Published on January 4th,2010 at 2:18 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Welcome to Akihabara News V5 aka WTF (Code Name)

Good lords, I though I will never see this day coming… After 13 month of deception, stress and madness, I finally found a team of designer and dev capable to deliver what they promise and what we paid them for… You cannot imagine how hard it is nowadays to find reliable people…

Anyway, I would like to congratulate in order Mark KARPELES, Florent PORTA, Julien MAITREHENRY, as well as my colleagues for making this happening… Here you are, finally Akihabara News V5 also know as WTF (What the Fuck)…

So many things have changed but we also tried to make sure that the user experience stayed as close as possible as what you are used to play with every single day.

First of all, and despite the fact that Akihabara News V5 is online, this WTF version is a Beta version of the final release, meaning that many little things many not work as advertise, so just be patient and do not hesitate to send us an email if you find a bug or something that does not work properly to this email address please: bug[at]
Other improvement and work in process are speed issues, while the website seems for us in Japan quite fast, there are many things we will do to make the website even faster… We stop using temporary the CDN since Mark KARPELES is working on recoding it, but this is not all and this may take more time to implement, but thanks again to Mark KARPELES and his team, Akihabara News will be in the coming few month directly on the “Cloud” and by Cloud I mean Cloud Technology in its real definition.

Now, as you will see today, there are a few things that will come in place with “Highlights” (4 News selected each days), Featured Post (Where important news/review/announcement will be posted for a certain period of time… A new and improved mobile version of the Website (Still in Beta and with future improvement in the next few weeks).

Other improvement includes also now larger pictures and a better-designed gallery. Larger image display on the front page imply a larger website, yep indeed Akihabara News is no longer 1024 px large friendly, and most of you who surf on Akihabara News on a Netbook or ultraportable, like say my Vaio G2, will not be capable to access to the news directly without scrolling like maniacs, but rest assure we have a solution for you! Has you will see on the screenshot below on the right of every single page you will find a JUMP TO NEWS button which will automatically lead you to the latest news in just one click….

As I said, WTF Akihabara News V5 is in Beta and many things will change / improve in the next coming days, so stay tune, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Daimaou – Alex

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  • Daimaou

    So… Guys… Happy ?

  • oOgA

    been following akihabaranews for a while, i m loving this design u guys have now. ;)
    some things i noted

    for Akihabara services –
    looks kinda odd for a “netshelter” ad just below 3 icons

    is there supposed to be something besides “Latest comments” as it is empty

    “Our Friends” (a possible color scheme change) as i notice color for titles is white but not this particular title.

    just my 2 cents ^^

    cheers and happy new year !

    • Daimaou

      You are right, there suppose to have something next to Latest Comments, it should be ads, unfortunately my agency did not do its jobs correctly !

  • Cutkillavince

    Nice, I like the Akihabara Babes widget on the right :wink:

  • Josef

    Nice look, new year new look. Not bad. :-)

  • panoptikum

    I’m sorry, but good bye Akihabara. It’s unrepairable. It’s really sad.

    • daimaou

      Was a pleasure, thank you and farewell

    • Precea

      Ok !
      Nice to meet you. And if you give more informations ? Because my Crystal Ball are broken, it’s sad no ?

  • Iron

    Simply love it! AN already was great by the time i started visiting it recently, but now… Great job guys!

  • digitgio

    Just opened this morning (from Italy). Seems very slower then the previuos version ! Why ?

    • Precea

      Hi !
      Because we change the server for an another one better.
      We have some problem in the beginning but now it’s Ok.

      Ok, we see little bug, but we work on it now.

      Wait and see !

  • oh boy!

    Oh man. Can’t you just turn back the old one ? :/

  • DataHaunt

    Nice change. The larger text is a bit off-setting at first, but the entire site looks much more polished.

    • daimaou

      Thanks ! However there are many little stuff that will improve in the future so stay tune !

  • NiL^

    I’m sorry to agree with the 2 guys above :( I really liked the previous design better than this one.. It was easier on my eyes.. Is it possible for us to have an option (click somewhere on the main page) to switch to the old design? The new comment system is better though.. It would be good idea if you place a poll so we can see how many people like the new design and how many the old one. Happy New Year to everybody and be healthy!

    Sorry for my poor english.

