Published on January 14th,2010 at 1:04 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

BenQ Gigantic 27” Full HD Monitor M2700HD now available in Japan

I first came across this M2700HD last October 2009 and since then I am drooling like a baby… Yep, the M2700HD is a dream come true for me. Sold at a reasonable price (under 40 000 Yen), our 27” LCD features 2 HDMI ports 1.3, DVI-D, S-Video, RGB, Components, Line-Out, S/PDIF, USB HUB, a Remote control, comfortable 1000:1 contrast ratio with a 50000:1 DCR mode, 400cd/m2 brightness and 5ms response time (Color)… Man I can’t wait to get this baby for a test in order to plug my X360, PS3 and Mac into it…

Via BenQ
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BenQ Gigantic 27” Full HD Monitor M2700HD now available in JapanBenQ Gigantic 27” Full HD Monitor M2700HD now available in Japan
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  • trey


    Have you been able to use the new monitor?

    I looked at it last weekend in Akihabara.

    It was placed on the floor in the store and hard to see the features at the viewing position.

    Im planning on using it for a new PS3 and photo editing.

    Would this be a good monitor to go with? Should I look at another brand like Mitsubishi RDT271WLM.

    Is BenQ a good monitor brand, good warranty?


    • kei

      Hi, thank you for your message.
      Actually we didn’t test it yet. Daimaou would purchase one… So We probably ask for sample. For now, BenQ sent us a semple of their 24 inch Full HD models which includes 2 HDMI port, DVI, etc…
      I’m in the same case as you. I’ve PS3 but no monitor. I’ve to test it during one month. We will release a review during this month.

      What I can say now, this 24 inch monitor is quite good. I tried it with my PS3 yesterday night with Call of Duty modern warfare 2, and I didn’t notice any problem. THe image is smooth, Vivid, sharp…

      However, the major problem seems to be the Angle view. You’ll probably need to be in the center to get the best image…

      Last point, Mitsubishi’s displays are quite good, but the price is completely different. BenQ propose something cheap, but with not bad quality…

  • Trey

    Thanks for the reply.

    I live in the Tokyo area, and have been more lost and confused trying to locate a store that might have a great group of monitors.

    I have gone to Akihabara and seen the large stores, but am I missing a hidden location in the area that might have more options….

    It sounds like you know your stuff when it comes to monitors. Whats the best brand monitor in your opinion for current technology needs between 27 – 32 inches.

    If you can give me an idea of best brand and best location in your opinion to purchase the monitor I will get this month.


  • Sergio

    try for details on the different panel technologies.
    The poor angle of view of the M2700HD is due to its TN film panel.

    Im planning to buy one soon, and im set on the dell 2709W: You should probably able to see it at the dell shop in Akihabara.

    Just FYI, whenever I want to buy something (with few exceptions), I co check it out at Yodobashi, and buy it online at



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