60p mode but unfortunately you cannot undercrank on the Canon and since most light in the street where at 50Hz, I had a horrible and too visible “Strobe Light” effect on most of the sequences.

The second mistake I made was to shoot with the Canon EF-17-40mm 1:4 L USM lens. I am not sure if the problem is due to the lens that Canon gave me or if it is with this Series of lens in General, or the poor performances in low light of Canon Quick Mode AF. Most of the shoot were blurry and out of focus.

The final mistake was to believe in the High ISO capabilities of this camera, well at least in Video using the 720/60p mode (photo were pretty descent).
I mostly shot between 2000 and 4000 ISO to keep the noise as less visible as possible, but here also I was wrong.

Granted I am not James Cameron, but I am shooting with a DSLR since quite sometimes now and I am quite sad that I could not do magic, yet, with the 1D Mark IV… Anyway I have the camera for a week so I will try harder and get you better video for our review on this new DLSR.

Meanwhile you will have to wait next week for a new Let’s visit Tokyo… Sorry folks !

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  • tom

    i havent been here for a while but the site design and site content seem to have got severely worse.

  • Josef

    Aaah no, my Sunday is gone. But OK, i am young i can whait. Next Sunday next Video. 🙂

  • balls

    Just a note that all the cross type AF points are f2.8 sensitive, except for the middle point.

    That might explain why the camera may have had problems focusing.

    • Daimaou

      I did not know that, however I only shoot with the middle focus point in Photo or Video mode.

  • newworld666

    bad news !!!! …. it’s not that simple to film with DSLR .. till now I am far to get decent results on 5DMKII outdoor in the night .. must be concerned with shutter speed ?
    And I need to use rode external mic or I get terrific focus ring noises even with L lenses… how is it with MKIV ?

  • Charbax

    I am hoping Sanyo will release HD3000 in the next couple of months, with built-in WiFi upload to Youtube HD, built-in Android touch screen interface (for editing titles/descriptions), and faster/better H264 encoding quality per bitrate with more lower bitrate options such as 4mbit/s 720p for quicker upload to Youtube. Wireless microphone using Bluetooth or RF built-in would be nice as well. Live WiFi streaming with overlay chat API for Qik/Ustream would be nice as well while it also records HD versions.

  • Aaron

    What’s wrong with shooting video with a camcorder? Was the point to try to get a device to do something it really wasn’t designed to do?

    That being said, Canon should be ashamed at the poor video quality. Either do something well or don’t do it at all.

    • daimaou

      There are no camcorders today capable to reach the picture quality of a DSLR in Video, also Camcorder can not receive additional lenses.

    • Aaron

      It’s pretty obvious that my inexpensive Sony camcorder does 1080 HD video MUCH better than this DSLR, and costs a LOT less. If you compare still pictures from my camcorder versus the DSLR, the DSLR will win hands-down.

      My point is this: Use the right tool for the job and you’ll have far fewer problems.

      PS: With the RED camcorders, you CAN switch out lenses.

    • daimaou

      The RED is not a Camcorder… And no, your inexpensive Sony Camcorder won’t match a 5D or GH1 in that regards… just check the web you will see the difference. Even our HVX 200 a Broadcast Camera did not match our 5D MK II in video quality.

    • Aaron

      My inexpensive Sony camcorder will do 1080 video without moiré, “jello shutter”, or any of the other issues DSLRs have when shooting HD video. Why? Because that’s what camcorders are made for. I don’t care that the lens quality isn’t as good or that I won’t get as wide a color gamut when I can point and shoot with NO PROBLEMS. I’m not making the next “Avatar”… I’m shooting video of my dog at the dog park or shooting video of my wife with her friends at a party.

      Why are you arguing that a wrench is better to pound a nail into a board than a hammer? Use the right tool for the job and it’s a lot easier.

    • daimaou

      We are not aiming for the same usage, and yep for your Dog or everyday life shooting your Camcorder must be good enough, however for the usage we have it is not.

  • sebfarges

    Well my “Let’s visit NYC” shot with GH1 + fast C-mount seems to work here : 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Chris

    Daimaou, I feel so sorry for your. I hope you will manage to shoot a video next week. Gambarimassu.

  • vlad geller

    Hi Daimaou. I don’t know if James Cameron could have done a better job concerning the quality of the video shot in this mode. Not a big fan of him. Say “Granted I am not Akira Kurosawa”. Jokes aside, have you tried to shoot other than 720/60p or with a faster lens? I’m curious, I never shot a video with a DSLR. what did you mean by “there are no camcorders today capable to reach the picture quality of a DSLR in Video”? I have no ideea, maybe RED isn’t a camcorder, but a camcorder means video camera recorder. Now why woudn’t a cinealta be a camcorder? Looking forward for your new videos.

  • vlad geller

    btw, the sony pmw-ex3 is a camcorder even in the common acceptation of this term that can receive additional lenses.

  • Mark

    maybe you should try using a low light lens for low light conditions. f 1.2 or 1.4, anything else and you’d have to crank the ISO way too high, and if you are cranking the ISO in video mode you should use it in multiplications of 160, 320, 640, 1250, these are the optimal ISO settings for all canon DSLR video. And always remember: Never use an f4.0 lens in low light conditions…



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