  • EtB

    Hi Daimaou. I’ve read your site for quite some years, but imo this upgrade needs some tweaking. The larger texts and pictures result in more scrolling (and load times) without adding more information. Plse add a feature so the readers can scale them down a bit (including the huge top bar). The site has (for the moment) slowed down considerably, from NL at least. Other changes seem to be an improvement.

  • yo

    I still prefer the OLD-OLD design
    (BEFORE the PREVIOUS design). ;-,

  • Numer0bis

    Love the new design. Thank you very much. What happened to the old login system ?

  • Victor

    Happy New Year! I like your new design! It’s really a hard work and there are few reliable people nowadays in the World. Glad that you’ve managed to accomplish your goal. Wish you site will have the best news in 2010!

  • alext

    Hi there. Thanks for the team of akihabaranews give us a new design platform. Most of the latest improvements were done well. But one thing; that I suggest is about the part of “the rest of the news”. I think giving them a small photo beside the content will be better.

    Sometimes the photo can getting interest; for some readers who just want to have a quick look at here, like “window shopping ”. Sometimes the consumers might be decide to buy that products, just becaused “it looks good !” or “it’s looks cool !” after they saw the real thing in front of them, it’s hard to imagine how’s the product looks like, throught the written words without any photo to helping describe that.

    I hope this suggestion will not give a big trouble on the technical side or mess up the planning you team have done before. Thank you again and looking forward for any good news in future. Happy new year.

    • daimaou

      We will take this under consideration…

  • Rob Aid

    Good luck with the changes, we’re also reshaping our site so I know what you are going through.

    One of the things I noticed is that, although i see the articles are “pretty” the pages still have the “?page=” tag before them.

    Another few suggestion are to add a different social bookmarking system (we used several on our pages), use a bigger margin on site content (way too close to section border) and please try keeping the small number of ads (I bet you plan a 728×90 banner at the site header or there is way too much free space there).

    The rest is more or less playing with CSS and function placement, and as long as you have your writers you’ll be an inspiration for some of our tech and gadget articles.

  • Name

    Have you tested this on netbooks, the very same netbooks you feature so often? Obviously not!

    • daimaou

      Yep on a Vaio X, and what? Once you click on Jump to News you go them all… This is my personal opinion, but I am better of with an iPhone than a Netbook

  • Anacardo

    Hi Daimmaou!
    The website is great as usual, the design needs some tweaking IMHO.
    The overall newlook of the page is nice, the real issue for me is the top. if you open the home page, the banner + ads + flash images is simply too high. I have to maximize the window just to see the first row of news! Apart from that, I like it.

  • ScottK

    Excellent work, Daimaou – I’m *very* impressed with the new look! You and your team have continued to impress me over the years. Keepp up the good work!


  • Name

    The VAIO X is not a netbook, price is a bit of an indicator here if you haven’t noticed. Try on a typical netbook with 1024×600 resolution screen.

    • daimaou

      I define a Netbook by its specs, not its price… And whether you like it or not, the Vaio X has pretty much the same specs as other Netbooks

  • William

    This is a fine new design, I think people simply don’t like change, but once they get used to it, they’ll love it. Same thing happened with Facebook.

  • Bruce

    I like the new look, good work. The comment handling seems much, much nicer too.

  • yo

    >> “I think people simply don’t like change ….”

    Some of us (me, anyone else?) still favor one good feature of an older design from years ago. In that older design, much more text from each post was shown on the main pages (instead of only short snippets).

    Please to think about the possibility of adjusting the new design to show somewhat longer excerpts (instead of very short snippets).

    Other than that, I am beginning to enjoy some of the features and the general layout of the new design. Yo, congrats on all teh work!

    • daimaou

      This is something that will come in V5.1… You will no longer have snippets, however there will be a catch to it ;-)

  • William

    Well, I come on this site mainly for the asian babes, so please make sure they keep the same format :-D

    I was in Vietnam for a few weeks, and flew All Nippon Airlines… thank God for asian women!

  • Name

    You must not know much about netbooks then … despite posting press releases about them all week.

  • Name

    And the reply link is only present with certain posts.

    • Precea

      Yes, because you can’t reply to an another reply.
      But you can reply to a reply with the reply button of the comment.

      Hum … Not clear …



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