Published on December 6th,2009 at 8:52 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Teppanyaki fever

Let’s Visit Tokyo – Teppanyaki fever

Hi everybody today will be a bit different and also sorry for being late. Now why today is going to be slightly different from the usual “Let’s Visit Tokyo” series? Well, in fact today we will not visit any part of Tokyo per se, but we will rather enjoy a Japanese “Chef” cooking some Teppanyaki and Garlic rice for us (my Daughter, Wife and myself)… Now why on heart didn’t I shoot video of Tokyo’s streets? Well in fact yesterday it was raining like hell and I wanted to shoot a video and this morning, while the weather was excellent with a cloudless sky, I had to assist to my daughter’s performance at her school Christmas concert…

So instead just forgetting the entire “let’s Visit Tokyo” concept, I decided to shoot a Teppanyaki chef cooking for us and a bunch of other people next to us…

Enjoy !

PS… It was delicious!

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  • Rick

    Love the videos. I think you should do more varied videos like this. The outdoors ones are excellent but I was pleasantly surprised to see this one today. Thanks for what you do.


  • Wombo

    I agree this was a good change, not that there was anything bad about street videos.

    And we still are visiting Tokyo

  • siemo

    The music is very relaxed. who is the artist and wich album please. thanks

  • mevy

    that was amazing!! thank you
    btw: what kind of music did you use?

  • newworld666

    Perfect !!!!! why didn’t you put this one on the french part of akiba ? ..

    I really love it ..

  • HamuSumo

    Daimaou, what do you think about a “Tokyo at Night” video as a christmas present?
    Love this series, please keep up the good work!

  • Izak

    Hi, we are planning a trip to Japan.
    Can you share with us the name of restaurant please.

  • Nomax

    Daimaou, very nice! A night video of Tokyo with spectacular views (from Roppongi Hills Mori Tower perhaps)? Would love that, too!


  • spinn

    nice vid.

  • tenshi

    Thanks for the vid. What’s the sound track?


  • Landrin

    Watching that video makes me want to go back to Japan just for the food!

  • Gordon

    Oh gawd, that looks good.

  • Kei


    The sound track is by Coppe. We interviewed her:

    Akihabara News Interview Coppe, our Alien-Mermaid

  • tenshi

    thanks =)

  • 2TheSuite

    Nice video. TeppanYaki is very good. We have our own TeppanYaki business in Holland, and the people love it. It’s good and healthy.

  • http://none Carl

    Fantastic…it’s one of the most authentic experiences a visitor can have. If you want to go really high zoot, you can go to Serena’s in the Mitsitomo bld. (53 floor I believe) next to the Century Hyatt in Shinjuku, or go a bit more budget at “Pandora” just down the way from the Shinjuku post office (and above the AM/PM). Both have fantastic food but
    Serena’s has one of the best views of Tokyo (53rd fl) so you can eat while gazing out,
    while Pandora has no view at all but the locals really like it. Enjoy!!!!I have many times.



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