Published on December 4th,2009 at 2:56 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Motorola DROID… Is this the best from North America ?

While I was enjoying Mobius a few weeks ago in Seattle, I had the chance to play with Motorola latest phone, the DROID… And well, what can I say… In fact I cannot say much on the phone, I do not like the look & feel of the droid, and I was not impressed by the “DROID” experience… and well, just 5Mpix ? Are you joking guys is this the best you can do? Anyway hope you will enjoy better the picture below that I enjoyed playing with DROID.

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  • Guile

    J’ajouterais a ce post, Motorola aurait-il ecoute les reprimandes provenant des droitiers concernant l’emplacement de la croix de navigation… Remarquez qu’elle se situe maintenant bien a droite, et non plus a gauche comme sur le precedent modele DEXT. Perso, etant un gamer inconditionnel, je tiens mon telephone a l’horizontal comme une manette de jeux… (avec la croix a gauche)

    Alors, la croix, a droite ou a gauche ???

    Pour finir, il est clair que le design fait un peu vieillot…

  • TJ

    I guess you haven’t noticed but America is slow to adopt anything involved in Technology. We have been hovering at 5mp cell hpone cameras for about a year now and no optical zoom. All these companies making phones in Japan and Korea for example Samsung…..why is there a 12mp camrea phone on the market with an optical zoom in Korea but America is stuck on 5MP. That is one of the things that is keeping me from getting a new phone. I want at least 8MP and a 3X optical zoom on a good cell phone!!!!!!!

  • hiew

    exactly, why camera phone so sucksss.

  • Bruce

    Any of you ever hear of this branch of science called ‘physics’? The tiny optics in these cameras are the limiting factor in image quality, slapping in more megapixels is just done to give the phone some nice sounding numbers. I’d rather have less pixels and some decent low light performance, but again the size of the optics involved place a serious limit on what’s possible.

  • Daimaou

    In Japan they succeed to have 12Mpix Camera modules in Phone giving pretty impressive results even in Low light… If in the past I was quite… unimpressed by Japanese Camera phone, after playing with the Winter 2009 generation, I am quite amazed… It will match many middle class Point & Shoot

  • Quintus87

    Unless you plan on editing those pictures professionally or needlessly enlarge the photos you take with it 5 v 10megapixels doesn’t really matter. As for the best NA can do. Check the spec list for the Motorola Sholes and suck it bitch.

  • dragen

    The Droid is the Sholes…

  • Quintus87

    @dragen No the Droid is the Milestone.This is the Sholes I reiterate suck it bitch.

  • Berlin

    I want a camera phone that I can attach my Nikon lenses to.

  • loki88

    Anyone who uses Motorola deserves a big Lol. Funny stuff that people consider this or the Sholes as cutting edge… Hahaha…

    As for Android – suck it. Get a real OS.

  • speculatrix

    thankfully I am not the only one who realises that the resolution of the camera in most phones owes more to marketing than good science!

    the droid/milestone is actually a very highly specified device, the only thing it really lacks compared to korean and japanese phones is the 1-seg tuner. given non-cable non-satellite broadcast TV in the USA has quite a small audience, this doesn’t really matter in NA.

  • poison_ivy

    LOL. I wonder why no iPhone fan commented yet with something like, “no, the iPhone is the best North America has”. Anyways, I haven’t had a play with any Japanese phones and I’m kinda a new follower to your site. I was just wondering since you’ve had a play with the best of the best…including Japanese phones, what do you think is the best phone out there?



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