Published on January 28th,2010 at 2:29 PM
By >Akihabara News Team

O.T.: Apple iPad, what does the web think?

Around two decades after introducing of the first tablet PC, in particular with the personal computer handled with a stylus, Apple announced yesterday during their usual Keynote event a new Multi Touch device, the famous iPad or “iTampon”…
We won’t introduce you the all-new iPad since most of you guys are aware with this new “Tablet” Device… I Think most of you were waiting for Steve Jobs announcement… But, we propose you a brief sum up of what the web thinks about this new beast.

But in the case of you were hibernating this winter, just a reminder regarding the specs:
The iPad is new kind of Multi Touch Tablet featuring a 9.7 inch LED LED-backlit glossy widescreen with a resolution of 1024 x 768, 16GB / 32GB / 64GB of Flash drive, a 1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed processor, Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, 3G, accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor, Dock connector, 3.5-mm stereo headphones, Built-in speakers, SIM card tray, Built-in 25Whr rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (Up to 10 hours battery life span).
Dimensions: 242.8mm (H) x 189.7mm (W) x 13.4mm (D)
Weight: 0.73kg (Wi-Fi + 3G model)

For Gizmodo US, the iPad is “simply beautiful, surprisingly light, Starky designed, and fast”. Regarding the overall quality, the screen looks nice capable to display small text crisply, the “touch responds like a dream”. Engadget side, it’s singing the same tune: The screen is stunning… However, for Engadget, the device seems to be far from light.
Both Sites say the CPU is marvelous, extremely fast, while Slashgear reproach the total absence of multi-tasking, while Engadget says “it’s a real disappointment
Both also report the absence of Flash support, which seems to be a crime for Slashgear. Ubergizmo side, the “iPad is just as reactive (or may be even more so) than the iPhone 3GS”.

For all, the eBooks are interesting, and Ubergizmo reports that the iPad is much better for colorful magazines, and web contents. Gizmodo thinks “just seeing the depth of pages makes the iBook app feel more like a book than a Kindle ever did”

Regarding the Keyboard, for Engadget it is good but not great (“Not quite as responsive as it looked in the demos“), while Gizmodo reports once sitted flat on the table, there’s some problem, in particular because of the back which is not perfectly flat. However for Ubergizmo, the keyboard is the most interesting one, because the iPad is email Friendly.

Browsing point, the overall speeds seems quite fast. According to Ubergizmo, the web browsing works well. “An iPhone but faster with a big display”. But for all, the flash support missing is a major problem.

What about the games?
It seems that all game demonstrated today were coming from iPhone in 480×240 that were stretched to 1024×768 with a good up scaling filter. The good news is for developer it won’t be a problem to change the resolution.

Anyway, the major issues from this new beast seem to be the absence of Flash support, Camera, Voice call, the absence of multi-tasking.
But, regarding the price, it starts at $499, which is not bad. Now the question is: Is apple targeting a new kind of market with a device that’s not as good as actual Notebook and Macbook pro, but better than iPhone, and offering much more than a basic eBook reader?
What do you think? Would you like invest in this kind of gadget? The absence of Flash Support and multi Tasking is not an issue for you?

Here’s some link if you need more information:
- Apple iPad first Hands-on (update video!) Engadget
- Apple iPad First Hands On (Gizmodo)
- iPad Hands-on Gallery and Video (Slashgear)
- iPad, I played with it: first impressions review (übergizmo)

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O.T.: Apple iPad, what does the web think?O.T.: Apple iPad, what does the web think?O.T.: Apple iPad, what does the web think?
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  • jxpmack

    i think it’s better to hold off for the meantime until they add more capabilities like those mentioned that are missing. per history, apple (or any tech manufacturer for that matter) will surely come up with an upgraded version in only a few months. but this product is reall exciting.

  • ZiCott

    G A R B A G E. . . Going to save my $499 for something else. Revolutionary? I dont think so SJobs.

  • suvi

    I think it makes a great cupholder. It probably can tell you the temperature of the coffee you put on.

  • Bruce

    The name is odd, but I don’t hear anyone moaning abut the Wii anymore so who knows.

    I think it needs a webcam, multitasking and a way of loading apps other than the App Store. But it does look like decent hardware and I’m sure the software has been given a lot of thoughtful working over for the new form factor. The price seems surprisingly good for what you get, particularly from Apple.

    I want to see one in person before passing final judgement.

  • tenshi

    My issue is ambiguity over GPS function. It seems only the Wi-Fi + 3G model offers it but we shall wait and see when those are actually out and reviewed. I’m definitely getting one, and the new iWork apps for it seem interesting.

