Published on January 10th,2010 at 10:33 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s Market

Tsukiji is among the most famous fish market in the world, it is also where most of the fish you will eat in Japan comes from, or at least in Tokyo. If you are lucky enough and ready to wake very early in the morning you may be able to walk among the buyers. Yep you need to be very lucky since it from December 10 2009 to January 23 2010, the morning auctions will be close to tourist…
Anyway if you are interested in seeing the auction, you’d better wake-up early since it is started from 5am.

Now if like me you are just too plain lazy the Saturday morning, you can still enjoy the Market just next to Tsukiji where you will be able to enjoy nice meals at anytime, buy fish and other stuff and get a nice feel of a real Japanese market.
And that exactly what you are going to enjoy today with the video below.

Also, I would like to apologies for the Jerkiness on the video, Tsukiji’s Market is VERY crowded and I could not use my tripod… Shooting with my 5D MK II and its 50mm lens without IS did not really help in getting something smooth… Next time I will make sure to bring my monopod along with me…


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Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s MarketLet’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s MarketLet’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s MarketLet’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s MarketLet’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s MarketLet’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s Market
Let’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s MarketLet’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s MarketLet’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s MarketLet’s Visit Tokyo – Tsukiji’s Market
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  • Leif

    THanks for the video. NOw I really want sashimi and a set of those cool knives

  • Josef

    Again a nice Video. Why not uploading to Youtube? Let the world see your Videos. I hope that i can come to Tokyo one time in my life. :-)

  • JoeRikas

    Yes you´re back in action.Thx 4 keepin it alive.
    Greets Joe

  • Chris

    Awesome. Simply awesome. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Mark in Boston



  • Mike

    Great video. I actually thought that some of the camera movement added to the experience a little. Ive been here once before so its awesome to feel those feelings again. I love videos that have no plot besides just being as quiet as possible and just enjoying the atmosphere and watching. Once again, great job. Hope to see more like this!

  • noobs

    nice photo and beautiful video

  • http://none Carl

    As always…Great Video.. I’ve been to Japan around 50 times (always business)and have had the privelege of experiencing your wonderful country. Your video’s are by far the very best at capturing what Japan is “REALLY” like, even the train stations which are cities unto themselves. I’ve been to the Akihabara at least 30 times and I love the constant new things there and all the amazing people watching. thanks again Carl USA

    • daimaou

      Thanks Carl !



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