    I’ll be getting one, probably the Wi-Fi+3G version because of GPS functionality. Multitasking would be nice, especially when working with iWork apps. Lack of flash less of an issue for me, as long as it supports HTML 5 rich media goodies.

    Lets wait until people actually get their hands on one and then we can have more information to debate about. Oh and iPad definitely sounds better than iSlate imho.


  • Aeikozz

    Wow, No multitasking. No Phone, and No Camera. If this thing is to be taken seriously then it might wanna add those feature before release.

    • Umijin

      Does a Kindle have a phone? Get a grip – it’s not a phone, doesn’t need to be one.

  • fh

    Some people are comparing the lukewarm reception of the iPad to the initial lukewarm reception of the iPod (which of course turned out to be a huge success). I think while the iPod was an answer to a demand to move from CD to digital (facilitated by the proliferation of MP3s), the iPad doesn’t seem to remedy any of the problems we think about with regards to mobile computing.

    1) The iPad is great for eBooks: yes, but eBooks in general are still relatively unpopular; the few that really do want a great eBook experience may be in the market for the iPad, but the $499 entry point is really quite high, especially if no subscription model is available.

    2) The iPad is great for games: the larger screen certainly helps, but since it’s running iPhone OS, it’s limited to your typical iPhone OS level of games. As it is, there is a big separation between simple games on mobile phones and complex games on powerful laptops/desktops. If the iPad were to make computer gaming more accessible, limiting to the catalog if iPhone games is underwhelming. Moreover, no Flash (and thus no Flash games) is a real sore spot.

    3) The iPad is great for videos: No doubt there, but nothing that a netbook at half the price can’t handle. And at the same rate, netbooks will provide multitasking functionality (listening to internet radio while chatting, checking email, browsing, etc); that’s a pretty hard sell.

    Regarding the Flash vs HTML5 debate: I understand Safari mobile supports HTML5 video, but there really is no reason a modern browser shouldn’t be able to support both. What I -don’t- understand is why some people are making it seem as if a browser that only supports HTML5 is better than another that supports both.

    Overall, had the iPad been priced much lower, I could imagine it -creating- its own marketshare. But given the price and what most people would want to use it for, I’m willing to bet that everyone except for those with deep pockets will still go for the usual alternatives (netbooks or high-end smartphones).

  • job or blow job


    everyone,don’t you think,they will not put any camera,if not you will not buy iphone?!?!
    and its nto multitasking if not you will not buy a mac pc??!!!
    of course its a kind of “bastard product”,its like mix a horse with a donkey,the mule will never give all waht you want,exception e-mule!!!.
    Anyway,don be trick and spend money for something,that let you download things not only from apple store.

    hp slate,look better than ipad!!!
    if you really want spend 500 box,spend with prostitute,will give you more satisfaction.
    ps: this message was for you steve “blow” job!!!!

  • Dkoon


    I’m responding to this thread on my iPhone wishing I had a bigger screen and a larger key pad.


    while I have had better luck with apple devices after the first generation I am chopping at the bit to get this one. I’m a teacher that travels to different places to teach. Having a device that weighs 600 grams and has I work is going to make my life much easier. Having the ability to work on files and be able to access the Internet while at the same time not having to squint and not getting a cramp in my thumbs from typing will be amazing. On the train ride home after my iPhone has died I should still be able to watch a movie on my ipad.

    I doubt it will have the full 10 hours it promises but it should be close.

    Wheather you like mac or not they were the first company to really take style into account. That with the functionality will cause the ipad to blow up!

  • reddmn

    No way for some third device for me. It has to replace my mobile phone or my laptop(netbook). Why do I need a device with crappy limited iPhoneOS, with a size and weight of an ultraportable?

  • suvi

    uu, the ipad makes some contreversy. I think nobody likes it at the moment.
    But if some book sellers are pushing it, then this thing will improve. Compare ipod generation 1 to ipod touch. Or the apple newton to the apple iphone.

    We might use it to look up cookingrecepts in our kitchens once. who knows. ( I prefer linux based systems)

  • scrambler

    No Real OS > No real existing Aps support (so it does not compete with Mac laptops)
    No SD card slots (so you have to pay Sjobs overprice for added storage)
    No USB….
    No Multitasking (laptop competition…)

    Why does a guy with such great HW design inpiration is so paranoid and wants to control every aspect of what you can do with his products.


    • scrambler

      And the reason Ebook exist is because they use EInk, that you can read in full light/sun like real paper.
      Try reading a book on an led screen in full light/sun……..

  • Umijin

    It’s NOT a phone! It’s an internet device with textbook reading functions.

    The major problem I have is with content. Will we only be able to view eBook files we purchase from Apple? Or will we be able to download/convert our own for viewing? That’s unclear, though there are already iPhone apps for viewing pdf content.

    Given that iBooks is US only, being able to purchase such content in Japan may not happen for a while – if at all. Remember the debacle about iTunes music in Japan? The gougers that publish textbooks here will never give up their monopoly.

    • Bruce

      How can it be unclear where you can get books from? The iPad runs all iPhone Apps, including the Kindle app and all the other eBook software. Unless you’re thinking they’re going to suddenly start blocking these apps from the App Store or something.

  • Adrian

    I think the iPad is rather silly. Not only is the name being made fun of by everyone, but it’s rather expensive and…pointless. I can’t imagine someone thinking that they absolutely must have an iPad….

    • Bruce

      “I think the Wii is rather silly. Not only is the name being made fun of by everyone, but it’s rather expensive and…pointless. I can’t imagine someone thinking that they absolutely must have a Wii….”

      If people try it and like the functionality, the name won’t matter.

  • Sakaphoto

    It’s obvious that most people don’t know what it is or how they’d use it.

    As to those bemoaning the lack of phone functionality, does a netbook have a phone? No, and neither should this.

    This is the start, not the end and just like the first iPod or iPhone/iPod touch, it has a long way to go. The 1024×768 IPS display may be gorgeous but it’s the wrong shape and too low of a resolution to watch current movie and t.v. offerings. 720p is 1280×720, correct?

    The good thing is that they’ve arrived at a good (not great) hardware combination that will serve as a good start. You can almost bet that the iPhone/iPod touch platform will get the A1, A2, or A3 System-on-a-chip designs that haven’t been mentioned. (Who starts their processor/SoC line with A4?) Apple still have deals to make with newspaper, magazine, and book publishers around the world. They also need to add soft keyboard configurations beyond the few available.

  • Sharpedon

    This product would be awesome if it sported an (AM)OLED screen and if it wasn’t tied exclusively to Apple content.Also glossy screens may help contrast ratios but are totally unsuitable to outside environment lighting;under strong lighting you won’t be able to discern a thing with this screen.

    • Bruce

      People use lots of LCD screens outside in full light, and outside of “under the hot sun with no control of screen angle” scenarios, they all work fine. Why is this going to be any different? OLED does worse under bright light anyway – it is E Ink that works really well in the brightest conditions. And OLED is the only thing that would be worse than LCD for an electronic book, from a power perspective. Unless you like reading books as white text on a black background, that is. Reading in bed (or otherwise a dark environment) with white on black text is an excellent environment for OLED, anything else and LCD is at least as good.

    • Bruce

      Oh, and I agree that it sucks that you can only install “Apple approved” apps on the thing, but for content there is no “exclusive Apple content” thing on the iPod, iPhone or iPad. Are you talking about apps rather than content?

    • Aaron

      It’s a disappointment to only have Apple-approved apps? Did you not hear that two “phishing” apps made it into the Android catalog because they don’t have any sort of “approval” process for their apps?

      I would rather go through Apple’s filter than have an app steal my identity.

      With 140,000+ apps, you’d think you can find an app that you would like…

  • suvi

    To have a chance to survive: Does it run skype?

    • Bruce

      There’s no webcam, so no video Skype, sadly. But audio Skype and VoIP are both possible, and they’re allowing it over 3G now too. So yes, but.

    • fh

      Skype already works over Wifi.

      And yes, Apple is now allowing VOIP apps to run over 3G.

      But if you want to use Skype over 3G, you will need to buy the iPad 3G+Wifi model, starting at $629. The $499 model is Wifi-only.

  • Eminem

    For those living in the sunny regions of this planet: you need an e-ink based device to be able to read e-books on the beach, where you apparently intent to do it. iPad simply won’t cut it.

    For those who wants a proper tablet computer: go look somewhere else, iPad won’t cut it.

    For those who wants a phone: go buy iPhone (it does indeed work fine as a phone, at least here in Japan), iPad won’t cut it either.

    For those who wants everything in one single device with a perfect keyboard, screen, two Full HD cameras, 24/7 worldwide wireless 100Mbps internet, satelite phone, GPS with built in GoogleMaps, 100% Adobe specrtum holografic display, wireless HDMI with full 9.2 sound support, USB 5.0 (or 6.0), absolute all-in-one memory card reader, built-in tourch, lighter and bottle opener, which would be 0.5cm thick and weigh 50g: wake up and recon that it is not going to happen in the nearest 20 years, if at all, because untill companies can cash in on old technologies the new ones will never be implemented.

    For those who wants iPad: wait untill redsn0w, pwnage team or someone else will hack the dust out of iPad and buy it.

    I myself will do the latter, as it shouldn’t take to long

  • Tjomball

    The Ipad has to be taken for what it is. A companion device much like the netbook category was thought as. We as consumers tend to be a fickle and demanding bunch. Usually demanding high tech at affordable prices. Considering the fact that you can get a Tegra tablet for around 500 USD I find it hard to see a market for these devices. But considering all the Apple fanboys and girls out there I am more than reasonebly sure that this device will sell by the shedloads.
    My objections are lack of multitasking functionality and flash support. But more than likely someone will hack this device really soon. So thats actually a moot point on my behalf.
    But one thing I cannot get past is the lack of upgrade possibilities. As far as I’ve read you can’t upgrade the memory nor the storage capacity.
    To me the Ipad seems like an oversized Ipod touch. And I’ve got one of those. The Ipod touch is a formidable device when you look at the size and the capabilities. But its still very limited as to functionality.
    Still.. Apple will sell shedloads of these..
    Hopefully someone hacks the hell out of them..

  • NYCGuy

    I don’t get iPad… eBooks use EInk screens so you can read in full sun light, with this LCD device (even if it is LED back lighted), you cannot. It is not a phone. It is not as powerful and versatile as a netbook with video cam or wireless printing capability. It does not have flash player. It cannot multi-task. Yet it is more expensive than a netbook or an eBook and does not do anything all that well. Furthermore, it is from Apple, a company obsessed with bullish proprietary rights and gives nothing back to society, with NO philanthropic donations record like the other capitalist giant: Microsoft. Is this device marketed towards people primarily concerned with superficial style, image, and cool factor? But then how cool is it to support a company that has no track record of donating to humane causes (Steve Jobs just acquired all those Pixar shares, he is VERY rich)… Is this an expensive fad gadget that does not do anything well and no one needs that is targeted to the image conscious types for whom fashion is more important than substance and function..?

  • Paul M

    size: too big to be easily portable – might as well spend the same money and buy a laptop
    screen: only 1024×600 – not even 720p capable, but at least it’s S-IPS; not much use outside.
    connector: need a special cable to give you USB
    card reader: only if you use special cable
    webcam: only with adaptor
    battery: not replaceable
    OS: a locked down one with DRM, so it’s far more limited than a laptop
    Performance: yes, it might be whizzy but that’s cos’ it’s got iPhone OS and thus no multi-tasking!

    the only thing is has going for it is lightness, but you can buy a more powerful Sony TX/Z/T series which has everything!

    So, what crack pipe was Steve Jobs smoking? It’s just a keyboard-less DRM-weighted netbook?!

    • Aaron

      Netbooks don’t have DRM? Only if they run Linux.

      Since when does a Sony TX/Z/T cost $499?

      The screen is 1024×768. It CAN do 720p videos.

      You care about the external card reader? Are you planning on using this as your primary computer?

      How often do you need to replace the battery? If it’s anything like the MacBook batteries, it’s rated at 7 years between replacements. It costs $129 to replace the battery in the MacBooks — the same price as my replaceable battery in my older MacBook Pro.

      Stop complaining about what the iPad is and start thinking about what the iPad is. It is NOT for power users. It is NOT to be used as a primary computer… or is it? Think about 90% of the population that doesn’t use anything but e-mail and web browsing. THEY could use the iPad as their primary computer. Wow! What a paradigm shift. If you don’t like it, you’re going to be an old, dried-up man left behind, because this is what all the other computer manufacturers are going to copy. This is what computers will ALL be in 10-20 years.

  • booest

    The only reason why it is dump is because we have the iphone 3GS now.

    if you delete the iphone totally. This device will be fantastic. It is basically an enlarged version of the 1st Gen iphone.

  • suvi

    As for me I am not the 90% user more the 10%. It is is true that only 10% of all users want to know how technics work. Probably the people reading this thread. The ipad is shiny thing, I am shure it’s fun to play with for a while. However in long term the peek and poke with a C64 is fun too.

    (As for battery replacment: After 7 years you want a new device. As for me I am not using my 9 year old Palm anymore, but I am using my 3 year old Ipod)



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